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Second Thoughts:Not Without Drew Mcintyre

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I've been watching some Superstars lately and thinking about some things and I realized: Drew Mcintyre does NOT get nearly enough credit for the heel he is.

Just look at some of the episodes of Superstars from the past few weeks, great competitor and he received a nice amount of heat this past week. He had a great match on RAW with Randy Orton not long ago and to me, has proved that he still has the charisma in him. He is being underutilized but I do like that he has been dominating WWE Superstars. I mean his "Chosen One" gimmick will still work, he had a BRILLIANT run for the I.C. Title with many entertaining matches! In the Tag-Team Turmoil match he and Cody Rhodes won the WWE Tag Team Titles and had a TERRIBLE run. I'm just saying look where Rhodes is now, and where Mcintyre is now....they could BOTH be solid midcarders and they both receive decent heat but where is Drew?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my second blog!I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while I've just been very busy and I'll have LOTS more blogs coming soon!

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  1. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    there is one word which explains why Drew is being treated like shit: Tiffany
  2. Corwo's Avatar
    Got that right my friend...he should be MUCH more ahead than he is by now
    meanwhile wheres Brodus going?
  3. AreYaSerious's Avatar
    Totally agree with this, great job.
  4. masakaritko's Avatar
    He's not getting buried because of Tiffany's behavior, he's getting buried because not only did he get beat up by Tiffany, he also pressed charges on her, which in the man's world is a big no no. Vince McMahon thought it was a b**** move, so McIntyre no longer gets respect from management.

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