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Matches I expected to see by now AKA dream WrestleMania blog

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Hello folks, thought I'd give a little write up about some things I have always expected to see in big ppv's. Pretty much matches, some of which I have thought would have been perfect for an already legendary rivalry that would just be an extra thing to spoil us. Match types that I am surprised haven't been taken advantage of that I always thought that would have been epic.

Does anybody else think like me?

1) Fatal 4 Way .... Ironman Match

Basically a match that I have thought I would have seen a long time ago, in many different combinations and quite probably a likely WrestleMania main event for those golden days when the wwe roster was filled to the brim.

I would have creamed my pants at the announcement of Angle v Jericho v Benoit v HBK main eventing at a mania years ago, or even at ppv, but imo thanks to Hart v HBK years ago the Ironman match is made for WrestleMania. Most of all though, I would have seen it as a guaranteed way to get a young and athletic gifted athlete like Shelton Benjamin over, winning an Ironman match at Mania against 3 other, high calibre opponents, on paper it sounds like a no brainer to me. thoughts??

2) Dudley Boyz v Hardy Boyz v Edge & Christian - Hell In A Cell tag titles

One thing about HIAC matches, they have always used it for the main event feuds, and until a few years ago at least, reserved it for the most epic feuds of the time or a few that needed a bit of zip (I'm thinking triple h v nash). I can understand them never using it for these three teams, as back in the attitude era and for a while after it was strictly for the big men who they were clearly behind to trust to fit in with the gimmick match. But this three way rivalry is quite possibly the most main event tag feud of all time, constantly stealing the show with their table matches, ladder matches, cage matches, and of course, the TLC matches. I completely expected that there would be the three teams in Hell In A cell, and I don't dount they would have delivered. Back when crazy spots were the norm I have no doubt that Jeff Hardy would have been insanely reckless and steal the show as well. Again, this would have been made for WrestleMania if they had delayed the trigger for Edge's singles ascension back in 01.

3) Triple H v Stone Cold v The Rock

This match almost, almost happened, but got pulled after it was clear that Austin needed to recouperate away from the ring, thus giving rise to the whole who did it Austin hit and run angle.

Even after this though, instead of just some main event at a poorly promoted Survivor Series 1999, it would have been made for WrestleMania (like all the matches so far in this list lol). 2002 would have been the ideal time, if Austin had stayed heel (I always thought it was a shame for his heel run coinciding with the invasion, he had not had enough time to get over as a heel by himself, the alliance clusterfucked Austins heel run in a big way), Triple H had come back and feuded with Austin as a face, the bad blood between the two resurfacing after a brief alliance that ended with heel Austin saying he doesn't give a crap about haitch, and The Rock coming back and feuding with Austin over the crewing out of the title at the previous mania. Keep note of the presence of several major, very over with the crowd feuds in this one encounter: Rock v Austin, Rock v Triple H, Triple H v Austin. One of these feuds could always sell a PPV, 3 feuds in one match would have been historic.

4) Chris Jericho v Undertaker for the streak

This could still happen, but the ship has sailed in my opinion and I hope the powers that be agree. Undertaker cannot perform at the highest level anymore, but that's not a knock on the man, he's been around forever so he can't be blamed for his condition. This would have been great on so many occasions through the years, and if Jericho did actually end the streak, I'd have been all for it, especially during his first undisputed champion bragging era. Even in the last few years when he was the best in the world at what he does, but for that to happen HBK v Undertaker matches wouldn't have happened. Still though, a more than worthy mania opponent for Taker.

5) Shawn Michaels v The Rock

Once again, this could only have happened at WrestleMania. I'm sure they had a match back in 97 probably, but it would have been nothing compare to how it would have been several years later. The most electrifying man in sports entertainment v The showstoppa. I think it certainly would have been an electrifying showstealing match for sure. I can imagine the crowd reaction when the both are down on the ground and they hit that kip up move at the same time and face each other in amazement, as in this guy knows everything I do at the same time. Two of the very best sellers of all time, I would have looked forward to it massively.

