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Top 5 WWE/WWF Tag Teams

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Everything in this blog entry is clearly my opinion and not based on fact.
This is a list of my favourite 5 all time tag teams.

This list is not about who has better on the mic or in the ring, but who I personally found more entertaining. I don't care if they are the best wrestlers but if they are boring then I don't count them, I only added those who I enjoyed watching and who entertained me each and every second.

5 - Vitamin C: Chris Jericho & Christian.

As much as I loved Edge & Christian, I loved Jericho & Christian even more. It was great cause they both got along so well, Jericho & Christian were always known as whiners around this period (2002-2004) and it fit them well. This tag team helped develop Christian's character and put him over, he began his Captain Charisma/People's Champion gimmick during this era. It also helped him become a greater heel and a solid midcarder, compared to his attitude era days. At the time they were the most hated tag team in the WWE and did a damn good job of it. Both were successful during this period, winning Tag Team and the IC Title multiple times. They always had great backstage segments which were entertaining (unlike the tag teams today who just come in the ring, wrestle and leave). Jericho turned face after falling in love with Trish Stratus, which left a jealous Christian turning his back on him and setup a great love triangle feud and a nice match at Wrestlemania XX which saw Trish turning heel and aligning with Christian. Tomko would later debut and side with Christian, as Jericho would go on to capture the IC title again and be a top face on Raw for another year and a half. As for their in ring performance, well I don't have to comment on that cause we all know Y2J/Christian are great in ring. It would have been great if Edge would have joined the tag team after being drafted to Raw, imagine a stable with Y2J/Christian/Edge as heels.

Notable moment:

4 - Bookdust: Booker T & Goldust.

Talk about entertaining tag teams, then you cannot miss out on this one! They were the hottest and most over tag team around 2002-2003. Who would have ever thought that pairing these two up would actually be something great, well as silly as it sounds it actually worked great. Both started as heels and quickly turned into faces after the fans got behind them. The reason for them turning faces were cause their segments were so hilarious that it was hard to keep them heel. This is where Booker T's WWE career skyrocketed and Goldust's comedy gimmick took off. Goldust would always do these goofy things and Booket T would be in the middle of it all. I can't think of any bad segments, they were so entertaining. They didn't have that many tag team matches but did manage to capture the tag team titles once. Booker T went on to face Triple H at WM 19 and lost, he was actually booked to win but Triple H being the spotlight hogger that he was during this time said that Booker T wasn't ready yet. This was bullshit as Booker T was super over at WM 19 and the fact that he was 5 time WCW Champion proves that he was more than ready to be champion. After WM 19 Booker T never gained that type of popularity and hype that he had going into mania. He did get a nice run in the mid card. There were no signs of a reunion, goldust has a short lived tag team with Lance Storm and was released later on.

Notable moment:

3 - Brothers Of Destruction: Undertaker & Kane.

If there was one Tag Team that struck fear in their opponents minds and delivered an ass kicking straight from hell, it would be none other than BOD. After years of teasing they finally formed a long term tag team in 2001. BOD dominated most of 2001. Capturing WCW & WWF Tag Team titles multiple times. 2001 was a great year for Kane, he not only won WCW/WWF Tag Team titles but also won the Hardcore and IC title. Undertaker/Kane were in their prime, unstoppable and extremely impressive. Their segments were not really comedic, more of an 'were gonna beat you up and make you famous' type of promos. It was a change to see Undertaker in a long term tag team after being a main eventer for many years. After the Invasion storyline, Undertaker turned heel and once again entered the main event scene. Kane on the other hand stayed in the tag team division teaming up with Big Show, RVD, Hurricane. They would reunite few times in 2006 and every now and then but it wasn't as entertaining as it was during their attitude era run. They were a dream tag team that the fans wanted to see for years. It's sad that we will never get another tag team as dominant as Undertaker and Kane.

Notable moment:

2 - APA: Farooq & Bradshaw.

One word that describes APA would be badass. What a great gimmick, sit backstage, play poker and drink beer and get paid to kick ass. This is what the tag team division is missing, personality. APA were unique and gave their persona color and depth, their office was so important to their gimmick because it was a part of them. People find Airboom exciting, why? What segments do they do that is so fun and exciting, oh wait they haven't done any, they are just another random tag team placed together. APA was highly entertaining, from their badass segments to thier badass ass kicking. They were highly underrated, when talking about Tag Teams people almost always forget APA. They made a huge impact in the attitude era and were one of the most dominant tag teams. Farooq had his dangerous spinebuster that looked painful and Bradshaw had probably the most impactful clothesline ever. They disbanded in 2004 but it launched Bradshaw's single career as JBL, and JBL was another great gimmick. I personally liked him more as Bradshaw cause he was more badass and would never back down from a fight, he would take your head off with his clothesline. Definitely a very very entertaining tag team, maybe WWE writers could learn from them and give today's tag team more depth and backstage segments. I'm sick of same old random tag teams with no characters or promos.

