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Rick Starr

The Very Best and Very Worst of WWE

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Welcome Back Splashers. This time I'm gonna try something a little bit different. Almost every wrestling fan says that John Cena is the #1 fan in the WWE. Well what about the 40+ other wrestlers? I knew that it was impossible to give each wrestler their own spot, so instead, I created 4 tiers, for all the wrestlers. Like my last blog, I am not expecting people to agree, or even like this one. Lastly due to EWN character limitations, I can only comment on so many names. the rest will be left blank.

*The wrestlers in each tier are listed alphabetically. Divas, Announcers, Referees, and Vince McMahon has been excluded from this list.

Tier 1
Simply put, this is the best of the best. These are WWE Superstars who are in the biggest storylines today. WWE and World Champions are automatically included.

Alberto Del Rio: Alberto Del Rio has earned his spot to be champion and in the #1slot over the past year.

Christian: While I'm not a big fan of the "whining Christian", he did have two title reigns this year. However, he appears to be sinking into the second tier.

C.M.Punk: CM Punk rocks! Nuff said.

Cody Rhodes:

John Cena: Everyone knows that when it comes to wrestling Cena is the #1 man in the WWE. This was probably the easiest pick out of the whole bunch.

Mark Henry: For the most of 15 years, Mark Henry was put off as a jobber. This is one case how in the past the WWE mis-usues their larger talent. Mark Henry was one of the lucky ones, where waiting finally paid off.

*R-Truth: Right now Truth and Miz are "fired", but they are still two of WWE's top performers.

Randy Orton: One of my favorite wrestlers. (No that's not why he's here) However his record and ability speaks for itself.

Rey Mysterio:

Sheamus: When Sheamus first appeared in the WWE, he made a huge impact, then he seemed to quiet down for awhile. Then just recently, Sheamus has been getting an amazing push! Could we see The Celtic Warrior win another world title in the very near future?

*The Miz: "fired"

Triple H: Although Triple H is not wrestling full time, his role as COO has created some of the most captivating television in recent WWE history.

Undertaker: While Undertaker is not here at the moment. The second the lights go out, and his music plays, Undertaker ALWAYS gets pushed out in front for a major storyline.

Tier 2
The 2nd tier is nothing to shake a stick at. There are alot of former world/WWE champions here, and many future champions on the way as well.

Big Show Big Show just came back from an injury, and challenged Mark Henry for the Title. While Show is a great wrestler, and I feel he could win the title at any time, we know how the wwe is. If he defeats Henry, I would definitely move him up to the #1 spot.

Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan is in the #2 spot for one reason and reason only "Money in the Bank". As long as he has that, he is only going to move up...unless he loses at WrestleMania.

Dolf Ziggler: The only things that are keeping Ziggler in this tier, are his US Title, the new Group he's in, and Vickie Guerrero. Like her or not, but Vickie is selling him more than he is selling himself.

Evan Bourne: Since he joined up with Kofi, Air-Boom has been on an incredible roll.

Ezekiel Jackson: "Big Zeke" has so much potential, yet over the past month or so, his heat has died off a bit. While he continues to get big wins, he's not in any major story-lines either. If this continues, he could easily fall into the #3 tier.

Kane: Injured

Kofi Kingston:

David Otunga Two weeks ago I would have put Otunga in Tier 3 without question. But this new lawyer gimmick has given his character a refresher it needed.

Jack Swagger Right now the only reason Swagger is in the second tier, is because of his association with Vickie Guerrero, and the newly group believed to be lead by David Otunga. However Swagger is literally hanging on by a thread. He may be an excellent wrestler but his mic skills are slowly killing his career.

Sin Cara (Blue&Black): First off I'm not calling Sincara "Nigro", call him Sincara Black and call it a day. What are we getting politically correct on tights now?

This was a hard one for me. While I do recognize that Duo SinCara feud is a rather big story, at the moment. I expect one of the two to disappear after this feud is over. If people disagree with me, I can't say I blame you..I almost put them in Tier 3.

Tier 3
Tier 3 is a bit of a "no man's land". For many of these wrestlers, this is a tier where they are either moving up, or moving down. And considering it's next to the bottom tier, those who moved down, it's not looking good for some.