6) Multiple man elimination match for a future world/wwe title match

I should rename this "dream wrestlemania blog" because I seem to really buy into the spectacle of WrestleMania and think all the best matches should be on it. This could still happen though I doubt it because the E doesn't seem to have that much vision. And here's why. I think WrestleMania should get all their most stellar performers and people they want to push on the Mania card. It's the one time of year that the stars they want to build their future around will definitely get to show their stuff. After the relegation of MITB, there are a lot of solid mid carders who are not taken into account (I know it's only been one year since MITB was removed, but here me out). I can imagine that a good chunk of stars are going to be shifted out of the mania card next year because of match card's being full, and some guys like Ziggler, barring a monumental push to main event level that is likely to not happen, will either be in pointless matches teaming against Snooki or criminally off the card altogether.

What I propose is this, a 6 or 8 man elimination match at Mania with something actually on the line, and as secondary titles aren't important anymore, it may as well be for number one contendership. It will be interesting to see who will receive a title shot. With Rock already taking up potential feuds for Cena, there's not much left for the mid card. Let's throw Barrett, Ziggler, Swagger, Rhodes, R Truth, Miz, Christian and someone WWE are high on into an elimination match. People who don't watch will find themselves rooting for someone. If it was first fall wins it would be a clusterfuck that would be hard to follow, if it's elimination the suspense is there in a royal rumble like sense. I know all the above names I've mentioned are heels, but are there any faces in WWE any more really? The point of this match is, it would be great because it would hit people in and make a number one contendership match relevant for once.

Does anybody share my views, think they're good idea's, have any thoughts on tweaking these?

Great surprises by the E:
Benoit and Jericho added to the TLC everpresents for TLC III for free on Smackdown.

3 stages of hell
They have always used this gimmick in a meaningful way, and when first announced it was a mindblowing idea and an excellent way to end the Austin - Triple H feud.

Kurt Angle v Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle v Shawn Michaels
They really did capitalise well on Kurt Angle when he was around in wwe, throwing him in dream matches with these two and also Benoit, though on a smaller stage than Mania.

Jericho and Benoit's nicely spread rivalry
It's true that this was easily done in the attitude era where both stars had other people to work with, but the feud with the two spanned over a year. Benoit debuted early 2000, and was wisely put at the forefront of the Radicalz upon arrival and into a triangle mania 2 fall match with Angle and Jericho (which was another great bit of booking). After this, Benoit and Jericho feuded into Backlash with Benoits IC title on the line, to a submission match rematch at Judgement Day, back against each other leading into a Summerslam 2 out of 3 falls match in a pure grudge match, and back to Royal Rumble 2001 in a classic ladder match match, to being involved together in a fatal four way a month later at No Way Out 2001 to blow off the feud for the ic belt. The two were brilliant in ring and in promo's, they portrayed the fact that they hated each other excellently. By the time Benoit turned face and him and Jericho started teaming together, the rivalry turned into an understanding. If you can't tell from the big paragraph, this was my favourite feud of the attitude era.

Th-Th-Thats all folks!

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  1. AJ1981's Avatar
    Only problem with HBK vs. The Rock, was that Rocky held a grudge against HBK for his conduct towards his grandfather on a card he promoted. Rocky always remembered and wanted no part of HBK during his run. Also Rocky felt the Kliq tried to bury him when he first arrived in the WWF
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    ah I have heard of them problems, shame though, wouldve been classic
  3. Gabriel_Blaze's Avatar
    They should of been Christian getting the singles run, and you would of get your wish because they would delays Christian run to 2005, because Vince hates on him xD. So Shelton would win the money in the bank, and it will be the Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin vs The Amercian Dragon Daniel Bryan for the World Title at this years Wrestlemania....A man can dream.....I from South Carolina so it would be great if Shelton joined Big show as world champions from my state

    Great Article
  4. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    Could they have Hell in the Cell at Mania???? most of the time they outdoors???
  5. knox's Avatar
    classic blog bro
  6. Sage's Avatar
    have they ever had a non singles ironman match?
  7. Lowki's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by HCollins-TNA1
    Could they have Hell in the Cell at Mania???? most of the time they outdoors???
    I'm sure they've only had like 3 outdoors?
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