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The Next Big Thing

An action packed WrestleMania

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Messing about I came up with a card for next years mania that should be entertaining and possible. Matches go in order from bottom of the card to top, and is done to get some of the roster some actual game time, such as rhodes and ziggler who could do with instead of being in a random multi man match

1 Awesome Truth v Air Boom v Swagger & Christian v Big Show & Kane (tag)
Basically an excuse to get some of the best names on the card in an exciting opener to leave extra combinations on the card

2 Beth phoenix v Kharma
If Kharma is back, have her topple beth at mania

3 cody rhodes v mick foley (mankind) hardcore match

ideally mick would turn into mankind, my most loved character from the attitude era and put over rhodes in a hardcore match between the two "deranged" individuals. a great way to put rhodes over without rushing him to the main event, and use mick.

4 rey mysterio v sin cara
wwe are going to want to cash in on this, and especially at mania. they haven't cashed in on a lot of potential clashes as they would have liked, so this would be the time to do it as mysterio is probably coming to the end.

5 dolph ziggler v chris jericho
I think Ziggs is ready for a main event stage, but I don't think he'll be propertly there at Mania. Put him with the returning Jericho (if he does come back) and it would be a dream match.

6 Triple H v Kevin Nash sledgehammer match
If this is going to happen, have it happen at Mania so Trips doesnt feel compelled to book himself with the top guys on the show. I love(d) Triple H, but come on man, time to move on. You may say "Why not Taker"? Well, this card doesnt feature taker. They don't need the streak to sell this event and I don't think he'll be back by Mania anyway.

7 Alberto Del Rio v Randy Orton
These two need to be on the card, and their not in mind for my title matches (due to over recent feuds with title bound guys)

8 cm punk v daniel bryan wwe title
Isn't Daniel Bryan on Smackdown? As if that mattered anymore. Have him do a Benoit and challenge punker to a proper wrestling match, appealing to the more competitive nature punk yearned for in his desire to change. a dream match that i want to see and would be worthy of the title. I just cant see dan bryan mixing well in a feud with top sd guys.

9 mark henry v sheamus world title
have sheamus win the rumble, it would go down well and he'd deserve it, and get pushed to that stage. Henry by now hasn't lost his belt and is a proper titan. the two meshed well at summerslam, and have unfinished business. build henry up to undefeatable and have sheamus topple him.

10 rock v cena - Past v Present
this is going to be huge. There is a shit load of criticism but lets see how it plays up. henry - sheamus before it will give the crowd a chance to warm up, because nothing else can main event after the atmosphere in this match.

Does anyone think its a good card, I think it's fecking awesome. Though I would love to pitch Wade Barrett in with hunter instead if hunter insists on wrestling.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I propose a Best Crusierweight in the World scramble match for the title to make a comeback. Cara and Rey represent Mexico, Kidd for Canada, Justin Gabriel for Africa, Yoshi for Japan, and Bourne for America. I think that could be amazing.

    Also it would feel awkward having a Mania without Taker.
    Updated 10-26-2011 at 09:22 AM by wrestlingfan66513
  2. B-ri's Avatar
    Yeah, Taker will ALWAYS be on the mania card till he retires, couple of interesting matches here. Not sure on the Foley one, it's been done a couple of times (Edge & Orton), don't think you need an 8-way tag match, would rather see a 2 on 2 tag match if WWE is rebuilding the tag team division the way they said they are then they need to get away from all this large tag team matches and just have 2 great teams go at it, possibly AirBoom and The Kings of Wrestling (if Chris Hero signs). Apart from that, nice blog man!
  3. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    thanks for the feedback fella's, I just don't get this whole can't have a mania without taker mantra, he is clearly bet up and its been done before (no taker for 10 and 2000)
    and the 8 man tag is cluttered and shit looking but i jhust cant see wwe leaving the likes of kane/show off the card and i dont think christian/swagger will get a fdorefront push

    @wweinmyblood good blog, pretty realistic
  4. Slivon's Avatar
    a good match is not judged by who is in the ring it is judge by how the people in the ring actually do
  5. sexyboy14's Avatar
    I really like this, and the way you've built up each match. A few concerns though (assuming you are WWE's head writer):
    1. How are you going to stretch out the HHH vs Nash feud for 5 more months?
    2. What is the Rhodes vs Foley feud motivated by?
    3. Same goes for Del Rio vs Orton and Ziggler vs Jericho?
    4. Who are your winners?

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