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Best Mid Card Talent Today

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Hey My last blog was me venting. Anyway here is who I think is the mid card Talent Today.

Intro:Some of the greatest wrestlers were mid card for all or most of there careers and brought prestige to the titles we have today, and todays Mid card is no different. As they try to do the same thing. So here my list of superstars right now doing the Midcard name justice

Kofi Kingston- Everytime I think of mid card these days I think of Mr Kingston. To his feuds with Shelton in ECW to his tag with Evan Bourne it seems that Kofi has been stuck in the Mid Carder realm. I do not know why? He has a great look he has a nice following of fans. He has a decent finisher and signatures. His Mic skills are ok. He had good and decent feuds for the US and IC titles. I guess he took the place of my 2nd favorite wrestler Shelton Benjamin? a great talent that has minimal- to ok mic skills. Not a bad thing what so ever and he does his job very well.

Side Note: Is he still Jamican or what?

Dolph Ziggler- Some wrestlers show frustration about being on the mid card. Not Dolph Ziggler he has taken his mid card run in stride and has entertained us without really having a good feud in awhile. His character is just entertaining to watch. His a good wrestler with a look Vince likes and a walk and talk of a champion. Vickie has done him alot of good. Personally I think he would be a normal cocky heel without Vickie, but I am not saying he wont do good on his own. He has given us something to look forward to in the middle of the show

Fortune- The whole group has been a mid card sensation for awhile. They have been second fiddle to Immortal, and none of them has not even sniff the title since Hogan and Bischoff got there. Well of course bobby has his Main Event run, but this might put in the same boat as AJ Styles. Use his name to push wrestlers that they like better. All there matches have been contested on the mid card until recently. There matches get no hype.. you just suddenly see AJ vs Gunner randomly, and Gunner beats him?? Beer Money is a Tag that has been entertaining, but like most tags they have been banished to the Mid Card. Great group...maybe besides Kaz? They need a jolt and a rebranding that will make them the focal point, and not the two guys in there 50's and 60's

Cody Rhodes- Another great mid card talent that has been entertaining us with his new gimmick. Personally I love Cody Rhodes, but this new feud with Randy can go two ways. They can use Cody To push Randy Orton even harder! Or this can put Cody on the map permantly. Remember feuding with main event talent does not always translates into instant stardom ala Benjamin vs Triple H, Christian vs Jericho and etc, but this can give him more momentum and a shot at the World Heavyweight title, but for now lets just thank Cody for giving us great mid card talent

Honorable Mentions: Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder,MCMG.

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  1. midian's Avatar
    I'd add Wade Barret to that list.He's a great worker and is probably one of there best mic men at the moment.

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