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What WWE Needs To Do For The Roster

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First of all,I'm Corwo and I just joined EWN and this is my first blog. This blog is mainly what I personally think WWE needs to do to their roster and for the shows.

What They NEED
Bring back the Cruiserweight or Lightweight Title,this gave the smaller guys something to fight for instead of being at the bottom of the mid-card and put on some great matches such as Tajiri vs Kidman.

Turn Cena Heel at Survivor Series.I'm a huge Cena fan but SuperCena is getting kind of boring,this would give him a fresh start and would look great for his feud with The Rock.

Let Punk and Big Show ( and Sheamus somewhat) be the faces of the WWE instead of John Cena and Randy Orton. Punk and Big Show both have the in-ring ability to be the faces of the WWE and I loved the promos Punk cut back in July. As for Sheamus, he's booked as a MONSTER face right now, don't be surprised if he gets a WHC very soon.

Setup the matches for PPV's well in advanced, even if its not for a title....have small feuds that could lead to a mid-card title such as the I.C. or the U.S. title because 3 PPV's in 5 weeks was a very dumb idea.

Awesome Truth become the Tag Champions at Veangance.As much as I hate to say it, Awesome Truth has made a statement in the tag team division and I could see them taking the titles from AirBoom soon.

Have Orton and Cody Rhodes feud for the I.C. Title with Rhodes retaining for most of the time and at the least expected moment, have Orton win the title. Even though Rhodes is slowly getting a major push, I can forsee this rivalry for the I.C. title starting at Veangance or maybe even a SmackDown taping before then.

Make Henry's run as WHC meaningful. I don't personally like Mark Henry, but the dude is destroying everything in his path and inducting more and more members into the "Hall Of Pain".Though his recent battles with Big Show, I can see Henry holding the WHC for at least 3-4 more months.

Make Vickie,Dolph, Christian, Swagger, Otunga, and Rhodes stable dominate for a while.It would be interesting to see, I mean while Christian has held multiple WHC's during his feud with Orton does anyone remember when Ziggler was WHC for a hour or so before he lost it to Edge? The stable already has the two Mid-Card titles. I could see maybe Swagger and Otunga or Swagger and Christian capturing the Tag Titles after awhile and then going from there.

John Morrison is in high-water with WWE still over the Melina stuff and is jobbing more and more every week.He was reportedly booked for a push but when that happens I think we may see JoMo capture his first U.S. Title and feud with Ziggler. They had a heck of a feud for the I.C. Title back in 2009- Early 2010.

NXT Redemption my gosh....what is it like Week 30?Just end it and give Young, O'Neill and Maxine their contracts already.It is getting boring every week watching the exact same thing and its been a LONG time since I watched NXT because of this.

Yoshi Tatsu may be taken somewhere with this new masked gimmick. Maybe a mid-card run perhaps?

Anyway,thats the last of my thoughts on everything for now.Hope you enjoyed my first blog!

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  1. Marc78's Avatar
    Agreed! Supercena is boring much as superorton is! I also agree they need to bring back the Cruserweight title WWE has plenty of high flyers, I agree Awersome truth needs to become Tag team champs right now the tag title is meaningless however WWE should of kept the walkout storyline rolling and have Nash, Mizx & Truth from some sorta stable along with otungas crew As for NXT........ They show is still on the air?
  2. Sage's Avatar
    If cena is ever gunna turn heel it's gunna be at wrestlemania when the hate will be the most ripe
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    For one moment can we forget about Cena and focus on the other wrestlers in the company? Unfortunately for Morrison, it seems that his WWE career will come to an end shortly, so I don't think they will put him in a feud for the US title. But theres huge potential in the new stable managed by Vickie Guerrero, especially for Cody Rhodes. On Raw, he interfered in several matches, and even took out the posterboy of the company - Orton. They seem to be really pushing him towards the main event picture. On top of that, people will watch, because Orton is involved. Even Mark Henry is now interesting, and has been for a few months. I hope he holds the title and faces others besides Orton for a few more months to come.
  4. Chaston80's Avatar
    Am I the only one who doesnt care about John Morrison...Melina or no Melina I never found the dude interesting. He is and impressive athelete dont get me wrong but I just find him obnoxious and not that great.
    I do agree Cena is stale and Big Show needs one last push as the face of the company before his time runs out.
    Agree with most everything else on this blog though.
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    I think people need to realize that John Cena is the face of the company no matter how much you can't stand the guy. You can't knock someone off as the top face of the company when that guy draws for your company. And Big Show getting a run as the face of the company isn't going to happen when you have wrestlers like CM Punk Randy Orton who are with John Cena in terms of being the heavy-hitters of the WWE.
  6. knox's Avatar
    Its amazing how I thought about everything the WWE needed to do and I clicked this blog and you mentioned everything that I thought in my mind with a few extras. Hell, no argument here, I agree.

    You caught be off guard with the Cody & Orton I.C. Title feud and bringing the lightweight belt back. It was like you jumped in my mind lol.

    Anyway great first blog, keep em' coming
  7. luduca444's Avatar
    yes, WWE turn Cena heel so he culd be hated by the kids -the main focus- and they can not buy his stuff, which sells the most among the main focus of the company... that would be a smart business move
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