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The 5 Most Disappointing Big Time Matches in Wrestling History Part 1

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This Blog is dedicated to anticipated Big Time matches that disappointed or didnt live up to standereds. Matches we thought were going to Change the face of wrestling or set a new standered but end up being a embarressment, Matches we thought would always be remembered but now we like to just forget them, Dream matches that turned out to be Nightmares, anticipated rematches that resembeld nothing of the Orginal..... These are the Most disappointing big time matches in the moderen era of prowresting.

5.Shawn Michales vs Steve Austin Wrestlemania 14
This wasnt a bad match by any means. It is probably the only good match on this list which is why its at number 5.
This match had high expectations going in, Austin was Red Hot having Great intense matches with everyone he was put in the ring with. Shawn Michales was at his peak in 1997/1998. Add in the factor that is was gonna be Steve Austin much awaited title win at the biggest stage of them all Wrestlemania and a Ground breaking Wrestlemania at that (14), People were expecting a stellar, Pull out all the stops , Intense Match that would be considered one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history. What we Got instead? a pretty good match. Which is not a bad thing, but when Expectations are as high as they were and Your Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 14 then Pretty Good is considered disappointing.

The Problem with this match was Shawn Michaels was in a Incredible ammount of pain, He was barely able to Wrestle. Shawns back was so bad he should of never been in the ring and Shawn actually retired right after this match for over 4 years. Add to that Steve Austin had a knee injury and was barely able to wrestle let alone at a high quality. So it was perfectly understandable why the match didnt live up to par, As a matter of fact its a testament of how professinal these men are just to show up and be in the ring for this match let alone to gut it out and pull out the performance these men did..... This is one of the gutsiest performances you will ever see, You can see the pain on Michaels face every time he moves....
After seeing the King of the Ring 1997, a Wrestling fan can only dream what might of been if these to men were healthy.

4. Chris Jericho vs HHH Wrestlemania 18
As much as the IWC hates to admit it, Back in 2000 and 2001, HHH was a Internet darling, Everyone on the internet was Kissing HHH's ass after buring him most of his career. People were Calling HHH one of the best of all times, The best in Ring performer, The Best all around wrestler, People were even saying he will pass Ric Flair as the greatest heel in wrestling. HHH had a Hell of a Year in 2000 and 2001. HHH would carry anyone to a great match and was having Classic, stellar matches it seemed every month. Heres a Run down of the matches he had.
Vs Cactus Jack at Royal Rumble 2000
vs Foley at NWO Hell in the Cell retirment match
vs the Rock at Backlash (4 1/2 match for sure)
Incredible Iron Man Match vsThe Rock
A Great red hot match with Chris Benoit on PPV
A Stellar Last man Standing Match against Chris Jericho
vs Undertaker WM17 (Undertakers best WM till that point)
vs Austin 3 stages o hell (considered best match of 2001)
HHH and Austin vs Benoit and Jericho from Raw

And there were so much more. I didnt even touch the surface. It was one Hell of a 24 monthes, but HHH got sidelined with a quad injury in a Tag team match against Chris Jericho and returned 8 monthes later to a Heros welcome on Raw in one of the best crowd reactions you will ever see, Wins the Rumble and is set to face the Undisputed champion (Chris Jericho) at Wrestlemania 18, Who is Also the man who injured him 8 monthes before. It seemed the stars aligned perfectly to give us a incredible Wrestlemania main event. We had one of The Greatest ever in HHH who could not have a less than great match even if he wanted to and one of the best all around talents in wrestling in Chris Jericho. Add to that its Jerichos first Mania main event and HHH's huge return, A packed house at the Skydome, That all the ingredients you need for a Wrestlemaina match that will stand the test of time, But what we got instead was a less than medicore disappointment of a match that wouldnt even pass for a Smackdown main event.... These men had Great chemistry a few years back, How they Pull off this crapfest of a match in the biggest match of their career?. Well What happened is, When HHH came back, he was no logfer the performer he once was, He added alot of muscle mass and lost alot of mobility, His injury effected him alot more than anyone thought it would and HHH was no longer the HHH of 2000 and 2001. Chris Jericho wasnt ready for the push he got, he was sort of disappointing as champion, Not to mention the feud which could of been booked in a medicore bookers sleep was booked so poorly by WWE, by adding Stephanie and HHH divorce in the mix and their dog also.... But even with the bad booking we all thought these men would leave it all in the ring, What we got was a lazy performance that was so lackluster it is considered one of the worse Wrestlemaina main events ever.

