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Examples in Great Story Telling... Shawn Michaels 2008

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In 2008 The WWE showed a example in great story telling using Shawn Michaels.... 2008 was a amazing creative year for the character of Shawn Michaels. The WWE transtioned smoothly from great storyline to great storyline using Shawn Michaels in 2008.

It all started in 2008 around Wrestlemania time

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair Wrestlemania 24 Retirment storyline
This is where it Started, Right before Wrestlemania 24. The WWE needed a perfect last opponent for Ric Flair's last match which would be on the grandest stage of Wrestlemania at Wrestlemania 24.

WWE couldnt find a better opponent for Ric Flair, The emotion and creativity Shawn Micheals put in to that match. the promos leading up were emotional and well done. The match it self was Flairs best match in 14 years. The match was mostly carried by the Incredible Shawn Michaels ..... The line at the end of the Match when Shawn Michales mouthed the words "I'm Sorry, I Love You" was one of the most emotional and dramatic moments in wrestling... the feud and match was the perfect send off for one of the greatest of all times in Ric Flair. Very well written and perfectly performed and carried by the great Shawn Michaels .... But this is where Ric Flairs story ends and this is where the being of HBKs great 2 year run of top notch storylines begins.

Batista is Pissed
Now WWE segued Perfectly in to the Batistia and Shawn Micheals storyline.
The Story here is Batista was angery cause Shawn Michaels defeated his mentor and best friend Ric flair to end his wrestling career. Batista thought Shawn Michaels shouldnt of taken the match or just lay down for Ric Flair out of respect to him. Batista said Shawn Michaels was selfish and he wanted to have putting Ric Flair out of wrestling on his resume. Cause he had to be The showstopper at the expense of Ric Flair....
This created a intense feud with Shawn Michaels and Batista with some really good promos. Then it hit a fever pitch on the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho. Jericho took the side of Shawn Michaels claiming Batista would do the same thing..... Then Jericho Called out HBK on a seprate occasion and said he was a phoney and he enjoyed ending Flairs career and he felt no remorse and he ate a super kick for it. then Batistia phyiscally attacked Jericho when he had a verbal battle at a different time. Jericho told William Regal he wanted to be inserted in the Batista and HBK Backlash match. Regal said he will make Jericho the Special ref for the match.

Backlash match
Jericho seemed unbiased threw the whole match. Shawn after escaping a Batista bomb, Landed akwardly, fell and clutched his knee, Jericho jumped in to Action and kept Batista away from Shawn like a Good offical would to check how severe the injury to Shawn was. The distraction and seperation Jericho created gave Shawn the opportunity to hit a super kick out of no where and win the match.

After the match Batista clamied Shawn Faked the injury. Shawn claming his injurt was legit and was still injured . Then Jericho Called Shawn Michaels out on his injury, saying he made Jericho look like a fool cause he had to deceive to win his match with Batista. Jericho told Shawn he never changed, he is the Shawn of old and he was a hypocrite and his injury was a fake. Shawn limping around for weeks, super kicks Jericho and walks out perfectly and shows he did fake the injury all this time. The crowd went nuts.... much more happend and the Batista and Shawn Feud was finished in a stretcher match at Extreme Rules when Before Batista bombing Shawn Michaels, Batista mouthed "I Hate you and im not sorry".

A New Jericho
After that superkick and Shawn Revealing he was faking the injury, Chris Jericho made a 180, Saying he is done with the fans. Jericho said he was a honest and good man and did the right things and the crowd cheered when he was kicked in the face by a liar and hypocrite like Shawn Michaels. He said he was done with the fans and they wanna cheer a hypocrite and liar like Michaels cause he reflected what all the wrestling fans were.... The Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels Blood feud transtioned perfectly from the Batista Shawn Feud...... This Feud set the Wrestling world on fire, A amazing well writtened and performed feud that lasted for monthes without ever getting old, From Jerichos change of character, to the attack on the highlight reel, to the mistaken punch to Shawn Michael's wife, To the Incredible unsanctioned match, All the way to the Great Ladder match for the World title. This was a Great feud. Promos, Storylines and matches were pitch perfect. Jerichos work was tremndouse.... I wont go in to the whole feud but look it up if you havent seen it, it was one of the best in recent memory.

