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WWE Writing Development Problems

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As you might see such as I there are several things wrong with the writing development right now lets see what's wrong.

1. Consent changes at the last minute - As the Miz would say REALLY? Vince has been extremely undecided as of late and has been making last minute decisions. This clearly shows me he has no faith in his script writers. A perfect example of this consent changing would be form Monday Night Raw it started with a bang for the first 30 minutes right to the point where Vince returned then announced Johnny Ace is in charge it completely fell down hill.

2. Terrible Booking - So lets see this past summer we saw Randy Orton VS Christian like 10 times in a row. I actually enjoyed the first 2 fights and the Summerslam fight but the other fights were stall and Orton won almost every fight. So now they finally decide to end it but now have Mark Henry as there top heel. Look we all can see Orton is basically carrying SmackDown but hopefully that will change When Taker & Kane return and there has been reports they'll both return at the Vengeance PPV. However you can't expect Undertaker to be wrestling weekly on SD because of his health problems. I'd actually be suprised if he wrestles at 1 Smackdown when he comes back. I think they'd wanna only use him at SD for promos then have him compete at PPV's only because he really dose not have that much left in the tank.

3. Pointless Storylines - I was really happy at the way the WWE "walkout" was happening but then again once Johnny Ace was announced to be in charge (Witch was completely predictable) They completely killed the storyline. I think WWE was on the best roll this year and they dropped the ball. The walkout should still be the current storyline but the writers and Vince blew it.

So here is a soultion to these problems. VINCE IT'S TIME . Lets be honest here us fans 15 + are tired of seeing Super Cena & Super Orton always winning. They both need to be taken off TV for awhile to allow the other younger wrestlers to make a name for themselves. Afterall Vince you can't Reilly on people like Cena , Taker , Kane , Orton , Triple H and all the old guys to carry the company forever. The WWE needs some changes. Big Changes. Do you agree or disagree? Give me your thoughts in the comments!

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