3. Hulk Hogan vs Warrior Hallowen Havoc 1998
No one realistically expected this to live up to their Wrestlemania 6 match but it was the most anticipatd rematch in the history of wrestling, It wasnt gonna be no 5 star affair by any means but all they would have to do is get in the ring, Do a few signature moves and a couple of rehashed spots, Give the fans the nostalgia they wanted and expected from Hogan and Warrior and send them home happy. What we got instead was one of the worst matches in history, Just a complete mess that not even Warrior, Hogan and Bischoff even attempt to defend.
Everything from the slow moventment, to the botches, the Lazyness and not to forget the embarrsing Hogan spending several mintues of the match trying to light flash paper in Warriors face for the finish of the match.... I would say this match is so bad you gotta see it, but do yourself a favor and dont see it.

2. Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg Wrestlmania XX
This was a Dream match for years. Two of the most dominate Wrestlers in the last 15 years in Goldbeg and Brock Lesnar. The stage was set at Wrestlemania XX, It had Steve Austin as a special guest Ref and it was being built since November. People couldnt wait for these 2 trains to collide on the 20th Anniversary of the Biggest Event in wrestling at MSG. But All Fans were disappointed to say the least.
The Match was one of the worst and most unique matches in the history of Wrestlemania... Bill Goldberg wasnt a Techinical Expert or a Great performer by any stretch of the imagination but he was very dominate and intense and his Move set was more over than 90 percent of the wrestler in WWE. Everyone Thought it be a great power match filled with impactful moves. Even With Goldbergs flaws, Everyone thought Lesnar would be able to carry it nicely and give one of the only and last dream matches in wetling that was left....
What happend was Lesnar quit the company just weeks before Mania along with his Wife Sable and Goldberg refused to renew a contract with WWE cause he was unhappy so it would be his last match also. The crowd was aware of this and the MSG fans booed both men out of the building. Goldberg and Lesnar were so surprised and shocked by the reaction that they couldnt adapt to the match and were not capable of keeping the match from falling apart, This match was a mess of a match that ended very prematurely..... It was a Dream match that really was hard to mess up but Goldbergs lack of talent and Lesnar being too Green to adapt the match to the crowd and not being able to focus on the match cause of the reaction of the MSG fans destroyed this match.... These men really could care less about the fans or the match since it was their last night. It showed the lack of respect Lesnar and Goldberg had for this business that night. The only highlight of this match was the MSG crowd giving Lesnar and Goldberg one of the worst reaction anyone would ever get, If you put Hitler and Bin Laden in MSG that night they get a more postitive reaction.

Please check out part 2

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  1. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    im gonna check out part 2 in a minute, but crippler i must say im loving your top 5 lists. i see youve inspired a bunch of copycats of late but yours is the best by a distance, great structure and insight sir
  2. LMPunker's Avatar
    i agree with all of them but seems harsh to have austin hbk on there concidering hbk could have been crippled if he took a bad bump
  3. benchch's Avatar
    number 2 ftw

    I keep thinking 'dayum if lesnar and goldberg got the chance to fight it would be an awesome match' Then remember it happened. The whole match didnt feel like a match. Was more like lets get out of here. And the stunners at the end made it less like it was even a match if that makes sense. more like a matinee to austin beat downs
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Next Big Thing
    im gonna check out part 2 in a minute, but crippler i must say im loving your top 5 lists. i see youve inspired a bunch of copycats of late but yours is the best by a distance, great structure and insight sir
    Thank you... I didnt invent top 5 list, but sinc emine they have been a few popping up lately. I do envy most of them for having better grammar and spelling then I do. What I dont understand is why no one has used my picture then number and name written in bold below each entry in the countdown style of writting, it does make it more enjoyable to read.

    What ets mebout these top 5 list is 4 will pop in my head instantly but the 5th will always take hours of thinking haha.... But Thanks man, hopfully you will enjoy the others.
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LMPunker
    i agree with all of them but seems harsh to have austin hbk on there concidering hbk could have been crippled if he took a bad bump
    Yeah I know, but if you read on the list i mentioned several times how gutsy both men were for working while hurt and ShawnBasicly crippled pulled out a pretty Good match showing why Shawn even at his worse is still better than most the guys on the roster.

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