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The Miz & John Morrison

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Hi, I'm new to this site in regards to blogging, commenting and overall discussing things. However, I've been a huge reader of EWN for a couple years now. I've signed up recently for one main reason and that's to give my opinion on something WWE is at risk of ruining.
As the title of this blog would suggest, it's Miz & Morrison.

Now we've had Miz & Morrison the team and we've had Miz & Morrison the feud (kinda). Both have their critics and both have there fans. What I feel WWE is missing out on, is what could possibly be the feud that designs an Era. Sure, Punk is the speartip of the so called new era, but I'm not talking about the Icon, I'm talking about what defined that icon.

Going back to The Golden Era, we had Hogan, but about Hogan / Savage. Arguably the 2 biggest stars of that time (for WWE atleast). Each could sell out any arena single handed on any given day and when they were in the same ring they would tear the roof down. When they united as the Mega powers, people couldn't control that tingly feeling in their naughty bits.

Moving on to what was personally the greatest feud of all time, and one that defined The Heartbreak Kid. Bret Hart / Shawn Michaels. This feud was the sole reason I started watching Wrestling, you were either Micheals or Hart. You never got someone between. They had the kind of feud where they were face or heel depending on who you asked. If not for the screwjob, who knows where this could've gone! Michaels had tons of great feuds, but this in the one that I believe truly made him a superstar.

Now, Vince is obviously known as SCSA's biggest feud, and rightfully so. You can't be known as anti-establishment without establishment. However, SCSA / The Rock, come now, tell me this was not the feud that split wrestling fans right down the middle! Either people where for the get-straight-to-the-point-whip-your-ass Stone Cold or the can't-do-anything-without-adding-a-little-flair-to-it Rock! Rock/Austin 3, Austin's last match, is to this day my favourite match, not because of the build up to that Wrestlemania, just because this was their swansong and what a swansong it was.

Now WWE have that combination of two superstars who are permantly linked, their promos together are awesome, JoMo's lack of emotion plays of Miz's cartoonish style so well, while his spot monkey style compliments Miz to a tee. With the right pushes, these 2 could define this decade but with Morrison possibly on his way out, I'm afraid I'm gonna always consider Miz and Morrison as the most influental feud that never happened. . .

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  1. Dierdorf's Avatar
    i agree with you! i really hope that Morrison doesnt leave and he gets pushed to the top like he deserves!!

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