Alex Riley A-Rey came in with a huge push, with The Miz at his side. Then he got another push with his baby-face rush. All of a sudden, A-Rey's rush, left the room, like a fart in the wind. Riley is young, and there is no doubt in my mind that he can bounce right back into the game.

Jinder Mahal

John Morison: For someone who was once hunting the WWE Title, his career has been heading in a downward-spiral. I don't wan't to read into things but I read a headline that Morison's contract will be ending pretty soon. Will he resign or will he be released?

Justin Gabriel:

Mason Ryan: Mason has the potential to be a world champion, but he has one problem. He looks too much like BATISTA!! He needs to bleach his hair or do something to throw the look off a bit.

Wade Barrett: I like Wade, but he seems to have lost a step since he joined this new group. He used to be the front runner of two different groups, now he's just one of the extras.

Zack Ryder: Zack is the only one in this group who moved up from tier 4. For a long time I didn't think Ryder would ever get a shot. Looks like his shot has come, let's see how far it goes.

Santino Marella:Santino is funny and entertaining. he always bounces back and fourth between tiers 2 and 3 in my book. I don't see him in 2 right now, because he's not doing any big storylines.

Tier 4

Trent Barreta:

Brodus Clay: it looks as if the WWE could be giving Brodus a push in the near future. I wasn't ready to put him to 3 just yet, lets see where this one goes.

Johnny Curtis:

JTG: If he changed his character completely , I could see JTG getting a push in the right direction. He's got great wrestling skills. I just think it's his stupid ass gimmick, that's keeping him at jobber status.

Curt Hawkins: A good wrestler, with decent mic skills, but he continues to get the shit of the stick.

The Great Kahli:I've said it earlier about how the WWE misuses large superstars. Kahli is one of those prime examples that i was referring to. At one time they made this man a monster, and everyone believed it. Now the man is a joke. Pure and simple.

Tyson Kidd: When Tyson Kidd came into the WWe with D.H. Smith, they were making huge waves. Unfortunately, there were other problems, and Smith was released. Tyson has tried to survive, but he has had little or no luck, and eventually sunk to the bottom tier.

Michael McGillicutty:

Drew McIntyre:The supposed "Chosen One", apparently has been chosen to sink to the bottom of the roster. I was a huge was of McIntyre for a long time, and I hope things turn around for him.


William Reagal:

Heath Slater:When I first saw Heath, I thought he would do great things, but the "One Man Rock Band" is more like "One Hit Wonder" after the Nexus departed.

Tyler Reks:Another wasteful talent in the WWE. The WWE recruits Reks, who looks to be a power-house, yet they do nothing with him. (I'm sorry WWE All Stars does not count in my book)

Skip Sheffield:

Yoshi Tatso:

The Uso's: The Uso's have had the worst luck in wrestling, since The BushWackers.

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Updated 10-12-2011 at 01:51 AM by Rick Starr

Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. MisterrrrrrrrrMichael's Avatar
    I agree with pretty much everything in your blog, except your spelling of Yoshi Tatsu
  2. fergie22's Avatar
    wheres cody rhodes. and big zeke. and others that arent on the list. cody is in tier 2. and big zeke in tier 3
  3. Austin 3:16's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fergie22
    wheres cody rhodes. and big zeke. and others that arent on the list. cody is in tier 2. and big zeke in tier 3
    Great read man but i agree with fergie Cody not on? Whys this?
  4. Amerinaine's Avatar
    What happened to Cody Rhodes man. He is definitely tier 2 if not Tier 1. He is in a great storyline now with Randy Orton. Has brought back the Intercontinental Championship Classic Belt back. What is there not to love. (I admit. I'm bandwagoning on Rhodes. The character is good.)
  5. JoePublic's Avatar
    enjoyable read. one thing I'd like know about is The Bushwhacker's bad luck...
  6. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Thanks Guys, I did have Big Zeke and Cody before. don't know what happened.
  7. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JoePublic
    enjoyable read. one thing I'd like know about is The Bushwhacker's bad luck...
    The Bushwhacker's bad luck, basically means that a tag team's career, has the worst luck in wrestling history. The Bushwhacker's lost more than they won, and never won a WWF title match.
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