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WWE's Unfair Wellness Policy

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Hey guys Knox here. Today I'm bloggin on WWE's Wellness policy. Recently we've seen guys like Mike Chioda, TE winner Andy, Heath Slater, Sin Cara and Darren Young all be suspended for violating the WWE's Wellness Policy.

I think this definitely brings up something to discuss seeing as those names mentioned above are all new guys/midcarders or jobber and a referee. We need to discuss this travesty.

Brief Note: During this blog I will not accuse any wrestler of any steroid use or other performance enhancing drugs so lets get that straight now. I'm going off pure facts of the past and what we can conquer as far as the policy.

The History of Top Main Eventers not being punished for drug use:
Now back in the 80s steroids was the norm. You pretty much couldn't find a handful of wrestlers that didn't juice. Guys like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Don Muraco, Dino Bravo, Hulk Hogan, Curt Hennig and many others.

These guys got away with these drugs so I can't debate this. This was over 20 years ago, just giving a bit of a background of how accepted drugs are in the wrestling world.

The early 2000s: Triple H & Val Venis Confrontation
Triple H was the top guy back in 2001. He was a hot commodity. Then he tore a quad or something of that sort in one of the greatest tag team matches ever in the history of this business with his partner Stone Cold and his opponents Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho.

He went on to miss about 8 months and made a huge return on Raw in January 2002 just before the Royal Rumble. Dude was absolutely jacked to a whole different level. He was damn near twice his size. We've all known about Triple H's steroid use which is why his knees are quick to give out.

Val Venis made some comments stating that he knew for a fact that top guys like Triple H never even had to test. This bothers me that just because you hold some sort of high position on the roster that you can fill your body with drugs and get away with it but the lower guys will be punished, it's not a fair system.

How a fair Wellness Policy could've saved lives?:
I'll throw out some names. Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, and Brian Pillman. All guys that battled addiction.

Eddie Guerrero: Very good guy and a great Christian man. Battled addiction his while life and finally beat it but still had a steroid problem. I was 14 when Eddie died and knew nothing about steroids or what they were but I always thought he looked unhealthy. My Dad would always say, "its no way in hell a guy that short can be that big". Granted height has nothing to do with this Dad but he sure as hell looked unhealthy. I just always thought every week when I seen him in the ring that it would be his last and eventually that happened. Look at pictures of Guerrero in 2002 and compare them to pictures in 2005. It was crazy.

Chris Benoit: Steroids played a role in his death and his gutless slayings of his family. His wife tried to file a restraining order before but it was ignored. Chris's own mom complained to the WWE about Benoit's drug use before his death. The WWE and Vince's pussy ass did nothing about it because Benoit was a top guy. This could've been avoided if they took the right action.

Side effects of Steroids Use?
  • Abnormal size head
  • achne
  • voice grows deeper

Now look at this list above. As a grown men, your voice hits a permanent change at about 25 and that will stay with you for a long time until your like 40 or older.

Please hear me out. Listen to a Triple H, Booker T, Vince McMahon, and Eddie Guerrero promo from 1998. They all had distinctly higher voices. By 2002, they all had very distinct deep, raspier voices. I can't make this stuff up and I don't have enough room to post a video showing a before and after for all of their voices. Just remember at how McMahon used to sound when he was on commentary. He had a puny voice and then when the 2000s hit, you can hardly understand his raspy ass voice. I used all these guys as examples because they were proven to be steroid users so that's my point there.

Booker T's voice in 1994 (lol your gonna laugh at how high it is)

Triple H's voice in 97 (check out how high it was)

Is the Government in on this Bullshit?
The government can kiss my ass. Their in on the WWE's scam with the roids and letting top guys get away with this. Out of all these deaths, they've done little because the WWE generates a substantial amount of revenue. But does that mean death is ok? Fuck no. I'm sorry but this is a serious situation to me.

Interesting Death Stat:
117 pro wrestlers have died before the age of 64. THATS INSANE.

Wrestlemania 1991, Superbowl 1991. Two different blockbuster events that took place in 1991, the year I was born BTW. 14 of the 51 performers at that Wrestlemania died. Of the 106 performers in the Superbowl, 0 of them are dead. That's also insane.

The Dolph Ziggler Story:
Dolph was still under contract with the WWE in 2008 in OVW. He desperately wanted to be brought up to the main roster. Dolph said in an interview, the WWE told him to get bigger in 2 months and we'll put you on the main roster. Who gets big in 2 months?

Dolph did what any other guy would do and juiced up for 2 months and came back bigger. He in exchange received his main roster spot. In less than a month on the Raw roster he was suspended for 30 days on Oct. 10, 2008.

