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Top 5 Eddie Guerrero Singles Matches

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This list is honoring the Late Great Mexican Warrior, Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero. A few days ago it was Eddie Guerreros birthday and in a month it will be 6 years since his passing. So it was fitting to Honor him in this Blog of top 5.

On a personal note. 6 years ago on November 13th, I was out late meeting with decorators and caterers and setting up a ball room for my sons 1st Birthday which was the next day on the 14th. I stood in the Ballroom till 11pm to make sure everything was gonna be done correctly for my sons 1st birthday, Left at 11pm to go home in time before 12am to be the first one to tell him Happy Birthday..... So I told him Happy Birthday and he fell asleep. So I decided to check the internet wrestling news sites, I been so busy its been a few days since I read any of them, I usually check them multiple times per day and going a few days without checking them was just not normal. When I did at late hours of the night, I seen a picture of Eddie Guerrero and the caption read he was found dead. I was devastated to say the least....
There wasnt a day that went by that I didnt mention Eddie Guerrero or made a Eddie Guerrero joke or said one of his lines. I remember being so excited cause I heard Eddie Guerrero was gonna turn on Batista and get a 2nd WWE title regin, I couldnt wait for it. That Day never happened, Instead I read about him being found dead in his hotel room.

Watching Eddie Guerrero's DVD that WWE came out with before his death, Showed me How dedicated to Staying sober from his addictions he was. When Eddie said "When I seen a drink I think there is no way I can go my whole life without drinking, its too hard and I give up but when I take it one day at a time and I say to myself, I can go today with out a drink, If I do that everyday I will stay sober". That line showed me how dedicated to being sober he was, The expression on his face showed how painful these addictions were and how hard he was fighting them....Eddie was a Inspiration, I never had a addictionproblem but I admired him and his dedication to God and being a Christian. Being a Christian my self, I seen that has such a great thing to see a strong man of faith in the WWE who I admired in the ring and outside the ring. So this Artical is Dedicated to the performer and the man Eddie Guerrero.

The Count Down
I dont know much of his international matches, So Most his Black Tiger matches I cant rate.... This is Singles matches not Tag matches.

5. Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle Wrestlemania 20
This Edged out the ECW Dean Malenko matches Eddie had, Simply cause it was Wrestlemania and The Ending to this match was so unique and put over Eddie Guerreros character so well.... The match was dull at alot of points and flawed cause of Kurt Angles Poorly timed rest holds and the lenth he kept on very basic rest holds like a waist lock. Angle was also in his no selling mood and dominated the match more so then he should of.
The Ending was the best part of the match and all flaws aside it was a Great match and the reason its at Number 5.

4. Eddie Guerrero vs RVD IC Title match Raw
Everything bad that could happen to derail a match happened in this match, From fan run ins, RVD botches, This match should of been horrible. But Eddie Guerrero kept this match together nicely.A Great Ladder match, Very athlethic, showing the talents and ability of both men in this blow off match to RVDs and Eddie Guerreros feud.... This was a unique and intense Ladder match at the time and a great TV match.

3. Eddie Guerrero vs Edge No DQ SmackDown
Now we are getting to the good stuff. No one expected anything from this Blow off Smackdown match booked as just another match. As the Match went on These two men Blew everyone in the crowd and everyone watching TV Away.
Incredible Match, a Pure Classic... This is Edges best match and one of Eddies best. Hard Hitting, High Flying, Intense brawling and the right amount of high spots that transitions smoothly from one to another. Any fan of Edge or Eddie Guerrero must see this match, cause these men were at their best on this night and it showed in this Classic match.

2. Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar Now Way Out WWE Championship Match
This is the best Big man vs Little man match you will see, Eddie was a huge Underdog here and was dominated by the perfect monster Brock Lesnar who had it all, Amazing strength, Agility, Great mat Wrestling, Speed, Quickness and youth. but in this match Eddie Guerrero simply would not die, He could not be beat, they tiniest mistake Eddie took advantage of. The story of the match is when Brock Lesnar begged Eddie Guerrero and said "Just die Eddie, Just Die" Urging him to give up.... Incredible match with a great story and a emotional ending. One the finest matches you will ever see.

1. Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Halloween Havoc 1997
There was no other match that could be in this spot other than this match...
This is the Best WCW match Ever and the 2nd Best NWA/WCW match ever (Next to Flair vs Steamboat Clash of Champions 89)...
Nothing to say about this match that hasnt been said, Its a moving work of art and a Masterpiece.

I look foward to see your Eddie Guerrero matches in the comment section. matches 5 and 4 could be replaced, but the 3 matches in the top 3 are solid and I dont think anyone could disagree with them. These are some of the best matches you will see and Defined Eddie Guerreros career.

Honorable matches
vs Benoit at Vengance and Nitro
vs Rey Mysterio Smackdown for the WWE Championship
vs Edge vs Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle Smackdown #1 contenders match
vs John Cena Parking lot brawl
vs RVD Backlash
vs Dean Malenko ECW hostile city showdown/ 2/3 falls match
No Way Out 2001 fatal Four way match

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  1. AJ1981's Avatar
    Eddie's rolling neckbreaker on Benoit in the IC Fatal 4 Way at NWO 01 has to be seen to be believed, it's sick!
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    great blog. Eddie really was a nice welcome back in 2002 into wwe, he had a brand new start and the company getting behind him was a no brainer. true legend of the industry
  3. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    I like that you did this, everyone talks about how great Eddie's matches were, but no one ever tries to rank them, I agree with your rankings to an extent, and where I don't agree is having vs Rey be number one, but it is your list so I will leave it at that.
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PrimusSucks
    I like that you did this, everyone talks about how great Eddie's matches were, but no one ever tries to rank them, I agree with your rankings to an extent, and where I don't agree is having vs Rey be number one, but it is your list so I will leave it at that.
    What wou you rank number 1?.. I made this list to see how other people view his matches so i love to hear your list. Also to remember and diguess Eddie moments and matches.
  5. LMPunker's Avatar
    another great match eddie had was against the big show no mercy 2003 and its my opinion thats big shows best match and that is a sign of how good eddie was

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