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Rick Starr

The story of JoMo: Should He Stay or Should He GO?

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Hi Splashers, let’s get splashin!

Over the past few blogs or so, I have quickly mentioned John Morrison's rapidly declining career in the WWE. I thought now would be a good time to do a whole blog on him. Let’s take a look back at the man called “JoMo”.

John Morrison had bad luck at the beginning of the WWE. Even though he won the Tough Enough Series to earn him a WWE career, John Hennigan (Morrison) had more names the first few months, than John Cena’s had T-Shirts. He debuted in 2004, as Eric Bischoff’s apprentice and went from” Johnny Blaze” to “Johnny Spade”, and finally landed the name Johnny Nitro. Unfortunately, he was not ready for TV just yet, and he was forced loose to Eugene, causing him “his job”. He was sent back to Ohio Valley Wrestling for more developmental wrestling.

While John Morrison was finally recognized as "Johnny Nitro", his first big break in the business was joining "MNM”. MNM was a trio that consisted of a tag team (Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury) and their “manager” (Melina). This where many believe that’s where his problems started in the first place, as Melina and Morrison(Nitro) were seeing each other for quite some time. We’ll get back to her and that situation shortly. MNM was successful as a group before entering WWE television. They worked in Ohio Valley Wrestling, until they debuted on WWE’s SmackDown in April 2005. Morrison and his partner Joey Mercury won three WWE Tag-Team title reigns, and finally the three split up. Morrison (Nitro) and Melina turned on Mercury, and ultimately left for greener pastures in the form of Monday Night Raw.

Morrison’s career was still on the up and up at this time. During the next year and a half, he would win the Intercontinental Championship Title twice, and then in June 2007 he would be drafted to ECW. Surprisingly this would turn out to be the second big break for Morrison, as he captured his first world title: the vacant ECW Title. If many of you remember, Morrison was the fill-in spot for Chris Benoit in the tourney finals. Many believe that Chris Benoit was just one win away from becoming ECW Champion. I know that this is a hard thing to say, but at the end of the day Morrison benefited from what happened to Benoit.

Several weeks after winning the ECW Title he changed his name once again, to the name we all know now: John Morrison. However Morrison’s title reign was short-lived as he dropped the title to CM-Punk, and was suspended for 30 days due to not passing the wellness policies. When Morrison returned, he eventually teamed up with The Miz, which was yet another big break for Morrison. The two appeared to have natural chemistry both in and out of the ring. On top of winning several tag-team titles and Slammy awards, the two had a streaming segment online called: “The Dirt Sheets”. This comical video blog contained the two mocking other wrestlers, and the name “Dirt Sheets” obviously mocked news wrestling sites. Miz and Morrison finally split up during the 2009 WWE Draft, after they lost their Tag-Team Title unification match at WrestleMania 25 (Sorry I hate roman numerals).

Morrison returned to Smackdown, and things appeared to quiet down a bit. Although he did win his third I.C. Title, and defend it for several months, he was unable to defeat Jeff Hardy for the World Title. He also teamed up with his friend R-Truth and went after the Unified Tag Titles, but again was unable to win the belts.

Then in 2010 things looked as if things started to look up again for Morrison….started to. Morrison was in several high profile matches including the 2010 King of the Ring tournament. He defeated Cody Rhodes, current WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, and Tyson Kidd. However the three matches took their toll, and Sheamus got the win in the last match. This past January he had his first WWE title shot against his former friend at Dirt Sheet Partner: The Miz. This was a great falls count anywhere, and there were several spots that I thought they were going to give it to Morrison. It is this very match that I think that is the pinnacle of Morrison’s career, in the WWE. True he has captured other WWE titles, and they are major highlights in his career. But this match was the closest he has ever come to winning the WWE Title, and this is where his career starts to slide down.