Notable moment:

1 - Dudley Boyz: Bubba Ray & D-Von (and Spike)

In the attitude era, you had 3 big tag teams, everyone would either pick E&C, Hardys or Dudleys. IMO Hardys were overrated spot monkeys, E&C were great but there was something about the Dudleys that I truly enjoyed more than any other tag team... and that was the uniqueness. The Dudley Boys were probably the most unique tag team in recent memory. From the attire, to the glasses, all the way to the tables. When you think of tables, you think of Dudleys, just as you think of Triple H when you see the sledgehammer. The Dudleys made tables a part of them, it was their thing. Tables were a part of their matches whether you like it or not, whether it was a table match or not. Tables were associated with the Dudleys. When you saw the Dudleys walking down the ramp, you knew that night someone was going through a table. This is what made them so unique, this is what tag teams need now an image, they dont have to copy Dudleys but they can get the idea. E&C took their idea and change it, they used chairs, Hardys used ladders... maybe a new tag team can use I don't know trash cans? Anyways... I always enjoyed the part where they would go 'wazzzzaaaaaa' and then Bubba would yell at Dvon to get the tables, it got the crowd going crazy whether they were heels of faces. That was so exciting. Their matches were exciting and any backstage segments they had were exciting. Both were great talkers, and adding Spike to the mix was even better. I personally loved when they were all heels and spike was 'the boss', it was hilarious. They split in 2002 after the brand extension. Bubba had a singles run and showcased his mic skills but they turned him face and teamed him up with Spike instead of giving him a chance, I believe he could have been a great single's wrestler. D-Von became a reverend and hired Batista as his bodyguard, it was a believable gimmick and some of the best mic work D-Von did, they cut the gimmick short and sent him to raw to reunite with Bubba and Spike. Batista would then join evolution. If given the pushes I'm sure both could have been successful single wrestlers. The Reverend gimmick was a great idea, they could have executed it better. You can't have a greatest tag team list without including the Dudleys, you just can't! They are by far may favorite tag team of all time. I miss the Dudley Boyz, not the watered down TNA version but the WWF/WWE version with Spike. There will NEVER EVER be another tag team in WWE as entertaining and unique as The Dudley Boyz. A BIG SHAME that WWE let them go, they were still very young in 2005 when they were released, a huge mistake by WWE. The Tag Team division hasn't been the same since The Dudley Boyz left the WWE and most people here will agree with me that the Tag Team division hasn't been great since 2004.

Notable moment:

Honorable Mentions:
- Edge and Christian
- La Resistance
- Los Guerreros
- The Rock N Sock Connection
- Kane and Hurricane

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  1. Chaston80's Avatar
    Respect that you like who you like so I wont bash your choices....
    In my opinion though, no one beat The Rock and Sock Connection in terms of sheer entertainment. They truly were WWE's odd couple and no one ever saw them teaming up after their brutal feud.
    My other favorite teams would be...Hart Foundation (actually in my opinion greatest tag team ever); The Hardy Boys (not glorified spot monkeys as I see it); The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gun and Road Dog); and Demolition (badass before the word badass existed).
  2. knox's Avatar
    freakin awesome list bro. Thank you for not pandering to LOD just because of their popularity. I couldn't stand LOD. Great list though man.
  3. mika009's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    freakin awesome list bro. Thank you for not pandering to LOD just because of their popularity. I couldn't stand LOD. Great list though man.
    Did you not like te WWE version of LOD, or did you not like them when they were the Road Warriors too? How can someone not like the Road Warriors.
    Updated 10-17-2011 at 11:00 PM by mika009
  4. The Real Choosen One's Avatar
    If this is your list of favorite tag teams of all time....I feel so sorry for you.
  5. Mr. McMahon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Real Choosen One
    If this is your list of favorite tag teams of all time....I feel so sorry for you.
    I feel sorry for you having to have your username from a nobody like roody poo drew
  6. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    Okay.............. can see the era you come from!!! A bit limited though.

    The Hart Foundation and Demolition were my favourite from their era,
    The Rockers and Steiner Bros after them - favourite NWO turn was Steiner turning was so pissed off!
    Hardy Boys pip out the Duddley Boys and were both good

    Probably that would be my top 5 looking across the eras, If your going to throw in the Rock and Sock connection, along with several others that weren't "pure" tag teams then there would have to be The Outsiders and Mega Powers just for pure entertainment of them being together and the storylines

    Good blog
  7. StonecoldRabbit's Avatar
    Gotta agree with TheEelDeal.....the blogger comes from a set era and not really one known for its tag teams, fair play it is what it is, but there are so many more teams that rank higher than these ones mentioned teams like:
    Hart Foundation
    Natural Disasters
    Twin Towers
    Powers of Pain
    Colossal Connection
    Dream Team
    The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers
    Hardy Boys
    E & C
    New Age Outlaws

    I'd have to disagree with TheEelDeal on the Steiner Bros, as their best work was in WCW and this blog did say it was WWE/WWF, Steiners (like many at the time) didnt really do much in the WWF when they came over....I think it was Vinces way of showing that because he had "created" them he buried them....He tried that with LOD but their popularity was just to big, plus the feuds they had with Demolition were pretty good
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