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The E report

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So I have been in this forum for a while now I normally post comments and read blogs (must shout out some great bloggers Knox, The Crippler, Rick Starr I know I have forgotten some but will give them a shout out next time). I have decided to write a blog and see if I garner any feedback. It's my first blog and I am going to talk about some of the things that have been going on in the WWE.

Mark Henry vs Big Show:
I hope that the WWE doesn't give the win to Show at Vengeance this would destroy Mark's best and fantastic run as the dominant heel. I never liked Henry but in the couple of months I have really enjoyed his character and the Hall of pain gimmick is a nice touch. I don't believe it will hurt Big Show if he looses and would strengthen Mark as credible heel champion (I can't remember the last time their was a credible heel champion willing to take on wrestlers). I believe that Mark should have a lengthy reign as champion.

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara:
I liked Cara when he now debuted I knew he botched alot but I didn't care I really liked the new moves and I thought he would improve. Boy was I wrong I don't have much confidence in him anymore and he still botches alot. The 2 Caras is an interesting stotyline if promoted correctly but as we know this is not the case and that match at HIAC was average but the crowd was so detached. If you don't win the crowd then pack your bags and go home.

Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton:
I hope this match happens at Vengeance both are extremely good athletes and they could steal the show imo. Cody has really evolved and is doing what he says bringing back prestige to the IC title i just hope he goes over if they face out at Vengeance. Orton being out of the World title pic can give others a chance to shine and his feud with Rhodes will keep both guys relevant. Cody is a future world champion if you disagree please give reasons below in the comment section would love to see your point of view.

ADR as WWE champion:
I know I might get heat for this but I think he doesn't deserve the honor there are better guys Dolph Ziggler who are better suited to hold that championship at present. ADR has been in WWE about 1 year and is already champion i just don't get it.

Well folks that's it for The E Report I hope you enjoyed it. Thoughts, suggestions and comments are welcomed

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  1. jonsimpson93's Avatar
    Correction, why is del rio a 2-time wwe champ? The guy is just average at best and has been taking title shots away from people that deserve them like miz, and Rhodes.
  2. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    So, you use an close resemblance of my blogs, "STATE OF THE 'E" and you don't even give me credit? If you're going to steal a portion of my blogs name, you could at least remember the originator. Thanks!
  3. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Decent first blog, first one is always the nervous one, you'll be great in no time. I started blogging recently, won't be long before I'm getting shout-outs
    Quote Originally Posted by Rated_R(ob)KO
    So, you use a close resemblance of my blog, "STATE OF THE 'E" and you don't even give me credit? If you're going to steal a portion of my blog's name, you could at least remember the originator. Thanks!
    Speaking of STATE OF THE 'E, when will parts 3 to 6 of Dissecting the FCW talent be hitting our screens? No doubt you're busy but it's been a while!
  4. lewism173's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rated_R(ob)KO
    So, you use an close resemblance of my blogs, "STATE OF THE 'E" and you don't even give me credit? If you're going to steal a portion of my blogs name, you could at least remember the originator. Thanks!
    LOL he used a blog title slightly like urs and you want credit it's a title not like he copyed ur blog and claimed fact is THE E is a name alot of people use for the WWe so really he did nothing....nothing wrong
  5. knox's Avatar
    Welcome to the world of blogging Steveorton and thanks a million for the shout out, I appreciate that man. Great first blog, short and sweet.

    1. You are completely right about Mark Henry. The last time we seen a dominant heel champ willing to fight was Sheamus and that worked to perfection until the WWE let Triple H pretty much destroy him. Henry has good energy behind him right now and his new gimmick. Personally I'm a huge Big Show mark, I love the guy. Just seeing these two men in a PPV match for the World Title is something I never thought I'd see. Especially not seeing Orton involved.

    The Big Show however had his time at the top. He's a multiple time WCW Champ and he won the WWE Title once. He's mainevented Wrestlemani and enjoyed some of the best feuds with the greats of this business like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, John Cena, Edge, The Undertaker and the list goes on. I think Mark Henry deserves to have his dominant opportunity so I'm hoping he goes over against The Big Show.

    2. I completely feel the Sin Cara phase has gone sour. I think its over and it can't get better so once again I agree with you. Mistico botches alot because he's so used to the Mexico style of wrestling. The WWE made the bonehead move to bypass sending him to FCW and threw him straight to the wolves by sending him to Smackdown.

    Not too many wrestlers are familiar with the Mexican style of wrestling. Notice how his matches against Daniel Bryan and Chavo Guererro were botch free. That's because those guys wrestled all around the world and especially Bryan. They know how to wrestle Mistico's pace. But guys like Heath Slater and such can't keep up with Mistico.

    The only other guy is Rey Mysterio but sadly he'll be out for a while!!!!!!!

    3. You are spot on about Cody & Randy Orton. These two have an opportunity to pull off the greatest 2nd generation feud ever. Cody Rhodes is nothing but a young Randy Orton but with a whole different gimmick. The young, cocky, brash heel with all the confidence and ability to suceed.

    They already brought back the white classic belt. Now imagine Orton challenging Rhodes for that belt. The prestige in that belt would be equivalent to the WWE Championship and I truly believe that. Cody definitely is a future World CHamp. Only figure missing in this feud in Ted Dibiase but for some reason the WWE isn't too interested in doing much with him.

    4. Its amazing how eye to eye we see lol. I hate Alberto Del Rio. His promos are so scripted, I see no naturalness in his promos. He doesn't convince me at all. When I look at him I see a much more boring version of Ted Dibiase Sr.

    You damn right Dolph Ziggler is much more ready for stardom. Dolph to me is everything a heel should be. His promo game is getting to sick that Vickie barely talks as much. He's ready.

    Thanks for the blog man and keep em' coming bro.
  6. Gabriel_Blaze's Avatar
    Great Article Man

    Hi Im Gabriel
    (The Dolph Ziggler of this site)
  7. Brewer 314's Avatar
    For real.........You're not Rob.

    Get your own bravado.....

    It's 'WWE'
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