JBL buys Shawn Michaels
This storyline was a little childish, But after the Jericho feud, Shawn fell on hard times, So JBL offered to buy his services, Hoping Shawn can get him to Wrestlemania to be champion again.... The Storyline was better than it had any right to be but not on par with the past Storylines he had in 2008, But this Storyline served a huge purpose....... See after Shawn got his freedom from JBL, JBL clamied he wanted to do something that means more than any championship, something no one has done and thats end the Undertakers streak at Wrestlemania. So naturally Shawn wanted to take that away from JBL for causing all the pain and embarrsement he caused to Shawn for monthes.... This lead to Shawn Michaels getting the right to face The Undertaker with his coveted streak on the line.

Shawn Michaels and Undertaker Wrestlemania Enounter
This match is considered the Great match in Wrestling history... This match turned the IWC upside down. This match planted the seed to the Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker rematch the year after. Which wasnt as good of a match but the story and promos leading up to it were amazing. Like Ric Flair 2 years earlier, Shawn Michaels had the perfect send off in to the sunset at Wrestlemania 26, and it all started with Wrestlemania 24.

That is great story telling that Wrestling is missing and goes unnoticed by wrestling fans. Using Storylines to set up other Storylines, Giving them all time to devolpe.... Its a art that is rare in wrestling and can be done by only a few capable performers.... The problem in WWE today is they dont segue from storyline to storyline, They rush everything, dont give time to build emotion..... The whole CM Punk storyline was changed, jerked around and rushed. it turned what could of been a memorable storyline that coudl change wrestling in to another Raw storyline that was excting for a few weeks.

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  1. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    The Flair Retirement storyline is the one they have to look at the structure of... It was storytelling perfection. It's always best as Punk's been saying, when the talent can use their own personality, their own mentality in story. Even better when it mimics a personal reality. It's like painting a picture if I may make the analogy. That means you have specific people (read: colors of personality/mentality) you utilize to paint the picture that tells your story. The best way to write the characters is to look at the personality of each individual and pick out 2-3 attributes they have as a face and as a heel and apply them to create a character that can be a shade of grey. A character that's not one-dimensional like most face/heel pushes. -- Of course, erratic and predictable storylines like we've had recently are disappointing. This route should be avoided at all costs. The only reason it should ever be done like this is because of injury or death. Even then there are far better options.
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    I agree with everything in this blog. Storylines give a match substance, it doesn't matter if both superstars are average in the ring. How many times have we seen wrestling matches that are 5 stars not because of the in ring ability of both men but because of the crowd and how they get into the match. Once the crowd is intrigued, understand and become emotionally invested in a feud it is hard for the stars to have a bad match and this is where storylines come in. In the WWE you rarely hear the chants, "this is awesome" but when you do you know it's a classic.
    This is also one of the reasons I don't like Tna the fans tend to chant this phrase for most matches which is clearly not that spectacular.

    Great blog mate I can't wait for the next
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 Read mate!! Gr8Blog!!
    You know why these storylines worked well?? Because, they were woven around ppl who have several dimensions (Ric, Y2J, Undertaker, JBL and HBK)...Ric's storyline was real awesome...with the first match he lose he gets retired...n what best way to end his career with HBK??

    That was an awesome match..n that match shows why HBK is considered one of teh all time best (if not The Best)...even though he never was a 10time world champ..(he's jus a 4 time world champ if I'm not wrong)....

    Batista Vs HBK was very gud..and what made it more lively is the addition of Y2J..Batista in not so gr8 in promo part when compared to HBK (though he can cut better promos than many in teh current roster) they need someone who is equally gr8 n there enters Y2J..n Y2J vs HBK is always a gr8 rivalry to watch..

    HBK Vs UT is always a treat to watch...
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    The best way to write the characters is to look at the personality of each individual and pick out 2-3 attributes they have as a face and as a heel and apply them to create a character that can be a shade of grey.
    Veryy True!!

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