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A Great Use of Filling Card for PPV

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I don't know why so many people complain about a lot of things with PPV these days, for example the lack of build for sheamus v kofi kingston's table match at extreme rules this year. i quite enjoyed a surprise match being thrown in during the attitude era, and after that (I can't remember too much before then regarding this topic i'm writing about now. Yes build is fantastic and a pre requesite in this business, but not every card has to be built with storylines from top to bottom. I can see the complaining just being part of the lacklustre programming of previous years however.

Here's a list of examples of entertaining ppv matches that either had little built or no build at all.

Edge v Jeff Jarrett (Fully Loaded 1999 for the IC Title)

Now here's a match from the precious attitude era that could do no wrong. If this match happened on a ppv today you (not all of you, but sadly those of you who like to rant about the same things) would go apeshit.

Jeff Jarrett v Edge had no build, and being unaccustomed with the internet back then I didn't expect to see this. Jarrett had gotten over huge as a top mid card heel and was really coming into his own (no matter what the haters say). After the unfortunate death of Owen Hart, his former tag partner JJ was thrust into the ic title picture. Around this time Jarrett had generated some great heat, and people were dying to see him fail. A few days prior to this, Edge had won his first IC title at a house show in Canada, in what was a major upset. I love this booking, unexpected is good and I rooted for Edge even back then, as well as most of his fans I would say, the guy was always good. Jarrett cashed in his rematch clause and they opened the PPV. The match was not a classic, but it was a nice fresh addition to the event, an entertaining opener, and sadly, Edge didn't retain but they weren't going to properly push Edge for years so this outcome made sense.

Eddie Guerrero v Chris Benoit v Rhyno v Tajiri (Summerslam 2003 or the US Title)

Unlike the previous match, this had some ongoing feuds but it was all just really thrown together, which isn't a bad thing. Rhyno had gotten pissed with Benoit because he beat him on the way to competing in the final of the US title tournament (they had an alliance some time previously) to meet Eddie Guerrero in the final, who beat Benoit eventually with help from an interfering Rhyno. Eddie previously held the tag titles with Tajiri, but brutalised him when they lost the tag titles, including a spot where he dropped him through the window of his low rider. Tajiri came back wanting revenge, and why not put all four in a match. It never got much publicity, but was a welcome addition to the Summerslam 2003 card.

Eddie Guerrero v Chris Benoit v Chris Jericho v X Pac (No Way Out 2001 for the Intercontinental Title)

Another fatal four way, taking place at the superb No Way Out 2001. The build had been like this, Jericho basically had everyone out to get him with his IC belt on the line. He had put X Pac (who was a fantastic heel, never loved again after what he did to Kane)out months previously after a great cage match at No Mercy. He had taken out Guerrero as well, who returned looking for revenge. His feud with Benoit was legendary in 2000/2001, and he had beaten him in a fantastic ladder match for the belt at Royal Rumble a month earlier. In the lead up Benoit and Guerrero were teasing the first signs of an eventual break up, but for the time had agreed to be on the same page, as they were officially still very much part of the redicalz. This was a brilliant match that garnered some momentum ahead for one of the greatest pay per views of the attitude era.

Edge & Christian v Hardy Boys - King of The Ring 1999

Ah, when the tag titles were relevant. So relevant, that a number one contender's match could make a PPV. As you will see explained, this was a rematch of an abandoned match from earlier on that night on Sunday night Heat and a welcome addition to the show. The very first PPV match that began a legendary rivalry, and saw E&C dump Gangrel who would take the Hardyz under his winf to form the New Brood.

Dudley Boyz v Spike Dudley & Kane for tag titles at King of The Ring 2001

Dudleyz got a breath fresh of air with a new heel turn inspired by their loathing of Spike taking all their spotlight. They bullied Spike and his girlfriend Molly and eventually won the tag belts. Spike challenged them on Heat to a title match in which he would have a mystery partner, who turned out to be the very over Kane. A very entertaining match, with Tables OH MY GOD! that was spurted out of nothing.

Just a few matches for you to watch, that were quite entertaing despite minimal build (It was a different era however, sigh!)

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  1. knox's Avatar
    Dude you and The Crippler come up with the best blog topics ever. I can always tell who wrote the blog just by reading the title. Great list bro. The Benoit, Guerrero & Jericho match was the best, I remember it like it was yesterday.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    benoit/Jericho/Eddie match and eddie/benoit/tajiri/rhyno matches r real treat to watch...

    Benoit can make any match look gr8...
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Wow that fatal fourway for the IC title was excellent, That 4 way is one of the reason I wish the Benoit ban on DVD matches would be lifted, I love to see that match in high quality. That NWO 2001 PPV was one of the best PPVs I ever seen.

    I loved the Benoit and Regal match at No Mercy2006 I think it was. It was a complete shock and the return of Benoit, No build or prior mention.

    I Like to add these matches

    Benoit and Angle didnt have any build before Wrestlemania 17, I think it was booked 2 weeks before cause Angle was mad cause he didnt have a match for Wrestlemania and he was the last Champion before The Rock, It was just thrown together.

    Also I like to add the Fatal Fourway Tag Team ladder match from armageddon 2006, with London and Kenderick vs MNM vs William Regal and Dave Taylor vs The Hardy Boys.... Very inovative match that stole the show of the PPV. Exellent match and the sickening hit Mecury took to the face must be seen
    Updated 10-10-2011 at 01:15 AM by THE_CRIPPLER
  4. midian's Avatar
    You should have put pretty much any Cruiserweight title match PPV opener.They used to get you pumped for the rest of the PPV,I miss them.
  5. shadowalker1975's Avatar
    here's what needs to happen to bring up ppvs. unify the world & wwe title. bring back the tv,hardcore, & cruiserweight title. put people where they can be used properly and have a titlke the suits their size and ability.

    im sorry putting the world or wwe titleon a 200 lbs. is not believeable. they are on the right track wwe on letting the wrestlers wrestle on both shows. now they need to cut the roster down to about 50 wrestlers and build the guys they keep with sum charcter. if sum go away and go to tna or rho so what they'll get better and it would give all the wrestlers chance that they cant when the rosters of wwe is what about 75 to 100 wrestlers all together and 1 more thing a wrestler that is 35 to mid 40's dosent make them to old to wrestle we forget that with all the young wrestlers coming out and the young guys should be slower so there chacters develop ofver a peroid of yrs. instead of weeks or months so its more believeable.

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