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Does the WWE have us fooled?

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I was thinking last night what if they have fooled us into thinking HHH is a face then shocking us with him turning heel...wouldn't be the first time.

The best storyline they have had in years is the CM Punk vs WWE and it seemed to end and now CM Punk is more of a Cena type of face. That got me thinking what if we are the short sited ones and this storyline is still going and we will be reminded of it at Vengence just as we all have started to forget about it.

CM Punk delived a hell of a promo insulting the WWE, Vince, HHH, and Stephanie and others then took the title and we get HHH as CEO. Thanks to Kevin Nash the Conspiracy storyline really started to take off. I think we all expected HHH to turn hell with Nash in his match with CM Punk and when he didn't I personally was a little disappointed. Now HHH has been removed and CM Punk is on his side...i'm not buying it. Then last night the convient paper telling HHH he couldn't be at ringside for Punk and Miz match allowing Punk to get jumped. We all think "Ace" is the real bad guy but I'm hoping the conspiracy comes full circle at Vengence.

It will start with the HHH and Punk vs Miz and Truth match as we see the return of Nash. But instead of Nash coming for revenge for the sledgehammer shot to the face he gets in the ring and HHH, Nash, Truth, and Miz beat the hell out of Punk showing that HHH was behind it all along. But it doesn't stop there...every good faction has titles to establish them as a true power. Later that night with the help of their corporate stooge "Ace" Miz and Truth get a tag team title shot and win the titles. Then for the main event because we know Cena wont lose a Last Man Standing Match unless it is by outside force, so our new faction comes down and destroys Cena allowing Alberto Del Rio to retain the title and show he was a member of the group all along as well. Remember it was Nash who allowed Del Rio to win the title in the first place by laying out Punk. Now the conspiracy has come full circle and the new faction is made up of "Ace" as the corporate player, HHH, Nash, Del Rio, Miz, and Truth. And they will hold the Tag Titles and The WWE title.

Now lets look at Raw...Vince comes back and is pissed and disappointed his Son-in-Law played him and took over the company then got relieved of duty forcing the board to make the decision that no McMahon is capable to run Raw meaning Vince can't take over. But due to the risk of the Company's future this new faction has imposed the board has selected Mick Foley as GM. Now you can start to set up your Survivor Series Match making it for the control of the company. HHH, Nash, Del Rio, Miz, and Truth vs. Cena, Punk, Mick Foley, Rock (Rock and Sock Connection), and Vince McMahon.

I'm sure none of this will happen but I couldn't stop thinking of how bad ass that would be and would have surprised most of us if not all. Sorry for the length but curious to see what you guys think...

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. NickAW1990's Avatar
    That would be very awesome. But if you want to go for a big stable I would also see adding Vickie, Dolph, Swagger, Christian Otunga and even Cody Rhodes, that would give them every belt and the power they would wield would be out of this world. Hell they might even bring Natalya and Beth in there just for added bite in the diva's division, make it a roster wide group.

    It would be nWo size but hopefully without any of the nonsensical booking that went along with it.

    This would be how I would book Surivior Series if that were to happen:

    1: Air Boom vs Awesome Truth (c) for the tag belts
    2: Eve vs K2 vs Natalya vs Beth (c)
    3: Orton vs Rhodes (c) for the IC belt
    4: Henry (c) vs Big Show vs Kane for the WHC (seperate from the coporate issue)
    5: Punk vs Triple H
    6: Del Rio (c) vs Sheamus for the WWE belt
    7: Cena, Mason Ryan, Rock, Riley and Morisson vs Christian, Otunga, Swagger, Ziggler and Nash

    I think that would be an awesome PPV and it would have a decent level of matches in my opinion.
  2. malvec's Avatar
    WWE should hire you. lol but sreiously, that would be a pretty cool way to advance the storylines. But you know the way the WWE thinks, they are gonna manke VKM the man behind it all and the person "Ace" keeps texting to. After all, Ace did say that he was a loyal company man and who does he respect more than VKM.

    To add to your storyline, I would add that when the new faction beats down Punk, Mason Ryan should be the one to do the save. It could lead bact to the fact that he never left Punk's side before his injury.
  3. kashani1984's Avatar
    Personally it sounds good, but i wouldnt buy nash taking a sledgehammer in the head just to pull the wool over our eyes. In reality, i wouldnt take a sledge to the face for no1, if sum1 hit me with a sledg hammer they better kill me cos id be comming for them. Like Nash would with HHH. Great read, but wouldnt be believable
  4. Xpacfan's Avatar
    News Flash: If you are still watching the WWE and believe you are still getting quality programming, they have you fooled...
  5. Austin 3:16's Avatar
    Brilliant read with some great ideas! and i would really love to see all that happen but just like @kashani1984 said i dont see it happening but great read man one of the best blogs i have read in the last few days

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