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The E report

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So I have been in this forum for a while now I normally post comments and read blogs (must shout out some great bloggers Knox, The Crippler, Rick Starr I know I have forgotten some but will give them a shout out next time). I have decided to write a blog and see if I garner any feedback. It's my first blog and I am going to talk about some of the things that have been going on in the WWE.

Mark Henry vs Big Show:
I hope that the WWE doesn't give the win to Show at Vengeance this would destroy Mark's best and fantastic run as the dominant heel. I never liked Henry but in the couple of months I have really enjoyed his character and the Hall of pain gimmick is a nice touch. I don't believe it will hurt Big Show if he looses and would strengthen Mark as credible heel champion (I can't remember the last time their was a credible heel champion willing to take on wrestlers). I believe that Mark should have a lengthy reign as champion.

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara:
I liked Cara when he now debuted I knew he botched alot but I didn't care I really liked the new moves and I thought he would improve. Boy was I wrong I don't have much confidence in him anymore and he still botches alot. The 2 Caras is an interesting stotyline if promoted correctly but as we know this is not the case and that match at HIAC was average but the crowd was so detached. If you don't win the crowd then pack your bags and go home.

Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton:
I hope this match happens at Vengeance both are extremely good athletes and they could steal the show imo. Cody has really evolved and is doing what he says bringing back prestige to the IC title i just hope he goes over if they face out at Vengeance. Orton being out of the World title pic can give others a chance to shine and his feud with Rhodes will keep both guys relevant. Cody is a future world champion if you disagree please give reasons below in the comment section would love to see your point of view.

ADR as WWE champion:
I know I might get heat for this but I think he doesn't deserve the honor there are better guys Dolph Ziggler who are better suited to hold that championship at present. ADR has been in WWE about 1 year and is already champion i just don't get it.

Well folks that's it for The E Report I hope you enjoyed it. Thoughts, suggestions and comments are welcomed

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Next Big Thing
    haha, mr rko, your high-larious, you should take a patent out, seriously. Its clear though your mostly enraged that said blogger's name is a play on Randy Orton as well.

    As for what his blog is about, Mr Orton, excellent job. Though I do have a man crush on Big Show, I'm really digging the Henry character right now, the only problem I see is who do they have him drop the title to? Sheamus is quite a possibility, but if he does keep it til mania it would be retarded to have Dan Bryan beat him.

    Again, I agree with the Cara's, its just not happening. I think they should play it out for another month then turn them into a tag team if they are really interested in re-energising the tag divsion, because one things for certain, they would make a recognisable tag team.

    I tend to try and disagree with views of the likes of Orton burying wrestlers on the internet, but its hard to argue that he doesn't after seeing the way his feuds generally fall down the ladder. I didnt see the hype with Rhodes for a while but I think they have a real diamond now, and hes ready to step up to the plate.

    I think Del Rio's promo's are incredibly boring (as in always the same), if he didn't have such a great gimmick I don't know what he'd be at. He really would be lost without Ricardo Rodriguez I think, he really carries him gimmick wise. I think he's a great performer, I like the way the armbar is such a relevant move again, but his persona and success has just been handed to him like a gift. Proof that politics really do work.

    As for Ziggler, he has been oozing charisma lately and I hope he doesn't get lost in the shuffle ie. I dont see them keeping him and Swagger seperate in storylines for a while, and as much as I like Swagger and enjoy them as a tandem unit, I can just see The E © letting him go his own way. I think he'd be great feuding with Orton.

    Very good first blog, lots of dead on points that everyone seems to wholeheartedly agree with, myself included
    @el gabo, @ thetheme, @lewism173, @toobeastly33 and @ The Next Best Thing Thanks very much for the comments. I enjoyed writing the blog but I enjoy it more when reading your guys comments and seeing how other wrestling fans perceive the situation. Much appreciated bros
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