Heath Slater, Sin Cara, Darren Young, we need to pull up Lex Luger?
I wanna know why the midcarders are the only ones being caught. I will not throw out any main event names but I can name a few top WWE talents that I bet my bottom dollar wouldn't pass a Wellness Exam but instead guys like Slater get caught.

It's all a damn scam. The WWE makes sure they catch at least one jobber a month juicing up so it can look like their really enforcing it knowing damn well they're not. Mysterio is the only top guy to be caught in recent memory.

I want to know what Luger is doing about this since he is the head guy running the WWE Wellness policy. He for one should know the dangers out steroids. God forbid if a guy like Cena or Sheamus are on roids and out of nowhere they have a heart attack and die. I firmly believe they are clean of steroids but what if the WWE are letting guys juice? This bugs me. 117 is not a made up number. That's the total number of deaths under the age of 64 in professional wrestling.

Guys, these wrestlers make a conscious decision to juice. No one is forcing them to juice. Young, Slater and Andy all deserve their punishment. But it becomes unfair when other guys can get away with it. We've all been watching wrestling too long to know that that whole damn roster isn't clean.

Guys like John Morrison & Randy Orton (whom both tested positive for 5 different types of anabolic steroids). We know they are clean now. They are much more leaner and they seemed to have learned a lesson. But we still need to crack down on the guys that aren't being caught.

The WWE will offer rehab to former employees to make them look good as a company but won't handle an issue directly involving performers currently under contract. It's insane guys, truly is.

These 117 people all did not die from steroid use but drugs like steroids, or pain killers, cocaine and other drugs played a role in their death. A lot of guys openly were hard drug users in the 80s like Curt Hennig, Ted Dibiase Sr. and Shawn Michaels.

Test these guys for pain killers as well. Hell, guys like Brian Pillman might still be alive if they stressed that more. Instead WWE ran Carlito, Sabu & Carlito out the door because they had a small marijuana issue. I'm not saying condone marijuana use but don't sit here and make it seem like a marijuana addiction is more dangerous than a steroid or pain killer addiction.

117 people. I don't make this stuff up. Look it up for yourself. 117. That's more than the NBA & NFL combines. Numbers don't like folks. I'm Knox, until then.

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  1. luduca444's Avatar
    once again, another great read, you hit the spot there man. but i dont think ALL 117 deaths happened because of roids, unless theres proof of that; however, roids did play a role in a lot of them. if the main eventers in the organization are gettin away with it, then this is a problem not only for the business, but for the wrestler's health itself

    look forward to another great post from you
  2. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Interesting read, however, why oh why oh why, do 99% of people come to this conclusion: Wellness Policy Violation = Steroid Use?? It doesn't!! The wellness policy actually covers a lot more, you can look it up! A large amount of these violations, have been due to addiction to or use of non prescription pain killers!! That's what happens when you have no down season and a boss who looks on injuries and illness, as no excuse to fail to turn up to work!! That's the main problem, wrestlers are too scared to take relevant recovery time off, in case they lose their spot!!
  3. toobeastly33's Avatar
    Man Knox you never cease to have an interesting read. I agree completely. Though i can not really feel bad for the guys that get hit, it is just not fair. I was happy though that they had the balls enough to get Ray. They really need to crack down a little better then they are now. but its like you said... they only have this to act like they are doing something about this
  4. Breakthecode13's Avatar
    @Wade Barrett 1979 Makes a great point, the wellness policy isnt just for steroids...Rey got busted for some prescription pills that he couldnt prove. Pot is included, Somas are included (Matt complained about this one b4 he got canned). I think jumping to the conclusion that steroids are the only reason why they are caught isn't cool. You also got to remember that after Eddie died that list came out with all the names of people who had taken meds I think and they had top guys on it and they were reprimanded. Maybe the wellness policy started for steroids, but it takes a number of other drugs into account. Good blog I liked it.
  5. knox's Avatar
    Guys thanks a million for the comments. And you all make points that its not just about steroids. But I feel the WWE needs to test on all that. They'll suspend you for marijuana but allow you juice because juicing enhances your appearance.

    You made great points, I'll edit this blog and add some of that. They need to test for painkillers as well, guys like Brian Pillman might still be alive if they did that.
  6. JoePublic's Avatar
    Knox, this really is a great blog and I can only agree with (most) of it. I would argue that along with a moderated, external drug testing policy Wrestling also needs an 'off season'. Perhaps I'll blog about that one day.
  7. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Wrestling definitely needs an off season, but it's about money and appearance for Vince. The policy makes it look as though he cares for the talent, but time off would do wonders. Moderating the use of painkillers is fair; banning them? When they take bump after bump every night?
    I also bet the number 117 is for known wrestlers. Include those from no-name independents and I bet that number increases.
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