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Hey guys Knox here. I think this is the one blog topic that can't possibly draw one negative comment lol. In all seriousness this isn't much of a blog. This is sort of me plugging WWE's On Demand program which is something I think every true wrestling fan should order. This product is top notch amazing for only 8-10 bucks a month depending on who your cable provider is.

Let me just speak on exactly what you get when you have this program. You get the best action of the past from not only the WWE but also WCW, WCCW, WWWF, NWA, ECW and everything in between.

Legends of Wrestling Round Table Talks:
They air one of these one time a month. The normal cast on this is Jim Ross or Mean Gene & Michael PS Hayes. They will always have a couple special guest which have included Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff, Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Dusty Rhodes and many more.

They sit for an hour and talk about a special topic for an hour and give their backstage account of it. This programs gives you a chance to find out so many secrets and interesting stuff you would never even imagine.

They have discussed topics such as the Greatest Giants, Canadian wrestlers, The best real life feuds, the greatest 2nd generation stars, the greatest rivals and many more topics.

Michael PS Hayes makes this show amazing. He is absolutely hilarious and he has millions of funny stories with just about every 80s wrestler you can think of. They really hold no punches on this show and they explain it all.

Just recently they taped one discussing the nWo and they had Kevin Nash in the panel. This was shot in 2011 so of course Bischoff & Hogan weren't there because they're with TNA and I'm sure there not going to help WWE plug the nWo. Kevin Nash gave an honest view on the nWo and he explained his frustrations with it down the line. He didn't seem to be a huge fan of being apart of the babyface Wolfpack version of the nWo.

The topic this month is called "Heatseekers". They discuss the wrestlers that had the most heat in the lockerroom as far as their attitude and respect level. Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley & Eric Bischoff were the special guests. Bischoff mentioned Scott Hall, Goldberg and Lex Luger as the worst people he ever worked with and apparently they were well hated backstage by their peers.

Primetime Wrestling:
This is a show hosted by Bobby Heenan & The late Gorilla Monsoon from the 80s and early 90s. Might be my favorite program. Heenan & Monsoon were classic together and absolutely the funniest duo in wrestling history. They show us some of the great matches currently from that time.

Monday Night Wars: WCW Nitro vs Monday Night Raw
They give us a new episode every month. They show us the head to head battle week to week from the Monday Night Wars back in the late 90s. They give us the full Nitro & Raw episode week for week. Honestly Nitro was better than Raw for a long time when you sit and watch these full episodes again. Nitro just had that spunk in which you wouldn't change the channel. This is definitely something the Attitude Era fans of the day would love to relive. I absolutely love this one.

10 Count:
This is a good program as well. They air these about once every other month. They count down the 10 greatest of whatever the topic may be.

More recently they did a 10 count for Greatest Wrestlemania matches, greatest Tag Team matches and Greatest World Title matches.

Each month they give us an ECW episode and a PPV. This is a pretty cool one to relive on too seeing as one of my favorites are Raven. This program reminded me of why I hated Shane Douglass so much lol.

Current PPV:
They always air a current PPV about 3 months after it took place. So the Hell In a Cell PPV just passed so that should be on WWE On Demand by January 2012.

Themed Months:
Every month has a theme. This month of October is called "The Undertaker's Ball". They are spoiling us with some of the Undertaker's greatest matches. Right now they have all his casket matches up and the huge Inferno match he had with Kane.

They have great theme months. They have a month that celebrates the divas, the greatest black wrestlers, the great Mexican wrestlers, the greatest heels, the top heroes, the late deceased wrestlers, the greatest technicians and many more.

Old School MSG, Philly, Boston & Toronto Cards:
They take us back to the old school card from the 80s that took place in Madison Square Garden, Philly and a few other cities. I respect this program it really gives you a history lesson on great guys.

Pick Your Big One (PYBO):
This is when the fans vote on a PPV and they add it. They spoil us with classic IYO(In Your House) PPV's all the time. Right now they have Survivor Series 94' up. Every month expect to see at least 3 classic WCW, ECW or WWF PPV's from the 80s or 90s.

The Extras: TNT, WCCW, Classic Feuds and yeah:
They always throw in random programs like old episodes of WCCW. They also throw random matches of today like the classic battles Kofi Kingston & Dolph Ziggler had. And also the feud Dibiase Jr had with Daniel Bryan.

Also a couple months ago they revisited John Cena & Kurt Angle feud. This feud is amazing because it was on and off for a while. Cena debuted as a babyface against a cocky heel Kurt Angle. Then Cena turned heel and adapted the rapper gimmick and went to feud with a babyface Kurt Angle. Then Cena turns face again to feud with Angle and become #1 contender against angle thus leading him to his first WWE Title reign when he dethroned JBL. This is amazing if you ask me. Cena's best matches were against Kurt. Even though Kurt angle has publically criticized Cena on numerous situations, deep down I know Cena is greatful to Kurt Angle for the way he put him over as a young midcarder. Thats a pretty big deal to be feuding with a guy like Kurt Angle in your first year.

