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Top 5 Tag Team Matches in WWF/WWE History

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Today in the Top 5 we will be looking at Tag Team Wrestling in the WWF/WWE.

Ever since Air Boom Won the Tag Titles, WWE has been giving the Tag team scene a much needed boost.... Tag Team Wrestling has never been WWF/WWEs Priority but they had some great classic Tag Team matches... So for all the Newer WWE wrestling fans who only know matches like Air Boom vs otunga and mcgillicutty in the Tag team Division and For us older fans that wanna take a trip down memory lane, When Tag team matches were not bathroom breaks. here is the list of the WWEs Top 5 Tag team matches.

It must be a Tag team match. No Ladder, Not Multi Team tag match. No 6 man or 10 man tag. Just a classic 2 on 2 match.

5. Haas & Benjamin vs Kidman & Mysterio Vengeance 2003 Tag Title Match
A inovative and High Flying with a mixture of Techincal Wrestling. All 4 of these men could do some great spots and some good (Mysterio and Kidman) to Great (Haas and Benjamin) Wrestling.

Very Underated match, Shows Just how Great the WWE Tag Divison could of been in 03 if WWE put some effort and time in to it. If the WWE tag divison in 2003 could produce gems like this without even trying, Imagine if they put some attention in the tag divison, We could of got this on a monthly maybe weekly basis.

4. Owen Hart & the Bulldog vs Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels Raw
Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith had the rare ability to be a respected and established tag team that are also considered higher mid card to main event level Talent.... Davey and Owen didnt carry around the Taboo Scarlette letter of a tag wrestler. So when they went two on two with the 2 top faces of the WWF, It wasnt only a Great tag match but it was 4 headliners going at it for the Tag titles on Raw.... Intense match, It was built around the Hot Hart Foundation vs all the faces in WWF feud. This match had everything, Excellent Storyline, Great execution, intensity and 4 big name stars that are established...
How I wish there was a team like Davey and Owen now, A Real tag team that are respected singles wrestlers too. Not in todays WWE where they just throw a team together like Air Boom.

3. Bret & Owen Hart vs The Steiners WWF Coliseum Home Video 1994
This was basicly just a house show match. Bret, Owen and the Steiners just giving the live crowd a glimps of what they can do. This is a Excellent Technical Wrestling match, Also some great amature wrestling in here too.

A Very High Impact, Hard Hitting match. Throw in some techinical Wrestling, Amature wrestling and Chain Wrestling all very well done and you got a awesome Tag match that alot of people didnt even know existed. The Match had its flaws Like Owen Hart Selling a Scott Steiners Steiner Screw Driver (Suplex in to a Piledriver) like it was a hip toss, and The ending left alot to be desired, But with all these flaws its still a incredible match..... I was so Excited when I found out the WWE released this hidden Coliseum Home Video Classic on The "Hart and Sould" DVD. I got the DVD as soon as it hit the shelf solely for this match.

2. Steve Austin & HHH vs Benoit & Jericho Tag team Title Raw 2001
Wow What a match this was. This was 4 of the best in ring performers of that time in the ring and motivated for this Awesome Tag team main event on Raw. The unbeatable champs against the Talented Underdog challengers. Benoit and Jericho had a excellent resume of Great matches and even Main event PPV matches under their belt, But this was their comming out party to show they belong in the main event..... One of the best Tag matches you will ever see.

1. Angle & Benoit vs Edge & Mysterio No Mercy 2002 Smackdown Tag Titles It Was hard to choose between #1 and #2. But I think I made the safe choice here.

Benoit is on this list in the two Top Spots and he was not even known as a Tag Wrestler, so that speaks volumes for Benoit as a in ring performer...
Great match, Very athletic, With each man bring something different and similiar to the table. This won almost everyones 2002 match of the year. These 4 men had another Classic on Smackdown a few weeks later but no where near the quality of their Orginal at No mercy 2002. This is a must See. I advised anyone who Loves wrestling (If your reading this Im sure you do) and Loves Tag Team Wrestling to view this match.

I would do honorable mentions but im sure you guys have some or wanna tell me what you rank 1 thru 5 or simply tell me a match I forgot.... so please give me your oppion in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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  1. mika009's Avatar
    I'm so glad you put the Harts vs. the Steiners. One of, if not the best tag match I've seen. Great ending too. Liked the Austin/Michaels vs. Owen/Bulldog match. I was sitting front row at that match. Still have my folding chair they gave us.

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