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John Morrison: WWE, TNA or Neither?

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Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well folks. I'm blogging on John Morrison today. There's been talks that either he or the WWE aren't interested in renegotiating a new contract. I gotta give my take on this.

Personally, I am Morrison's biggest fan but his biggest critic at the same time. I want this damn guy to do good. Since when have you seen someone that's as talented as he is in the ring? He's not even human.

So basically I'm going to blog out of order about some of the positives and negatives about Morrison as well as where he might end up and who it benefits.

John Morrison Tweets:

He's already in bad blood with the WWE. His negative tweets do nothing to help this. He looks like a punk when he tweets all his little punk ass issues but never addresses them man up without being behind his cell phone or laptop.

Vince already has issues in treating Morrison like a man because of his issues with the Batista situation. He has to stand up and address his issues like a man. This will get him far.


This by far is his worst issue. She is the biggest thorn in his side at the moment. Personally, I don't think Melina should've gotten released in the first place but she did. In ring wise she was amazing but behind the scenes she wasn't.

Point blank, she's not with the company. Her remarks as of late are killing Jomo right now. Morrison needs to force her to delete her twitter because she's not helping this situation.

Shawn Michaels comparison:

Top notch similarities & differences between these two.

1. Very similar look, both had the sexy boy gimmick, Jomo still does
2. Amazing in ring and move sets
3. Both had female managers at one point (Sensational Sherry & Melina)

1. Morrison is injury prone. HBK had his back injury but Morrison is pretty much hurt alot.
2. HBK had the full and utter respect and trust from Vince. Vince looked at Shawn Michaels as a real man.
Jomo does not have that respect from Vince or anyone in the locker room but who knows.
3. HBK played HUGE backstage politics. He deserved his push but he made sure he got it with his politics.
Morrison does not politic as much as he should. He tweets.
4. HBK had MIC SKILLS. He knew the art of cutting a promo.

Shawn Michaels vs John Morrison?

Can we see this happen? Isn't this what the people want? I know HBK said he won't wrestle another match but I'm sure the right dollar amount would change that? Just one more match right?

This is where the WWE screwed up. This is something that would've drawn. Jomo is the guy they call the next HBK. Make this feud happen.

Have Jomo do a temporary heel turn and call HBK out for a month until he responds. Jomo challenges him to find out if he can beat his comparison. Just like when HBK called out Hulk Hogan and faced him at Summerslam 2005.

They set the match up for a Wrestlemania and there you go. These two would tear the house down in a 30 minute match and it would do wonders for Morrison's career. End it with a handshake. Turn Morrison face again and now he's main event status.

I know these two battled one on one plently of times when John Morrison & The Miz was feuding with D-Generation X. Try to erase that and not bring it up (sort of how they didn't bring up the fact that Triple H & The Undertaker battled at Wrestlemania 17).

Why WWE should resign John Morrison?

He's a talented piece of work. He has so many different styles. He's a technician, a luchador, a high flyers and an overall amazing talent. Guy's like Morrison and Evan Bourne need their spot because they are the ones that provide those unforgettable moments that leave fans entertained.

What the WWE are doing wrong?

They are booking him as a jobber/top midcarder at the same time. He's the guy that never wins a match but seems to always have a PPV match slot or a match with a top guy.

He's faced Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio and jobbed to all three. Yet, he's still on every PPV card for the most part so its like what are they trying to prove? Pick one.

He needs a couple solid wins against guys like Tyson Kid, Jack Swagger and David Otunga. But he can't be jobbing. It does nothing for his character.

Character Change?

Keep the music, his music is awesome.

LOSE THE COAT. He doesn't need the coat. It makes him look even more feminine. See at least HBK was viewed as a real man when he was that Sexy Boy in 95'. He was booked in the greatest matches like the two ladder matches with Razor Ramon. He was booked to look good.

LOSE THE SLOW MOTION THING. This is also feminine. It makes him look like a punk magazine model at a photoshoot on the beach with his hair all waving and crap.

KEEP HIM FACE. People seem to thing changing someone to a face or heel solves the problem. Keep him as a face but just spice up his character. Give him those high profile matches that he deserves. Those high profile matches that HBK was handed back in his early days.

Give Morrison that huge feud with The Miz, R-Truth, or Alberto Del Rio. Let him perform on that stage in nice lengthy matches. It doesn't need to be the mainevent because Morrison has enough skill to be a filler or an opener that just fires the crowd up with his amazing moves.

Is TNA the answer for Jomo?

If Jomo is cut then by all means go to TNA. But if he has the opportunity to stay, STAY WITH THE WWE.

In TNA he would be thrown in the back of the line behind the likes of Sting, Kurt Angle & Ric Flair. TNA isn't looking to put young guys in the main event picture.

Jomo would have a similar role as someone like Alex Shelley or Brian Kendrick. Yeah, they get television time but only to give the fans a solid match. They're not going to ever be TNA World Champ?

Jomo would be wasting his time like the other ex-WWE guys like RVD, Pope, Ken Anderson and the others. They start you off with a huge push and then toss you to the back burner.


