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Top 10 Entrance Music in WWE, TNA, WCW from Established Bands

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This is opinionated, so if you think I forgot something put it in the comments. I am 19 so I haven't be around long but I will try to include as many as I could think of. Here are the rules: I will only use bands that made music for a superstar or superstars only (No PPV songs). Nothing from artists that only make wrestling music (Jim Johnston, Jimmy Hart, etc.) and they. Finally no songs performed by wrestlers for themselves (Cena, Mickie James, etc.). This list is purely for fun and to give you guys something to read.

10. Glass Shatters by Disturbed for Stone Cold

The reason why it is number 10 is because the first song was really good also. But Disturbed really did a good job with this song. It still has the iconic shattering glass at the beginning which is great and it sounds harder.

9. Seek and Destroy by Metallica for Sting

What can I say I am a sucker for old Metallica. This song was good for Sting but not sure how well it matched him in my opinion which is why it is 9 and it wasn't written for Sting WCW just payed to use it for Sting.

8. Get Ready to Fly by GRITS for AJ Styles

This is a really good song from an underground rap group for AJ. My favorite out of all of his themes and it fits him perfectly. They wrote the song for AJ as I am sure you can tell and did a good job performing it for him.

7. Burn in my Light by Mercy Drive for Randy Orton

My favorite theme for Orton and better than Voices in my opinion. When they used it, it was the perfect time since he left Evolution. The Legend Killer gimmick also gave this them meaning which helped it a lot. To bad the band only didn't last long they had some potential.

6. Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie for Edge

Great song to give Edge after the E & C ended. My favorite Rob Zombie song and my second favorite Edge theme. Matched Edge perfectly at that time and today even.

5. One of a Kind by Breaking Point for Rob Van Dam

Had a hard time on whether to choose this or Fury of the Storm. Both capture Rob good and fit his style perfectly. I choose this because it was catchier in my opinion.

4. I came to Play and Perfection by Downstraight for Miz and Dolph Ziggler

Ranked high because they did two great themes that match both superstars perfectly. Not counting Riley because he hasn't lived up to his song yet. I hope this band stays around for some more time.

3. Cult of Personality by Living Colour for CM Punk

I like Killswitch but I always thought this song would be great since he came to the 'E. Gets him down nicely and is already a popular song before.

2. Multiple songs by Motorhead for Triple H

These guys have done a bunch of songs for HHH from Evolution theme to The Game and the King of Kings. Each song fits perfectly and Motorhead is a great band.

1. Real American by Rick Derringer for Hulk Hogan

I am sure most of you had to see this coming. This song will make any fan mark out even if you hate Hogan. I don't know much about Derringer but he had his own career before this. The song is just pure nostalgia and the song just fit him perfectly during that period.

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  1. rss3004's Avatar
    What about Metalingus!
  2. Samuel L. Jackson's Avatar
    Keep on Rollin' ...
  3. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rss3004
    What about Metalingus!
    I had to go with never gonna stop. I didn't want to have to use 2 different bands for 1 superstar (same with Punk and RVD). Motorhead just did HHH which is why I lumped it together and Downstraight did multiple songs for different guys which is why I did them as 1
  4. Scouserryan's Avatar
    enter Sandman?
  5. RagnarokNRoll's Avatar
    I've got big balls by AC/DC- Balls Mahobey
    This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage- CM Punk
  6. knox's Avatar
    damn you @Wrestlinfab665113, lol I was just about to do a blog on the top entrance music. This is a very cool list. Since your going based off Rock bands, you nailed it.

    But if we're talking theme music in general, I would have to say The Horsemen had the best theme ever lol.

    Currently today the best theme in wrestling is "Say It To My Face" - Downstait which is Alex Riley's theme.

    Thanks for the blog bro I enjoyed it
  7. dub's Avatar
    Very nice list. Do you remember Rocks Hollywood heel theme? MAN it was so simple but it was AWESOME. I think the beginning part is what set it off.
    Updated 10-18-2011 at 01:31 PM by dub
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