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Smackdown's Worst Enemy- The Draft Part 2

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This is the second part of the draft covering the 2005 Draft. This is the draft I think really hurt Smackdown. Also I won't cover the Post draft trades since most of those stars left or just didn't matter. So here it is...

John Cena
Rob Van Dam
Kurt Angle
The Big Show

Chris Benoit
Randy Orton
Muhammad Hussan and Daivari

Smackdown got Chris Benoit, who put on a lot of great matches for the US title and left for WWECW in 2007. Randy Orton feuded with Taker for most of his year on Smackdown and entered the World Title picture at Wrestlemania in a triple threat match between himself, Angle and Mysterio. Hussan and Daivari stayed on Smackdown for about a month because of the Undertaker and terrorists incident. Christian stayed on Smackdown for 4 months before joining TNA. Batista stayed with Smackdown until 2008 while feuding with JBL for the World Heavyweight title in some great matches and winning the tag titles with Rey.

We all know what happens to John Cena on Raw so no need to go into detail. Angle stayed with Raw for a year putting on some great matches before joining the ECW brand. Rob Van Dam won his first WWE title after winning money in the bank. Big Show got a tag team title reign with Kane and was also in the Survivor's Series team match. He left Raw to join the new ECW brand also.

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