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The Return of the Mega Powers: John Cena & Randy Orton

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Hey guys, Knox here. Whats up with everyone, hope all is going smooth. I'm blogging on the forming of a possible tag team that would shake things up. I want to see the leaders of the new Era as a tag team. I'm talking about John Cena & Randy Orton.

This would draw huge and it gives them a chance to explore the tag team division and take a break from the other business.

There chemistry with one another in the ring is awesome. I for one can easily say that I enjoy them as the modern day replacement for The Rock & Stone Cold. The problem is them being overbooked to look like the two greatest stars of all time. That's what pisses me off.

But the fact is, I enjoyed their feud just as much as The Rock & Stone Cold. Bash me all you want. Their HIAC match in 2009 was classic including their battle at Summerslam 2009. These two are amazing as opponents and had enough war to mold together as a team.

Personal Friendship:
These two quickly became friends as they began in OVW around the same time. They vowed to become stars and who'd a known they end up building an Era of their own. These two together would sell huge as a tag team.

Randy Orton's daughter is crazy about Cena as well. If you watch the Randy Orton Experience DVD there's a scene where Orton brings his little girl to Cena and Orton tells Cena "she's been asking about you all day". That family chemistry is something they have which is what every good tag team had. Just look at LOD's Hall of Fame induction when Animal explains how much his daughters loved Hawk and looked at him as an uncle. Look at the great relationship Mysterio's son Dominic had with Eddie Guerrero.

Feud with R-Truth & The Miz:
This would deliver. This would elevate R-Truth & The Miz's career in a major way. These would be two main event tag teams going at it. Truth in my opinion is a future World Champion hands down.

This only works if they don't bury Miz & Truth. Let this be an evenly booked feud with both teams getting a close amount of wins and loses. A feud like this can carry on for months without the crowd getting drowned out.

What John Cena & Randy Orton as a team does?

1. Gives Cena & Orton a break from the WWE & World Title
This is what the people want. For the past 6 years these two have been involved in a World Title match in every single PPV except for 3 or 4. That's over the top.

2. Allows time for new faces to hop in the World Title Scene
Guys like Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and others than test their skill at competing for the belt. It gives a chance for Mark Henry & Big Show give us a different look in the main event scene that I'm all for.

3. Gives us an opportunity to build more strong faces like Sheamus & Cm Punk

Book Cena & Orton as a heel tag team:
This must happen as well. Let them have their face run for about 3 months and out of nowhere turn them heel. This would deliver. We all beg for the Cena heel turn, imagine it being with Orton.

They would turn into the most dominant team ever. The fans wouldn't know what to. By this time guys like Sheamus, Zack Ryder, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan & Cm Punk are selling out merchandise so they can afford whatever happens.

Imagine the ratings. More people that stopped watching wrestling would tune in just to see Cena as a heel again. Cena's best moments was a heel and we all know Orton is a naturnal heel and one of the greatest heels of all time.

I can't think of much more to say but I think this would draw. WWE needs to add something unpredictable and new to the product. I think this should happen.

Thanks guys and please leave feedback. Be safe and check out my blog.

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  1. Gabriel_Blaze's Avatar
    I want to see that now!
  2. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    I also want to see Cena vs Orton with Orton as the face and Cena as the heel, maybe pissed Orton is a bigger draw or soething.
  3. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    They would never lose the tag titles though.
  4. Hesterica's Avatar
    these two vs rtruth and miz vs air boom in a three way feud would elevate the division, the titles, and the 4 other guys. and as you've said, opens up the main event scene for other guys. this is a win-win for everyone. great idea!
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    bring some chane in these two...i luv any change....FUKO vs awesome Truth is really awesome..n i want to see RTruth growing...surely he's the talented guy among the 4 in terms of in ring action...

    Randy is gr8 as heel..i luv him as heel morethan face...

    cena shud hav some diff gimmick...whether face or heel...
  6. Jags's Avatar
    You could apply for a job on the creative team, you really could.

    Many think they know it all better, but I think Knox knows best.
  7. Chaston80's Avatar
    I like this idea as well and a long run with the tag titles for Orton and Cena could bring back some prestige to the titles that has been missing. Great idea!
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