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Hogan and TNA - a random first blog.

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I think the main question remains this; "When do your modern day actions begin to eclipse your legacy?"

I don't think you can question Hogan's impact (no pun intended). Not just on the wrestling world and how it works, it's global appeal (no matter how much it's dwindled) or the fact that he helped take Wrestling into mainstream culture. Those facts are irrefutable, but it is easy with the passing of time for them to seem less significant.

'What has Hogan really done?' I guess if you're under 25/30 it is an easier question to ask, to me it seems ridiculous. He deserves to be considered a legend, one of the most important people in wrestling history. The sad fact is that he isn't giving people any reason to believe that now.

The rose tint also fades when someone as significant as Hogan works past his prime; both his physical prime and the prime of his relationship with the fans.

It is clear that Hogan is a physical wreck, I have winced as he hobbles down the ramp for months and despite doing more than I thought he would in his Bound For Glory match it was still less than spectacular or should I say 'less than a spectacle'.

It is also clear, from Hogan's seemingly compulsive desire to remain in the spotlight, that he HAS to keep working. Begin in the ring gives him a bigger payday.

Hogan has a part to play but his motives will never allow him to be in the position to use his charisma and name value what is left of it) to push and promote the right people on the right part of the card.

It seems ironic that TNA wants to give the wrestling fans an 'alternative' and yet pattern their company after someone so synonymous with their rival, that many who loved TNA before he arrived would be less inclined to watch.

It is my assertion that many have left and those that Hogan has brought simply make up the shortfall. It is amazing what people will do when they have no other choice, Flair and Hogan are a testament to that.

Gary Hart made a great assertion on the excellent WCCW documentary 'Heroes of World Class'..."If you want to make a clean start you can't do it with guys who've been around for years" (paraphrased at best).

TNA shouldn't try and 'compete' it should be it's own company, it can't do that with Hogan, Flair, Sting et al. Paul Heyman claimed that you could perhaps afford one name from the past but no more. I was at a Q and A with Bill Apter who claimed that the veteran will make the casual fan interested.

The casual fan always seems to be the identified viewer that TNA and WWE are trying to appeal to. Perhaps TNA should try and satisfy it's existing and loyal fans - without a base nothing can be built.

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