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Thoughts on the Current Walkout Storyline

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As i mentioned in my last blog, i believe there is a buzz/excitement around the WWE similar to the one before we got the attitude era and i am tuning in every week to see if they produce something special. I would like to take the time now to give my thoughts on how they could really improve the story.

Personally, i thought bringing HHH in as COO was a brilliant decision as it meant:

. Vince McMahon would be off television, Vince just isn't the same without attitude

. Vince leaving could plant the idea of a new era into everyones head

The next thing i wanted to see with this was some veterans return so i was marking out when Nash returned to screw punk, it was a great way to continue the story without affecting punks current momentum.

I think they have a potentially great storyline going at the moment, however i feel they have slightly dropped the ball lately. Some of the problems with the story are:

. It seems likes WWE is keeping this storyline short and sweet like many others in the last 5 years, it almost seems like this storyline line is heading to an end by survivor series (probably a team HHH vs team ?????) However the 'E need to realise that they have a storyline here that could quite easily take them through to mania

. Miz n Truth, i like the idea of guys taking orders from a possible outside guy and trying to end HHH's COO reign, however when i see Miz and Truth leaving HIAC in handcuffs i just don't fully believe it, i still see PG Miz with his childish promos and PG truth talking to the little jimmys. Why would the raw lockeroom walk out over these two guys, it just isn't believable.

However i believe they have got the right idea, i would love to see Miz n Truth get over with this, however i think they could do with some help, i think it would have been great to see Miz n Truth continuing their destruction on Raw whilst the E' slowly introduce more guys into the storyline. I think they could do with some veterans joining up with truth n miz to make the storyline more believable and help get them over. If they introduced a big guy like Viscera or capitalising on the Big Shows recent return would have been great. If i was the E' i would build this group up to around 10 - 15 guys reaching havoc on raw, then we can have the walkout and it would have been much more believable as Raw can't continue with such a large group trying to destroy it. These 10 - 15 people could consist of guys trying to get over and veterans helping them do so. I would like to see swagger and ziggler join, a skip sheffield return and the return of veterans that have a past with HHH. I would love to see road dogg and mr ass return for revenge on HHH and help the younger guys get over.

In line with this story the E' could make stars of guys on the current roster and really turn this into a war by bringing in his own group of 10 - 15 guys. Guys like Alex Riley, Sheamus and JoMo could really get over with this, i would also like to see HHH bring some past players back in to help him and get the younger guys over. Guys like batista, X pac (sidekick role rather than lots of in ring action) Mick Foley Y2J.

This storyline could bring so many old names back in to the E' to really get the current guys over and take the business to the next level, i would love to see guys like JBL as part of the heel group.

Whilst this war is going on, you could have the separate sides feuding for each title whilst HHH feuds with the guy pulling all the strings.

I believe this stroyline would be brilliant and take the E' straight through to mania with one of the greatest story lines in years.

What do you guys think and what stars of the past would you like to see return to help get the younger guys over?

Thanks for reading, i will talk about the guy pulling all the strings in the next blog.

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Updated 10-09-2011 at 10:29 PM by Frank

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    pls put Cena / Orton into this fight either as Face or as heel..that will put them away from World Title scene, still maintaining main event status....

    That will also give some new rivalries in World Title scene...
  2. midian's Avatar
    I''m also enjoying the hell out of this angle.I think it's brilliant that they built about 4 or 5 different stories over the past few months and now they have all molded into one huge story.It also opens up to who are the fans going to cheer or boo since they all (except the main faces which in my opinion if they had Cena in Lawlers place it would have been more impactful for Cena to be the first walk out.) left Trips on his own.I also think they should have had J.R stay so there was a small shine of hope for Hunter.

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