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2004-2010 Best Gimmicks Part 1

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Hi I am Gabriel. I have been coming to this site for my wrestling news and decided to try my hand at one of these blogs. Why 2004-2010 simply that was my peak interest in WWE, but I love the WWF and WCW and ECW but my Dad has to remind of most of it. Enough about me lets get to it

Captain Charisma Christian- Man I love his stuff in 2004-2005. I am not ashamed to say I was a true "peep". His humor was kind of cocky but the chris Jerchio kind of cocky that most people like. Yes he was heel but it did not feel that way to me. His mini feud with Cena was interesting to say the least,and his Inforcer Tomko just completed his character. great gimmick,great wrestler should of equaled great title run. What up wit dat? Oh wait that was in TNA.

Side note: As you notice TNA does let wrestlers show there character, and true star power...There just not on TV

Jeff Hardy/Raven- Ok am I only one that thinks Raven and Jeff have very similiar gimmicks. Granted Raven is actually a great poet, but Jeff trys to be. The whole deeper than JR's appetite gimmicks work very well for both. Jeff Hardy with his daredevil gimmick and Raven with his whole Bible type things he does. The one word that describes them both perfectly is "controversial"

side note: Love the Interveiw Raven did about Jeff Hardy in TNA

Cm Punk (Straight Edge)- Ok alot of you guys like Cm Punk when he was in ROH, but ever since he said he did not drink,smoke, etc on one of the first episodes of the new ECW. Man I was hooked, but again by the videos I saw I was super late to the party. Cm Punk was the first ever Straight Edge world champion, and he even had an arch enemy in Jeff Hardy. Too bad Jeff had some demons at the time. If he wasn't the rivarly would of kept evovling into something epic.

Side Note: I like his voice of the voiceless gimmick too

Carlito(caribbean cool)- Man I love Carlitos gimmick. A little story. I love wrestling but after most of the Attiude Era stuff died down I took a break. Literally hearing about John Cena and Carlito brought me back, and other than recently I was pleased. "I spit in the face of people who are not cool" What a great line. His show was awesome too he was the first the new wave of international superstars, and he was entertaining on top of that. I will always have love for Carlito.

Side Note: MANNNN FIRREEEDDD..not cool!

That was my first blog...maybe that last if nobody likes it of course. By the way I enjoy reading everyones blog. All interesting, and gets me to thinking. Thanks for reading

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  1. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Man captain charisma christian was one of my favourite characters ever, I mainly actually watched so I could see what he'd do. This is why I am even loving his current "weasil" heel run, I FUCKING LOVE HIM BEING A HEEL
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I dont see how Raven and Hardy is any where near the similair let alone the same, Different styles and characters.

    Carlito was never more than a mid card character and he was subpar in the ring so I didnt rally see as much in him as you did but he did have a little appeal to him.
  3. Gabriel_Blaze's Avatar
    Carlito was a mid carder, yeah I have to admit that after his first run as US champ he did lose a little steam. To say that the GIMMICK was not a good idea I would have to say lighten up ....Hardy's gimmick in TNA was ripping Ravens stuff, but not not exactly the same . The Antichrist of pro wrestling...that screamed ECW Raven I mean damn...and the deep poetry...well attempted deep poetry. WWE Jeff was his own man but they still gave off similiar vibes. Just a observation

    Thank you for your comment and opinion and I can not wait for your next blog
  4. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog man I am also a fan of Carlito and his Cabana. One thing though he portrayed a very poor attitude towards the business and that was why he was fired now that's not cool. I also agree while he was a great mid-card I didn't see him as world champion but with the advent of MITB you never know.

    CM Punk Straight Edge Society is what made me a fan of his. I also agree that Jeff vs Punk could have been totally amazing if Jeff didn't leave.

    Some other cool gimmicks I loved in that period was Orton's Legend Killer gimmick, Jericho's 2nd coming code breaker gimmick, MNM paparazzi gimick, JBL's cabinet gimmick, etc.

    Until next time mate
  5. Parallax's Avatar
    I didn't get the whole Carlito thing. Sorry, but it was nothing more than a badly done Razor Ramon copycat gimmick. With an apple.
  6. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    was a big fan of carlito as well back in the day, just for his first year or so. Legend killer was brilliant, and the whole of evolution for that matter. i also liked robert roode's moneybags gimmick, thats when i started thinking he was triple h of tna
  7. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Just a quick note, CM Punk's Straight Edge is NOT a gimmick! It's his genuine way of life! Phil Brooks being Straight Edge, came before CM Punk!!
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