All in all, this programs educates anyone. I'll be honest, I didn't fully start watching wrestling till the age 12 in which was 2004. I missed out on pretty much everything. I can say for a fact I know like almost everything there is to know after 96' just by having WWE On Demand.

Sometimes I make a few mistakes on my blogs when I try to talk about the old days but I know most of it. This program gives you the life story of the greats like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Stone Cold, Sting, DDP, Scott Hall, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and pretty much anyone you can name.

If you miss the old days of wrestling you will get your fix with this program. I think many people complain about today's WWE & TNA product so much because they don't get to see the old stuff anymore. Lol I barely complain about today's product because all I have to do is click my remote to Classics On Demand and relive "The Attitude Era" or "The 80s" anytime I want. I get my old school fix from On Demand and I enjoy it.

THANKS GUYS READING. If anyone has on WWE Classics On Demand, leave a comment and tell these people how great it is. If you don't well leave a comment anyway. Thanks guys and be safe. Check out the vid.

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    I would have a couple of issues of paying for stuff like that. There is always youtube to counter that! Not only that I'm sure with Vince's issues with certain guys in the business, there matches might be excluded! With Chris Benoit being a big part WCW, will he be excluded or his name will be bleeped out?
  2. kingofkings1984's Avatar
    Excellent review knox.thank you. Im in the UK and dont seem to be allowed full access to the site as yet, was wondering if you could shed more light on the 100 greatest matches apparently viewable through this on demand website,or perhaps provide a link to a website other than wwe who provide this list? Once again excellent in-depth review that im sure we all will find useful. As AOF666 says its a shame some content will not be shown though.
  3. Beast's Avatar
    [QUOTE=AOF666;bt47390]I would have a couple of issues of paying for stuff like that. There is always youtube to counter that! Not only that I'm sure with Vince's issues with certain guys in the business, there matches might be excluded! With Chris Benoit being a big part WCW, will he be excluded or his name will be bleeped out?[/QUOTE]

    Benoit is dead, he klled himself after he killed his family, he doesn't deserve to even be mentioned period. It is like having a dog that runs out in front of a car and dies. Well its time to get a new dog because that dog was a Retard!!
  4. knox's Avatar
    thanks for the comment bro. Actually, they haven't posted the 100 greatest matches on On Demand as far as I know. Here's the full website if this might help.
    hope that could bro and thanks.

    yea you could youtube it but how would you know what to youtube? Classics on Demand provides you with great PPV's and material that you might have forgot existed or you wouldn't even think to look up. Lol also lets be honest watching it from a television set is much more convenient then waiting for it to fully stream on youtube.

    But to answer your Benoit question. They skip over his WCW matches. In fact, they never aired Wrestlemania 20 on Classics On Demand because he was in the mainevent so its no point of showing us that Wrestlemania if we can't see the Triple Threat and also he won that match.

    They do however show his run in's sometimes. I've seen them show him run in on interferences a couple of times but they do a good job eliminating him from the whole program.

    @Beast, i completely agree. The man doesn't deserve to be feature on anything. I don't care if he was President. You don't kill your family no matter what drugs your brain was behaving upon.
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    Then buying on demand is not worth it. If I'm paying to see old WCW Nitros, WCW PPVS, Monday Night Raws, Smackdowns, and WWE PPVS, I want to see the whole thing unedited! I don't like the idea Vince going in there and changing wrestling history. Putting personal feeling a side from what Benoit did in real life, he was part of WCW and WWE. Us fans knew Benoit as a wrestling character, and not the real Benoit!
  6. knox's Avatar

    Bro I definitely see your point. I feel exactly where you're coming from but we all know it's politics. WWE has all these Be a Star, anti-bullying and charity campaigns that they are worrying about which provides them sponsors which also generates revenue. How many top brands are going to sponsor the WWE and patronize that company if they showcase a murder that killed his precious son and wife?

    How many parents are going to allow their kids to watch this stuff? I used to love Benoit but wrestler or not, he broke a cardinal rule. He took his wife & son's life and was too much of a coward to accept responsibility for his actions so he took his own life. That in no way in commendable. I don't care if Benoit cured cancer. You still don't take the innocent life of a 7 year old kid and your son at that.
  7. Big Ron's Avatar
    Why erase history because Benoit was accused of killing his family .... nobody can PROVE he did. Does the NFL ignore OJ?

    KNOX if you really enjoy these you should invest a lot of time in "shoot interviews "

    Lastly don't forget that these programs are all the things that Vince wants you to see let's see when WWE demand shows ECW's Anarchy Rulz 97
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