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BFG predictions thoughts and hopes

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Ok well I,m away and have no internet connection so I can't post this on Saturday like I,m doing for all tna and wwe ppvs now but today will do. So This is my first of a series of blogs as I said I will post for both TNA and WWE. I will put Each match highlighted in bold then say my thoughts hopes and predictions,ok so lets start
Knockouts championship match winter vs mickie james vs madison rayne vs velvet sky -
predictionwell maybe winter cus theres been alot of title changes but I could see them giving velvet her big moment
Thoughts There's some bulid up here as we go all the way back to angelina who will be with winter betraying velvet or winter's ongoing fued with mickie or velvets beef with karen jarret who madison is sucking up too
hopesWinter but wouldnt mind velvet winnig either
X division championship kendrick vs aries
prediction Aries for the win he is the credible champ he should be giving a good run but some where along the line I say kendrick getting buried and shelly kash and Sorensen becoming the main challengers with aries maybe kendrick will get a tag run
Thoughts A good fued so far that has involved shelly, Sorensen and kash getting involved at points but only shelly getting in on a ppv match
Hopes I hope for a fast pace x division match up which I,m sure these guys can give us
Tag titles Mexican america vs Inc Inc
predictions Inc Inc all the way they were gonna get the titles before both of them got injurys at separate times
Thoughtsgood bulid up and it seem's like they would win seeing as that new chick debuted and she will probz take care of the chikita's
hopeswell 1. that hernadez dosent botch so much and also that whatever his name is actuly gives a ok preformince he just needs to stick to basic's and take the moves right I also hope for the new girl to beat some hot spicy mexacan latina ass
I quit match
PredictionsMy brain says daniels my heart say AJ, AJ would be good to win and would push him to main event but I don't think this storyline is over just yet
Thoughtsdaniles turning heel the time he did was a good choice it is a rivalry that makes sense I havent paid to much attention due to missing a few shows due to faulty recording's and such but are they playing the jeluousy angle with daniels again
hopesdon't get to violent to fast get some good ol wrestling going hen maybe a chair and go from there then I expect some good extreme stuff with in the end some one quitting while in a submission hold,don't exepect to many weapons cus full metal mayhem is next
RVD vs Jerry LYNN Full metal Mayhem
predictionsRVD to hit jerry with frog splash off ladder
Thoughts havent paid attention to this story a bit boring but match's are good
hopesA good extreme match with no shitty shinagans
anderson vs bully ray street fight
Predictionanderson to win looks like immortal is going down
thoughtsIt's been buliding for a while now and these guys should beat the hell out of each other
hopesFor this to go all round the building and hell even as the title says in the street
Sting Vs hogan
predictionSting wins after immortal getting involved then the locker room coming down thendixie gets the company back and hogan turns face
ThoughtsI just want this bull shit Immortal storyline to end
hopesFor it not too be too shit or too long
Roode vs angle world title
predictionroode to win
thoughtsa good bulid and I don't think kurt losing now will be such a bad thing roode has been building too win the title in my option since team canada ended beer money was the only thing stopping him
hopes well for a good technical match and it being these two I think we will get that also since Immortal will get involved in sting vs hogan hopefully a clean match
Ok almost the end just My final points
best matchRoode vs angle aj vs Daniels a close second
worst match aint it obvious hogan vs sting
funniest momenta eric young segment
worst momentthe moment we say hogan's flabby and wrinkled body
sexiest momentvelvet between the ropes duh
bloodiesteither Daniels busted open with his bald head or anderson
ending roode celebrating winning the title locker room comes out he hugs fourtune and dixie he takes mic says it's the best moment of his life and he's gonna be a a fighting champion give mic to dixie she says were back baby ends with a good ol

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    Good review I am just hoping Roode wins. Storm is not on the card I fear he will get involve in the match somehow. I don't care about the Sting vs Hogan all I want is the result for some strange reason. Aj vs the fallen Angel should be good as well as the AA vs Kendrick match.
  2. lewism173's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by steveorton
    Good review I am just hoping Roode wins. Storm is not on the card I fear he will get involve in the match somehow. I don't care about the Sting vs Hogan all I want is the result for some strange reason. Aj vs the fallen Angel should be good as well as the AA vs Kendrick match.
    yeah thanks for the review man as you said we got each others backs as the I guess new guys here I also feel the same way about hogan sting but u got me worried about a storm heel turn or something I also see bfg as a huge contrast to mania as the wwe title main event me and alot of people wanted miz too win and liked him but hated cena but for the the roode angle match alot of us here on the site think angle is great but I havent seen one person routing for him sunday
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    hmm gud blog..the card is also very good esp betterthan the previous Wrestlemania...

    I wud lluk forward for 3 matches...

    1. Roode vs Angle (obvious everyone is looking for it) and I want Roode to win and he go on for a gud feud with Angle...

    2. AJ (My fav and ppl's champ in my buk) vs Fallen Angel..both can put up a gr8 match..

    3. Brian Kendrick Vs AA..(both r my favos..n I don mind who ever wins..but, I don want Brian to get burried he's awesome)..

    This BFG is a very well built PPV..for a change after a long time..all matches r gr8 except Sting vs Hogan..( I got a feeling like they want to finish off hogan with this match)...

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