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The guy pulling all the strings.

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Please read my blog on 'my thoughts on the walkout storyline' as this blog is a continuation of that.

I would like to use this blog to discuss the possible guys that may be pulling the strings and give my opinion of who id like it to be.

Kevin Nash - of course it is possible the Nash may be behind it all, however this would be a massive disappointment and i don't believe the E' are silly enough to have him be the lead guy here.

Jonny Ace - dito to Nash, Ace can't be the lead guy, he'd be a great sidekick to any guy pulling the strings and in recent weeks you get the feeling he is the inside guy (the mole) to whoever is pulling the strings.

Mick Foley - i love Mick Foley and i hope he is back in the WWE sooner rather than later however i would like to see him as a face. I think it would be better to see HHH bring foley in despite their past to help defend Raw and get behind HHH.

Vince McMahon - due to Vince going mad at Del Rio it seems like this is the most likely result, however i don't want to see McMahon in a heel way anytime soon, he just doesn't fit the PG era and we have seen the McMahon Helmsley/ McMahon vs McMahon thing before. However i would like to see Vince/Shane, Stephanie return to side with HHH and defend Raw to make the story more believable and effective.

JBL - i think JBL would be very effective in this role as he is a great heel, however i would prefer to see JBL return to the commentary table as part of the heel group (similar to Paul Heyman throughout the invasion) this would also free up booker to return to action.

HBK - HBK is a name i have heard many people mention in context with this storyline, however i am going to disagree, just like the mcmahons, i would rather see HBK joins forces with Haitch to defend Raw. This would give the fans a real nostalgic feeling of the past.

Now if i could personally choose the guy pulling the strings i would go for one of my favourite every heels.

Paul Heyman - I would mark out if Heyman returned, his heel promos and Extreme past could really welcome in the new era, we could see a few extremists return along with a few guys with history with HHH to help get heels like ziggler and swagger over in this story. Heyman is an excellent mentor and could help make guys like ziggler stars of the future.

I think this would be so unpredictable bring a new audience into back into the WWE that has not been watching in years.

I trust the E' and really hope they pull it off with this storyline, i just hope we don't see another McMahon Helmsley feud.

Please let me know what you think and who you would like to see be the guy pulling the strings.

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  1. abarasch523's Avatar
    personally i would love dolph to drop vickie for heyman, could bring a certain intensity to his character
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Pending DX reunion spells no to HBK pulling strings. If anything I would say JBL out of all those in your list is the best candidate.

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