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Austin 3:16

Wrestlings 5 Top Actors And Worst

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After Seeing Rick Starrs Brilliant Blog i thought i would give you all my thoughts and opinions on my Top 5 Actors who went from Wrestling To The Big Screen! and my reasons why! So without further a do here we go!



Why?-Looney Tunes Back I Action!! only kidding when it comes to acting i think you need a certain character which i dont think he has if he could take he's presence from wrestling into acting he'd most probably be alot better but until i see different he's number 5! Sorry Bill!!

List Of Notable Films-Ready To Rumble,Longest Yard And Ermmmmm Looney Tunes!!

4-The Big Show

Why?-After Seeing Him In Certain TV Shows And The Film Knucklehead It Kinda Put Me Off Him As A Wrestler! Big Show Could Be A great Tough Guy In A Film Maybe Not A Lead Wrole But Act As An Enforcer Like Stone Cold Did In The Expendable's

List Of Notable Films-Knucklehead!

3-Triple H

Why?-As A Wrestler He's Great Not Very Good But He Can Sell A Match Well And As An Incredibly Brilliant 'Bad Guy' Vibe! But His Roles In The Chaperone And Blade Really Dissapointed Me I Was Pumped When I Heard He Was In Blade But I Felt Let Down! The Chaperone Would Of Been Great But His 'Cheesy' Acting Ruined The Film! If It Was 'The Miz' It MAy Of Been Alot Better!

Notable Films-Blade Trinity,Chaperone And Inside Out

2-Andre Te Giant

Why?-I Enjoyed His Small Cameo In Conan the Destroyer But That Was Only Because It Was Brief!!..But When He Started Apperaing On TV And A Few Films YOu Could See He Truely Struggled To Act Everything Seemed Like It Was Forced! Apart From His The Princess Bride Role! Til This Day It Remains One Of My Favourite Childhood FIlms!

Notable Films -Conan the Destroyer,The Princess Bride And Micki & Maude

1-Hulk Hogan

Why-As A Wrestler He Was Average But He Could Sell A Vegitarian A Rack Of Lamb! He Could Sell Anything From Book,Main Even,Tv Show Ect..But When It Came To Acting You Could See He Was Trying Way To Hard! Only Rocky 3 Was Good In My Book! Apart From That Everything Was Really Really Bad Suburban Commando,Mr.Nanny,Santa With Muscles It Was All Garbage! Utterly Terrible

Notable Films-Rocky 3,No Holds Barred,Suburban Commando


5-John Cena

Why-Cena's Stuck True To The Whole 'Tough Guy' Image In The Marine And 12 Rounds But It's His Performance In The Film Legendary That Catches My Eye He Proved That He Really Can Act With A Brilliant Performance One Off The Best I've Seen Sorry Dwanye!

Notable Films-12 Rounds,The Marine And Legendary

4-Rowdy Roddy Piper

Why-His Truely Epic Role In They Live!! The Film Is A Cult Classic Amongst WWE Fans And Sports Fans! And Have Read Interviews From Vin Diesel,The Rock And Tom Hardy Who All Spoke Of The Film With The Highest Regard! But He's Known For Mainly For His Many TV Roles From MadTV,Texas Ranger To Walker And Much Much More!

Notable Films They Live,Walker And Bodyslam!

3-Stone Cold Steve Austin

Why-After Seeing Austin In Nash Bridges I Knew He Could Act But We Didnt Really See Him Again Until After His Brief Longest Yard Cameo! The Rattlesnake Kicked Ass And Brought The Same Fire,Attitude And Bad Ass Style To Films Like The Condemned One Of My All Time Favourite Action Flicks! He Then Opened Cans Off Whoop Ass On Damage And The Stranger Straight Into The Actions Elite The Expendables! Starring Alongside Sly Stallone,Jet Li,Jason Stathem,Mickey Rourke And Lots More And After That We've Seen Him Show Us His That Same Intensity!

Noatble Filsm-The Expendables,The Condemned And Damage!

2-Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnston!

Why-The Rock Is The People's Number One Choice But He Aint Mine! The Rocks A Superb Actor When It Comes To Comedy Cameo's Or Kicking Ass but When It COmes To Tooth Fairy And Race To Witch Mountain What Sells Like crazy But Doesnt Show The Side Of The Rock We Want To See! WE All Wanna See Him Kicking Butt Not Wearing A Tutu!! I Love Rock His Whole Charisma And Energy Is Amazing! He Showed Us A Masterclass Performance In Gridiron Gang and Showed Us His True Capabilities! But We Love Him For Kicking Ass In Walking Tall!,His Gripping Performance In Faster A Film That Keeps You On THe Tip Of Your Seat!! He's Appered In A Lot Of Films But I Believe His Movie Career Has Only Just Begun After Been Cast Form Big Budget Films Journey 2,Goliath,Fast And The Furious 6,G.I. Joe Retribution And Snitch I Think It's Safe To Say We Will Be Smelling What The Rock's Cooking For A Veryyy Long Time!

Notable Films-Fast Five,Gridiron Gang,Walking Tall And Faster

Drum Roll Please

Number 1-Tor Johnson

Why?-I Never Saw Him Wrestle Just Act As He Was My Dads Idol And I Have Seen Everything He's Appered In! His Main Role Was Probably Plan 9 From Outer Space Which Was a Quality Film With A Great Performances From All The Cast! He Apperead In Many Superb Films! Like Night Of The Gouls,The Beast Of Yucca Flats,Bride Of The Monster,Carousel,Black Sheep There's A Long List Of Great Classic FilmsIn Which He Acts Brilliantly! Tor Was Always Going To Be My Number One As It's One Off The Things I Remember About My Late Dad Was Watching His Film And Overall He's The Only Wrestler i've Seen Who Hasnt Put Out An Insanely Bad Film!

Notable Roles-Plan 9 Outer Space,Black Sheep,Bride Of The Monster And So Many More!!

Thanks For Reading Guys Its Been fun Writing This Honourable Mentions For Acting Who Didnt Make Top 5 Actors

Jesse Ventura
Kevin Nash
Randy Savage Only For Bonesaw Mcgraw

Any Others I Forget Please Dont Hesitate To Say

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  1. mika009's Avatar
    I might be wrong but in Hogans movie Suburban Commando, wasn't the Undrtaker one of the bounty hunters?
  2. Sony's Avatar
    I can hardly take you seriously after you wrote that the condemn is one of your favorite action movies.
  3. alexrules01's Avatar
    So....many....capitals!!! ARGGHHH!
  4. Austin 3:16's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mika009
    I might be wrong but in Hogans movie Suburban Commando, wasn't the Undrtaker one of the bounty hunters?

    Yeah he was he was on the cover for the VCR with Hogan
  5. Austin 3:16's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    I can hardly take you seriously after you wrote that the condemn is one of your favorite action movies.
    I cant take you seriously it's spelt CONDEMNED but thanks for your opinion
  6. steveorton's Avatar
    Imo Austin belongs in the Worst section. The Expendables was great but not because of him, same can be said for the Longest yard. The only movie I liked him in was the Condemned.
    I am with the People the Rock should be first but that is only because I have never seen Tor act. I am glad you put Cena because some might put him in the worst section purely because they are blinded by hate. Nice read though
  7. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    Andre The Giant couldn't understand english, of course he isn't going to be to act in English speaking movies very well, that being said he was brilliant in The Princess Bride.
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