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Top 5 Recent Failed Pushes

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So, I was just sitting at home watching some old wrestling videos on youtube and I got to thinking, what happened to this person and their push. That person was doing great in the feud got over, or in some cases didn't, and then just fell off the map. This list is based only on the talent in the WWE, as I have not been watching TNA enough to know if any super failed pushes. My list is based on people who got a push and could of made something big happen and then just fell off or weren't relevant for a while. This list is only using pushes from about 2007-forward.

5. Kofi Kingson- While I am not a fan of Kofi, I do think that his feud with Randy Orton in 2009 was a great. We went over Orton and CM Punk, previous World Champions, with in 10 seconds of each other. He looked like a credible threat to Orton, who was the biggest Heel in the business at this point. His entire character was repackaged, the crowd was on his side, and then BOOM! It's over, Kofi didn't win the MITB that year at Mania, switched to SD only to be put back into the mid-card. He has proven to perform well in the mid-card having held the IC and US titles on multiple occasions and putting on great matches. I think WWE dropped the ball after this feud to not give him the chance to really get over in the capacity in which he should have.

4.Vladimir Kozlov- Let's just say booked as a HUGE Monster heel. Went around just mawling everyone. Jeff Hardy and Triple H being the two biggest names. He was over just on the basis of squashing everyone and ruining Jeff from becoming WWE Champion. He had a huge monster push, and then after Survivor Series when Edge returned and took the title he fell into obscurity. He went from being a monster to being a jobber all within a few months. It was just really confusing because WWE missed their chance with this guy and then repeats the exact same build on Sheamus a year later. WWE really missed out on Kozlov being a huge player, especially if they would of found him a mouthpiece. But no... he went on to tag with Santino... talk about falling into obscurity.

3. CM Punk- All I'm going to say is First MITB; Face run at the World Heavyweight Championship. I think we are all in aggreeance that this was possibly the worst use of CM Punk, and probably the MITB, ever. Just super fail.

2. Drew McIntyre- This one I really don't understand. He was over as "The Choosen One". The Vince McMahon letters were brilliant, he went over some pretty over people during his run. He was over and then nothing. He didn't win the MITB that year (either of them) dropped his title to Kofi (who had just gotten a push then flopped) and fell into obscurity. He's literally been jobbing ever since and his "Chosen One" gimmick is forgotten about. I'm so confused because he was doing so well, because he was put into the MITB match because of his gimmick. It's so weird.

1. Jack Swagger- I'm a pretty huge Swagger fan, no surprise I suppose, but his WHC run last year was pretty miserable. First of all he had no build up and then randomly won the MITB over McIntyre, Kofi and Christian. Then cashed it in before he had any build up period. Once he, cleanly might I add, went over Orton at ER he got lots of heat and put Show over as a legitimate face after his departure from ShowMiz. After Over the Limit, he literally lost the entire time he had the Championship then dropped it to Mysterio, booked strong for about 3 weeks, then fell into obscurity. He was on the poster for SummerSlam and then wasn't even on the card for the event. His WHC run wasn't even mentioned on TV until about 4 months ago. His coaching of Cole, who was super over as a heel did nothing for him. He literally feel so far down the card. Next to Punk's face run, this is probably the worst use of MITB in the history of it's creation.

I'm pretty sure there are more, but these are the most failing that I have seen in a while. I'm normally pro WWE pushes and their booking work, sometimes, but these were just difficult to justify as being anything other than poor follow-up, decision making in the first place, or allowing silly backstage politics/banter bring down the product.

My opinions... comment I'm interested to see what you all think!

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    Though I agree with a lot you say, I don't believe WWE stopping the pushes is the problem. It's the way they do it, not that they do it.

    Ziggler, Rhodes, McIntyre, all were vying for the 'young cocky heel' bit on Smackdown. McIntyre seemed to be in the lead, but the other two caught up with him and I don't care they topped him, I like Ziggler and Rhodes. The problem in my eyes is the way they dropped him, and Swagger: like a brick.

    The way they dropped them means they have to take months to rebuild them, if they want to, before they look credible. That's a shame, because with a few tv-spots, a few wins here and there, a title shot at a ppv that they lost, and no messing around with eagles and Hornswoggle, would've kept them relevant for later use.

    WWE has too few people on creative, or they don't work hard enough, or they aren't capable. They can only focus on a few guys at a time, and don't know what to do with the rest. And it's a shame, because there is talent.
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    WWE should have turned Drew into a full fledge face and he should have never left Smackdown. Raw literally buries many upcoming guys. Sheamus imo was the better choice if comparing to Kozlov who always was very bland. Swagger I wanted to see more of him as champion I was in total shock when rey took the title from him as rey didn't need it. They had given Swagger the Ankle lock if I'm not mistaken and he was looking good they should have continued to let him win.
  3. steveorton's Avatar
    1 last thing nice read mate
  4. knox's Avatar
    great great read bro. I made a list in my head before clicking your blog and our top 3 was the same so great minds think alike lol
  5. gruendar's Avatar
    OK - I never really thought this thru before but I feel I may have something to offer.

    Question: Does anyone feel this constant buildup and dropoff is actually how the McMahon machine works? Give the superstars just a taste of popularity, visibility, merchandising, self-branding, and hope; then whip them out of that security and dream land.

    Why this may work -
    If you have a hard life of travel and injuries, maybe you need that spark to keep u motivated to make it back to the top (ie. Christian) and this is how McMahon's way does that.

    Or maybe its a check game, to see how people handle the publicity, praise, and visibility demands. Or even how they handle being made a third rate star - can they last on the road after being on top.

    It seems to me, we think it best benefits the WWE to push these guys to their limits early and have them move into power roles, but in the long run all of the best (bar Undertaker) have really had to eat crow in the WWE for some time.

    Its almost like a rite of passage to overcome.

  6. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    What about Morrison before he got injured he main evented for the title in a triple threat match. Then he comes back and jobs.
  7. The Awesome One's Avatar
    As soon as I saw this title, I thought... John Morrison. Like Wrestlingfan66513 said, before Morrison got injured, he was main eventing for the WWE Title. He comes back and starts to job straightaway... I'm guessing a lot happened during them months

    I was gutted about Jack Swagger's World Title reign. I am a BIG fan of Swagger and I was jumping for joy when he won the WHC. I do agree with you on the fact that they should have built him as MITB winner. However, when he won the WHC, the biggest mistake that the WWE made was making him lose his whole "cocky" attitude. I would have loved to see him strolling around, doing push - ups with the WHC in front of him. I wonder what might have been...
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