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The WWE Is Currently At A Crossroads

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WWE TV as of lately has been quite interesting. While the shows may not have been pleasing to watch, as a fan I have been given numerous reasons to tune in every week. WWE has capitalized on their social media resources and managed to keep fans (even internet smarks) guessing and interested. How do you that? Create questions, and don't answer them. Only bring up the question weekly to remind fans about it and answer it when it matters. So far WWE has done a pretty good job at creating the questions.

It is how they answer them is what I am worried about.

Here is the thing, readers. In my eyes, WWE is currently at a crossroads. What I mean by that is currently WWE is showing signs of both change AND regression. I see the tag team division starting to show roots again with AIR BOOM leading as tag team champs. We have a feud for the diva's division between Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly; something we haven't gotten in years. Jim Ross returning to commentary is always a good thing. We are also starting to see a plethora of new stars rise up in the ranks like R-Truth, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Sheamus, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, and most of all CM Punk. Funny thing is, we even got new stars in progress like Mr. MITB, Daniel Bryan, and maybe a John Morrison (depending on whether he stays or not). Btw, I absolutely LOVE the fact that Cody Rhodes is holding the Classic Intercontinental championship. Plus, the idea of him and Randy Orton feuding over it just has me drooling, especially considering the history they have behind them. A lot of good things are happening on WWE TV.

Then again, there are BAD things too. The booking lately comes across very short term and I do feel the company has been throwing us WAY too many curve balls from left field. I mean, a curve ball from left field is good ONCE in a while, but when we're getting thrown curves ball EVERY WEEK? It gets to be pretty ridiculous, after a while. If you're just creating questions, but never giving us any answers, all you’re doing is destroying interest in the questions. Then you start to enter TNA territory, which is NOT good at all. While commentary on RAW has been pretty good ... until Michael Cole starts talking ... I find Smackdown's commentary to be downright piss poor. Don't get me wrong. Booker T and his "Fave Five" never ceases to entertain me, but GOD do him and Michael Cole make a horrible broadcast team. Not only does the bickering back and forth distract us from the matches, but Booker sometimes loses track of what he is talking about and Cole ALWAYS has to bash him for it. Speaking of Michael Cole, he STILL sucks at commentary. When you have a lead commentator who does not know the names to the wrestling moves, talks over people during promos, makes almost every face look weak to the viewing audience, and demeans everything the other commentators do, it hurts a lot of aspects about the shows.

This next one deserves a paragraph of its own. The Walkout storyline. This has to be the biggest disappointment we have gotten from WWE this year. So many people could have been put over by this storyline, but the only person that benefitted from this was Triple H. The main purpose of the storyline was to put him over as a babyface. LIKE HE FREAKING NEEDS IT! So despite the fact that new stars are rising up in WWE, the focus is still on the same three people. Randy Orton, Triple H, and John Cena. I can't even count how many freaking title shots John Cena and Randy Orton have gotten this year and a majority of them have been HAND-fed. I'm not saying they should be given title shots, but spread shit out! Don't always have the same damn people going for the title shots. However, knowing Vince, I'm sure we can expect 5 years of John Cena and Randy Orton as world champions. With the way thing are going, by 2016, both Orton and Cena will have passed up Ric Flair's record. Yay .... Ugh. Well. At least Cena and Orton are losing and starting to put people over. How long it last I don't know, but let's hope it lasts a while.

Anyways, as I said, the WWE is at a crossroads. We're seeing signs of change, but we are also getting hints of regression. Sooner or later, WWE is going to have to make up its mind. Is it going to go in a totally new direction with someone like a CM Punk leading the promotion, or is it going to stay the way it has always been with John Cena and Randy Orton being on top? Only WWE can answer that question in time. For this wrestling fan's sake, I hope it’s the road of change. The idea of 10 more years with John Cena and Randy Orton showcased constantly in the world title picture is unbearable. Main event? Fine. World title picture? NO MORE!

Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated.

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog man and I think you are spot on. I just look at the wealth of talent you have listed and I can't help but wonder what the future lies. If these guys are built properly we would get an era of great wrestling imo. You also put
    Main event? Fine. World title picture? NO MORE!
    but should't the world titles be showcased in the main event, not always granted but most of the times to illustrate what the title is worth, that is whoever holds it is the best in the world.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    but should't the world titles be showcased in the main event, not always granted but most of the times to illustrate what the title is worth, that is whoever holds it is the best in the world.
    Now there r 2-3 main events in WWE PPVs..2 for World titles and one personal rivalry...these two guys can compete for that one personal title slot....n allow others to go after titles..or these two ppl can go for titles but jobbing to others...
  3. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    i think punk is slowly dropping the ball they don't know what to do with him putting him with del rio just for the sake of it isn't a good move and you'll never see a shoot promo from him again because he has a long ass contract and from rumours the last one pissed off mcmahon and hhh so i doubt they;ll take that stuff twice i think jericho needs to come back sooner or later an not on smackdown after all raw is jericho!!!

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