Now back to Melina. Melina was wrestling separately as a diva, and has had some success. Morrison and Melina reportedly dated behind the scenes, however come WrestleMania, problems were already brewing between the two lovers. Twitter and other sources claimed that Morrison dumped Melina earlier in the year. Melina was also turning heel in the WWE, so it’s believed that the breakup messages were false messages to the media. The one significant problem that I know about is the WrestleMania 27 match, where Melina wanted in the mixed tag match with Morrison, and Jersey Shore’s :“Snooki”. However the WWE was bringing back several of the Attitude Era Superstars. One of them was Former Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus. Management decided to go with Stratus as the better pick over Melina. And considering Melina was a “heel” The WWE would not have picked Melina anyway, as it would not have fit the match. Both her and Morrison were more than upset about the situation. Melina even went as far as accusing Stratus “taking her spot” during an interview. Things did not get any better, as Morrison was visibly disconnected from Trish Stratus during their WrestleMania Match. Apparently at the end it was written in where Morrison and Stratus would do a victory kiss on the cheek, but reports say Morrison was against it. In the end, Stratus Hugged Morrison, and he literally turned his head as far away as possible.

This lack of respect for Trish Stratus, WrestleMania, and WWE Management put both Morrison and Melina in a lot of heat with several people within the WWE according to website’s reports. Morrison was out on some Injuries, has yet to make a strong impact since his return.

He also broke up with Melina earlier this past year, but the damage was long past done, as both he and Melina had also been known to post inappropriate tweets over twitter over other issues. Morrison might have broken away too late.

Over the summer Morrison has been beaten by just about everyone in the WWE Roster. He won his first return match against R-Truth, but Truth eventually got the better of him and won the feud. He was in a few random tag-team matches where he won a few tag matches. Yet the matches he won, he wasn’t the guy making the cover, and the tag match he lost, he was the guy getting pinned! I know it seems nit-picking , but that's the ultimate pattern Morrison’s been on.

Over the past few weeks Morrison has yet to win a match, and this past week he got his ass handed to him by WWE’s new group (which they STILL have no name). To make matters worse there is even rumblings that his WWE career could be over, as his contract is expiring, and even EWN is strongly indicating that Morrison might not be resigning with the company. However The WWE did just recently release a new John Morrison T-Shirt. Is the WWE just looking for a few extra bucks before they cut Morrison loose, or am I looking at this all wrong?

Didn’t this happen before just recently with C.M. Punk? While Punk’s career didn’t bottom out, some would have suggested his career was going a bit south after he took on the New Nexus. Sure at first the role seemed to be a good move, he just appeared to be more of a baby-sitter, rather than a leader of a reformed gang (which was quickly falling apart). Then it was Punk’s career that was in serious trouble, and many beloved he was on his was out, until he started dropping his notorious “pipe bombs”. This caused his career to do a 180 flip and skyrocket to the top of the roster. Can

Morrison make a similar comeback before it’s too late?

Morrison’s ring skills are no doubt one of the very best. If you watched matches like Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, you will know that Morrison has done things in those matches that no one, has done before! It is believed that the two have broken up, and WrestleMania has been gone for 7 months. His mic skills are not epic, but they’re not terrible either. So it comes down to one question: Should he stay or should he go?

That’s it for this edition Splashers. Please feel free to comment on this blog. Until next time….See you when I see you! -Rick Starr

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  1. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    I see E cutting JoMo loose.
  2. Chaston80's Avatar
    I respect the man's athleticsm, I really do...he has done things I never have seen anyone do. However, athelticsm doesnt always allow for a great star or even a main event status. John Morrison's heart has never been apparent to me in his matches. Just cause he is capable doesnt make him worthy for anything. I think Morrison should go and take some time away and maybe he could come back and perform from a stand point where you can tell its not just an impressive athletic man having a great match cause he simply can; but a person who truly enjoys what he is doing in the ring and also has the maturity to go with it.
    Updated 10-14-2011 at 08:22 PM by Chaston80 (mis-spelling)
  3. Parallax's Avatar
    I left a comment on knox's blog about Morrison. There's nothing more I can add to that comment.

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