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Top 10 Feuds To Never Happen

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Hey guys, Knox here. Today I'll be blogging on some of the great possible feuds we never got an opportunity to see. I might miss out on alot of great feuds but bear with me guys.

Also, this blog is covering feuds that never happen. If two guys wrestled each other a couple times, that doesn't mean that's considered a feud...anyway lets's go.

After reading this blog, its safe to say Shawn Michaels left with some unfinished business lol. This is opinionated so calm down. Many people will be left out becaue this is an unorthodox type of list. This isn't a list filled with showtime feuds, this is mostly a list of feuds that would steal a show (wrestling wise)

Important Note:
This isn't a blog pitting the most similar characters together. I hate feuds like that. I'm blogging on guys I think would put on a great match and feud with one another, regardless the character. If I think Viscera could put on a great match with Chavo Guerrero then I'm posting it damnit lol.

No for real I hate that though. People are crying to see Stone Cold vs Cm Punk only because they have the same "I don't give a damn" attitude and they speak their mind. So just because they act similar, everyone all of a sudden feel they can put on a stellar classic match together.

People talk all this Hogan vs Cena crap but why? Because they had a similar gimmick? Would that really be a good match? Hell no.

I'm blogging on a WRESTLING standpoint. Not a CHARACTER standpoint.

Top 10 Feuds To Never Happen

10. Randy Orton vs Drew McCintyre
They are probably the most similar guys on the roster. They both have the same exact wrestling styles. Very brutal, slow wrestlers that inflict a great deal of pain. Both have very similar music. Both also walk to the ring very damn slow.

They've battled before but a true feud could really do something for Drew's career. Its very weird at how similar they are. They funny thing is they could switch themes today and it would fit one another. McCintyre coming out to voices would work as well as Orton coming out to broken dreams.

They recently just did battled on Raw in a great match that could've been awesome if given more time. Check it out.

9. Shelton Benjamin vs AJ Styles
To most people this isn't high profile but to me it is. I've watched alot of wrestling and by fair when it comes to stepping in between those ropes and battling, not many do it better than Shelton & AJ.

They would tear the roof off of any coliseum around. They are both very underrated wrestler's in my book. Somehow booking them in a feud would be absolutely sick. The only way we could see this is if it was with some indie promotion. I can't see the WWE being smart enough to bring them in.

8. Beer Money vs MCMG vs The Hardy Boyz - TNA X-Division X Match
This would be cool. Possibly could top Edge & Christian vs The Dudley's vs The Hardy Boyz Ladder match. This is just something I wanna see, thats all.

7. Cody Rhodes vs Goldust
This will indeed happen, its only a matter of time. Also Goldust has teased it on twitter. Honestly, as of now, it would be cool but kind of a slow down point. Cody is at his peak right now and it will only get better. He's in the main event picture with his classic I.C. belt. He's feuding with guys like Orton. I fear that a feud with his older brother might slow his momentum down. Still would be cool to see.

6. Cm Punk vs Rob Van Dam
For me personally, I could've made this number 1 but I didn't wanna hear complaints. This is a feud that the WWE should've gave us when they were in WW(E)CW together. This would've rocked.

I'm not the biggest fan of Punk's style, but indeed he puts on great matches. Just like I hate Cena's style but at the same time the guy can give you a match of the year any day.

Punk & RVD wouldn't necessarily draw huge but they would give you one of the greatest feuds and matches in the history of wrestling and I stand by that. Just imagine the explosive kicks you would see in a match with these two, let alone RVD's acrobats and Punk's brash quick offense. I would crave to see this. I think RVD has one more run with the WWE when his TNA deal expires. TNA proved they don't know what to do with a guy like RVD. Maybe we can see this.

5. John Morrison vs Shawn Michaels
Definitely would be a hot feud. I would've enjoyed seeing this just to see what the hype was all about. They've been in the ring together plenty of times but we never seen a full blown feud from them too. Who remembers this?

4. Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels
Pupil vs Teacher. This would be awesome. Probably could be one of the most technical matches of all time. Damn I wish I could see this. There's nothing else to really say lol.

3. Shawn Michaels vs Randy Savage
They've wrestled before but never feuded. I look at Shawn Michaels and I see Randy Savage written all over him. You wanna talk about similarities. These two were amazingly similar. The elbow drop, the promo style, the flashy attire, Sensational Sherry. I just wish we could've had that one year feud with these two, that would've kicked ass.

I have no doubt in my mind that Vince purposely booked Michaels to be just like Savage in a certain way. They had a match that was awesome for the WWF Title back in 1992. I'll post it below. Please enjoy this match, it brought tears to my eyes lol.

2. Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker
I'm baffled as to why this never happen. Lets name the top drawers and maineventers of the Attitude Era from 99-01. Triple H, Stone Cold, The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, and Kurt Angle.

