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Could it get much worse?

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After months of watching the WWE with hope that it would get better; after months of defending the WWE against an infinite number of haters; after months of picking and highlighting the good things the WWE has been doing, I may be coming to terms with the fact that the WWE really is quite bad.

8 days ago I witnessed live on my TV what I thought would be a huge turning point for the WWE, what was known as 'The Walkout'. Last night my perspective changed. They absolutely blew it. If they do the usual 4 scripts or however many drafts creative writes, they surely picked the worst of the lot. Or maybe that really was the best they could come up with.

WWE in recent times has been watered down to a level where things recently have begun to feel edgy again. Punk's shoot, private matters seemingly being done publicly, Laurinaitis becoming an on-screen character, and the angle with Truth and Miz. And finally, the walkout last week.

Instead, Vince comes back, 'spoiled by Alberto Del Rio', strips Trips of the COO position and appoints (we all saw it coming) Mr Future Endeavours himself.

I bet on paper it looked great, because I'm typing what happened and thinking, 'Yeah actually that sounds good.' But it wasn't. Vince put the writers in PPV mindset. 3 pay-per-views in 5 weeks?? Who thought that was a good idea??? Except for the main event I thought HIAC could have been a lot better, and maybe it would have been with a longer build-up.

So HIAC was 9 days ago, and the walkout angle has already finished because now they have 2 weeks to build up Vengeance. Everything felt so rushed! The angle had a horrible amount of loopholes in it too; for example, Vickie's stable and Christian ambushed JoMo after his match. Chaos much?

I will not be buying Vengeance. Mainly because, even with the lower price in the UK, I can't afford to buy 3 PPVs in 5 weeks.

I've been a big fan for a long time, Vince. And I want to stay one too. If you can't maintain a solid storyline without fucking it up, you are going to lose a lot of fans.

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  1. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    This whole good/bad writing argument reminds me of a joke...

    Q: How many DBZ characters does it take to put in a lightbulb?
    A: Just one, but it takes ten episodes....
  2. NaterD4's Avatar
    LOL! Nice joke!

    I agree with The Brown One. Less PPV's would give more time to build the story lines which they need some of the time. As we all know, WWE is about making money. If they decreased the number to 6-8 a year and up the price a little, they'd probably have a higher buy rate for the PPV and make close to if not more money when a PPV were to happen. Then again, people would complain about the PPV not coming soon enough.
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