This guy belong in the WWE. He fits the direction of the company. In TNA he would probably be given the opportunity to wrestle longer X-Division style matches but it wouldn't translate to a huge singles push for Jomo.

The WWE's direction are the young guys. Guys like Jack Swagger, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Alex Riley, David Otunga and Dolph Ziggler are the future. Lets not forget Dibiase and the others. Jomo fits into that group of individuals.

He just needs to partially drop the sexy boy gimmick but not completely. HBK remained the Sexy Boy and kept the same Sexy Boy theme his whole career but he wasn't put in angles involving that gimmick. He was booked as a top guy that knew how to kick ass.

Book Jomo the same. He can still be that pretty boy but without the coat and slow motion entrance and more of a ruthless style so he can be taken serious by the fans.

Jomo's career can go two directions. He can either be the next HBK or the next Rick Martel. Martel's gimmick was too deep into the sexy boy gimmick so he never progressed.


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  1. Amerinaine's Avatar
    I've been a JoMo fan since he debuted as Assistant to Eric Bischoff. To see him drop off this far since ECW left is kind of sad. I'm also a Melina fan, but she has done a lot to trash his career at this point. Telling her to SHUT UP would cure a lot of his problems. Not all but a lot. (Being transplanted to Joplin, MO. the JoMo nickname is kind of Ironic and funny.)
  2. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Didn't this all start at WrestleMania? JoMo said Trish was taking Melina's spot, which Vince didn't like. Something like that, I don't know the full facts.
    What I do know is that he is an incredible talent being wasted. His Starship Pain move looks great, although he seems to miss every time, probably a safety thing set by the WWE. I love watching him do his parkour stuff.
    I do have an odd feeling that he won't be resigned, though. It sucks so bad.
  3. knox's Avatar
    @Amerinaine - I remember that too. Hell, we all remember him from Tough Enough. Everyone knows John Morrison has that Bad Boy tough guy gimmick. He's far from a pussy but guys like Vince don't see that. Just because Morrison has his little ways that turn off WWE Executives. I'm sure Jomo can kick the average guy's ass.

    @CM_SUXX_NOT - Yeah that was a factor. He was a hot topic I mean he still had the match at Wrestlemania so that meant something big as Wrestlemania slots are hard to come by.

    He was involved in the Main Event picture. He was in a brief feud with the Miz while he was WWE Champ. When Truth turned heel by attacking Jomo he was also in the Main Event after he took Truth's title match.

    Jomo was a guy onhis way and then he had to get nexk surgery. When he returned, he lost hi first 3 or so matches and eventually was buried deeper and deeper into a jobber. I don't understand how this happened. Before the injury, he was being booked as a huge guy
  4. mika009's Avatar
    I hope they get rid of him and I never see him again. Can't stand him. Everyone thinks he's great because he adds a corkscrew to every move he does which makes it look impressive, but because of that he botches a lot stuff. Plus he's willing to jepordize a great job with WWE for a woman who has cheated on him and from what I've read is a real b---h. Hope he corkscrews his ass out of there.
  5. Theicon's Avatar
    Good blog but how do you know he wouldnt be champ in TNA. They made Mr Anderson champ after he was treated like crap by Vince
  6. Parallax's Avatar

    Morrison is the next HBK? HBK had more talent back in his AWA days that Morrison has now. The Next HBK? Hell no.

    I've said this a hundred times, and I'll say it again. He's NOT the next HBK. He's the next Jeff Hardy. He can't talk. He can't storytell in the ring. He has zero grasp on the concept of ring psychology. All he does is flip around. THAT'S IT. Is he a great athlete? Absolutely. Is he a great wrestler? Not in the least.

    Both WWE and TNA have been burned by pushing Hardy. There is no way in hell either company would push a guy that's just like him at this point. He lacks very little talent, and has a ton baggage.

    But instead of drugs like Hardy, Morrison's baggage is his absolute shit attitude, his dumbass girlfriend with the career killing vagina, and his complete lack of ANY respect for the business he is in and the people he works with.

    He's ALWAYS got heat on him. He can't stop running his mouth online. He can't stop letting his girlfriend punk him out whenever she wants some "strange". He looks more and more like a monstrous pussy in the locker room with each passing day.

    John Morrison is the next Shawn Michaels? MY ass. He's not even a very good John Morrison.

    WWE should drop him, TNA shouldn't waste any time on him, and he should go be a chiropractor or something. His career really should be done. He's nothing more than a fancy jobber at best. Future endeavor this idiot.

    That being said, good blog. I think any blog that gets me to comment is deserving of praise. Keep it up my friend.
  7. goldie's Avatar
    I am a big Morrison fan, have been from the start. Once again I feel he was not used properly. I really thought he was best used as Miz's partner. John has the in ring moves but zero mic skills. Thats where Miz is at his best. I would have liked to see Miz and Morrison reunite along with Melina and fill the outsiders role that is currently Miz and Truth's.
    The hand writing is on the wall.....he's gone from WWE.
    TNA would do well to pick up him and Melina.
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