Of those names listed, every single possible combination of a feud happened except for Jericho & The Undertaker. So this is what I wanna see. I wanna see them battle at Wrestlemania 28. Lets build that. These are two of the greatest to never clash. And not including that match on Smackdown they had in 2010 but here it is.

1. Sting vs The Undertaker
This is what the people are talking about. I think it would be cool to see. This is clearly is number 1 on many people's list as well. This would be the most epic match of all time. Just to see the respect and two of the greatest clashing in a match that we thought we would never see. I could only imagine.

Thanks guys for checking out my blog and please leave feedback as far as feuds you all would want to see. Thanks guys and check out my track.

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  1. dub's Avatar
    Man Alllllll of those fueds/matches would be GREAT. I thought about another one... Before Benoit went crazy, what about him and Davey Richards mixing it up? That would've been sheer awesomeness.
  2. Marx's Avatar
    Shelton vs AJ would be awesome. Same goes for McIntyre vs Orton, if they take time to build McIntyre first.

    I don't see why Sting vs Undertaker is that different from Austin vs Punk though. Hogan vs Cena is a different story, Hogan can't go no more, not even for one night. I'd love to see Sting vs Undertaker, but I'd love to see Austin vs Punk too, and I'm not even that much a fan of both.

    I agree with you on Rhodes and Goldust, like to see it but hope it won't put Rhodes on the backburner. That said: I'd like to see WWE take a year to push someone to the top, I hope they take time with Rhodes.
  3. NaterD4's Avatar
    If Benoit hadn't did what he did that weekend in 2007, we could have had a Punk-Benoit feud. They were supposed to face each other for the then vacant ECW Title. I think that is a really big feud to never happen. Then you could add Benoit-Bryan as well.
  4. Parallax's Avatar
    Nice list. Personally, I'd tweak each one.

    10 - Randy Orton vs Drew McCintyre - I'd wouldn't care to see this myself. You said it best when you said they are very similar. But this is one instance in which I think those similarities would be a benefit to the match, instead of a hindrance.

    9 - Shelton Benjamin vs AJ Styles - Also nice. But it would be even better if it were Shelton vs AJ circa 2005. I'm not so sure it would be as good now. Good, but not as great as it would have been a few years ago.

    8. Cody Rhodes vs Goldust - Both are fantastic workers. But I'd like to the Cody of today vs the Goldust of 1999. THAT would make it even better than seeing it right now.

    7. 8. Beer Money vs MCMG vs The Hardy Boyz - Again, if it was the Hardys from 1999, then hell yes.

    6 - Cm Punk vs Rob Van Dam - Just like the previous match, it'd be great to see the CM Punk of today vs the RVD of '99. Simply because back then, RVD's penchant for creative high spots was still somewhat new to fans and overshadowed his lack of in-ring storytelling ability. If that match happened now, Punk would be the workhorse, trying to work around a much slower RVD, whose once innovative moveset has now become rather stale. It wouldn't be that good now. But Punk '11 vs RVD '99? Hell yes I'd like to see that.

    5. John Morrison vs Shawn Michaels - Nope. It would stink. HBK would be leading the way while Morrison kept botching his own moves. HBK said himself that he had to repeatedly yell at JoMo in the ring to pick his game up. The fact that HBK had to repeat himself shows me that Morrison just doesn't have what it takes. I don't think this match would be anywhere near as good as some folks believe.

    4 Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels - Yes please. That is all.

    3. Shawn Michaels vs Randy Savage - Yes please part 2. But only if it was HBK 2005 vs Savage '89. When both men were at their absolute best.

    2. Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker - Yes please part 3. No putting years on these guys. Even now, they would have a good, if not great, match.

    1. Sting vs The Undertaker - Maybe. If it was Sting '97 vs Taker '98. That would be awesome. A match between these guys now, would be an absolute disaster. They are both just too long in the tooth and too beat up at this point. It would be a fantastic spectacle, but probably not a great match in of itself.

    Good job my friend. Keep it up.
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    You forgot one I that never got to happen was Undertaker and Andre the Giant. Unfortunetly Andre passed away before it got to happen!
  6. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Well I think

    Punk vs Benoit

    Benoit vs HBK in a real feud not just thrown together matches

    Ric Flair vs Stunning Steve Austin

    Eddie Guerrero vs Shawn Michaels

    The Rock vs Shawn Michaels

    Mick Foley vs Bret Hart

    Bret Hart vs Vader.. Would have Awesome matches.

    Jericho vs Owen Hart... If Jericho came in a little early or Owen went to WCW, it be awesome.

    There is so much more... I agree with most your feuds, some those feuds are awesome.

    I woudl say Punk and Austin but is been said several times already.
  7. Chaston80's Avatar
    Like the list and agree with The_Crippler about the Shawn Michaels vs The Rock fued...that would have been one of the greatest ever!
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