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Wrestlemania 20..HHH vs HBK vs Chris Benoit.. What that Match Means to me

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Ok, This is a Blog about what I still conider a classic, The Wrestlemania 20 main event Tripple Threat between HHH, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit.

Lets start off from the begining....
It was 1995, It was Summer time i was 12 year old and I just bought my first weight set. It was Saturday after noon and I wanted to watch wrestling to motivate me while I work out, Now I was a Die hard WWF fan and I hated WCW but it was Saturday and it was late in the afternoon so I had no choice cause I wanted to lift weight and watch wrestling, cause wrestling was my motovation to lift weights. I was hoping to become a prowrestler in the future (and now I write about it in a public blog, see how far off I was haha). So I turned on TBS to watch WCW while I was lifting weights. I cant really tell you what I seen that day on WCW Saturday night, Nothing stood out, it seemed like a subpar wrestling show, Untill two men came out, I never seen these 2 men, One of them looked out of shape with a 1980s pornstar mustace and the other was just a tiny muscled up guy with a ugly hairdo. Then these men started wrestling, I glance over every once in a while to see what was going on to take my mind off being tired, Then I became glued to the screen. I was in awe of these men, The style they were doing was like nothing I ever seen before, So impactful and hard hitting and beautiful. I was thinking WOW who are these guys. Well I later found out that those two men were The late Great Eddie Guerrero and The Crippler Chris Benoit.... I liked Eddie but That Chris Benoit guy just got my attention (I would start to love eddie in 1997 when he was off the page)..... I only watched WCW for Chris Benoit and to a lesser extent Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko. I was a 12 year old boy, I only liked the most cartoonish and biggest guys, The good guys, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warriors and so on. loved the Bret Harts and Shawn Michaels but the style of Wrestling Chris Benoit was doing was just so unique and hard hitting I was Consumed by it.

Fast Forward to 2000.... It was always my dream to have my favorite Non WWF wrestlers Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero come to WWF and when Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero in 2000 walked out of WCW with Saturn and Malenko it was a dream for me. I finally get to see all my dream matches I been waiting to see.... being older I started to really appreciate the performance of wrestling and I couldnt wait to see Benoit and Guerrero in WWF... For years I waited for Chris Benoit to win the world title and make it tothe main event scene, I was teased a few times but thats the closest I came......When Benoit won the Royal Rumble I was ecstatic. I heard rumors he was going to win but being teased so much I didnt fully think the WWE was gonna put him in the main event of Wrestlemania 20.

So Now lets fast forward to 2006. I just gotten Divorced and I was engaged to a Girl I knew, and she said something to me out of no where she said "I never pictured you be a person that watches wrestling, its so beneath you, you have to much class for that". Despite my terrible Grammar in writting and my bad spelling, Im actually a well spoken person and very high maintenance in person but that comment bothered me. So when I told someone what she said they said to me "Well she must not know you, Cause the first thing I think about when I see wrestling is you, everyone knows your obsessed with it"... See the Problem is She not only didnt like wrestling and never watched it she also had no respect for it at all. To her and many other people who dont know about wrestling its in their words "A Bunch of guys rolling around in their underwear pretending to fight ". To her a wrestling fan was someone with one tooth and a tank top sitting on a trailer porch watching bugs get zapped.....

Then bothered hat comment i had a idea to get her to respect wrestling. So I said to her "Do me one favor, I dont ask you to like wrestling but if I give you one match to watch at home will you take it and watch it, Just so you can respect prowrestling" She agreed.... So my Job was to find a match for someone who has never watched wrestling to watch and make them understand what it is truly about. I needed something with Brutality and blood to get the realism in their, I needed some great wrestling in their and i needed something that told a great story.... My choices you ask?

Mankind vs Undertaker Hell in the Cell
Alot of brutailty, it would make a non wrestling fan respect the pain a wrestler can go thru and their guts, but it doesnt show off the Psycolgy and the athletic ability these men posses.

Bret Hart Vs Owen Hart
Great technical match, but I doubt someone who doesnt even know the name of the moves can fully appreciate this match.

Bret Hart vs Steve Austin wrestlemania 13
Great match, has almost everything I wanted to show, but I needed something that had more of a story a non wrestling fan can appreciate

Then it hit me
Wrestlemania 20 HHH vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit
This match had Intensity, Emotion, Wrestling, Blood, Realism and everything I wanted and then some..... The Story these men told, How Benoit was the underdog and he worked for 20 years to be there and how his whole 20 years depended on that one night, The years of pain and suffering and sacerfice Climaxs that night Live in front of a MSG crowd, Benoit HAD TO WIN! he could take noting less.... Shawn Michaels, after a return less than 2 years before this,Coming back from retirement after 4 years of being out of wrestling with a career ending back injury, Michaeels was out to prove he still belongs in the main event and he was there to get revenge on his former best friend who was like a brother to him and betrayed him, Shawn had to win to prove he can still do it and perform on the big stage and he needed to get revenge on HHH and taking the title was the only way he could.... HHH needed to Prove that he was the best,That he is no longer in the shadow of Shawn Michaels, He was the Man and He was a Champion that needed to keep the title on that night to prove he deserves to be where he is..... Each man needed to win this match to prove something that meant just as much as the title they wee fighting over.... these 3 men told a story, They told a amazing Story without saying a word, they did it with their movement, Their timing, The expression of pain on their face, Their Blood, Their Sweat and their tears...The story these men told with their bodies that night was done so perfectly that if Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton were alive and watched that match they would be Green with Envy of these mens ability.... It was the perfect match to show what wrestling is all about to someone who doesnt respect the Business of Prowrestling..... The ending is beautiful no matter if you were a Benoit and Guerrero fan at the time or not, You can not deny the emotion of that moment as they stood in the ring weeping cause the finally did it. That was as real as wrestling gets.

Its a masterpiece of a match. Just beautiful in everyway. This match means alot to me and say what you want about Benoit and what he did but this match will always be special to me and alot of people.

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  1. LMPunker's Avatar
    what did the girl think of the match?
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Read!!

    I Myself is a gr8 fan of Radicalz...Benoit, Eddie, Malenko and Saturn..I luvd teh match..because i got to see Benoit winning the Big title...

    Infact, I have shown this match to my sister with whom I always had to fight to see Wrestling on TV.....n she started liking Benoit!!
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LMPunker
    what did the girl think of the match?
    Well she pretended to like it, but What I got was she had a little more respect for it and kinda looked at wrestling differently, which is what i was going for.

    Side Note, 4 years later I got engaged to her first cousin and it was her next door neighbor, since they both lived 3 thousand miles from me I didnt even know they knew each other till after i was engaged to her first cousin... Small world. But I dont speak to either of them so I dont know their stance on pro wrestling haha.
  4. malvec's Avatar
    personally i would have picked Melina vs. Alicia Fox...
  5. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by malvec
    personally i would have picked Melina vs. Alicia Fox...
    dont say that to SCSA
  6. Jimboroom6's Avatar
    I did the same thing with my Girl. Although she wasn't quite as harsh as yours was lol. I made her watch promos when Hogan return to the WWE and then his match with The Rock. To me that personifies the spirit of Wrestling and how important it is to people. For me Wrestling represent some of the core values I like to live my life by. Respect, Hard Work, Commitment and Facing your challenges head on. I think anyone who can't understand or respect that is just narrow minded. They can sit and watch TV shows with boring characters played by bad actors but then criticise people who watch wrestling.

    Good blog dude from the heart.

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