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Top 10 Tag Team Single's Stars

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Hey guys. Today I'm blogging on the stars that came from tag teams or had a history of being in a tag team. Tag Teams are a top topic of discussion today in all wrestling. Like Jim Ross said, "The goal of a tag team is to find a star to spin off from that tag team and make it to star status".


10. Dolph Ziggler - The Spirit Squad

Dolph Ziggler:
Currently in my opinion the top all around wrestler in the WWE. Right now he is the best heel the WWE has at the moment. He's a multiple I.C. & U.S. Champion. He's in a pretty good position on Raw and I can pretty much guarantee he'll be World Champ within a couple of years.

The Rest of the Spirit Squad:
They turned out to be nothing. They tried to push Kenny Dykstra as a singles star and he was actually doing pretty well until he lost his job after that backstage incident with Mickie James. After this huge let down, Dolph Ziggler reappeared on the scene and made himself something in this business.

9. Cody Rhodes - Legacy

Cody Rhodes:
He went on to do wonders as a single's star. Currently I.C. Champ with the classic belt. He's taken two sour gimmicks and made something believable out of those gimmicks. When he was "Dashing" I didn't give him a chance. But he took that gimmick and delivered. Then he was giving the "UnDashing" and took that somewhere.. He has enough mic skills to make the best out of any gimmick.

Ted Dibiase Jr.:
Personally he's my favorite as of now. He's been my favorite for years and I've been waiting for him to blossom. I bet 90% of wrestling fans expected Dibiase to be the star after Legacy broke up but thats just the opposite. The problem is the WWE are trying too hard to make him like his dad. Why give him the same gimmick if you won't let him explore it. He has the "I Come From Money" theme music but nothing about his character say's money. The WWE need to work on making him his own guy just like they did with Cody Rhodes. Rhodes is nothing like Goldust or Dusty Rhodes.

8. Jeff Hardy - The Hardy Boyz

Jeff Hardy:
He went on to be become a multiple time WWE champ. I really don't understand if you ask me. I always thought Matt was the better of the two but they both let self destruction get in the way of them being stars. Jeff had little mic skills and is a spot monkey wrestler. He abused the WWE by hopping on and off drugs. He returned the company in 2007 and within a year jumped in front of every top draw to become WWE champ. I don't think he deserved it but hey, it happened.

Matt Hardy:
This guy on the other hand had the makings of a star. His Version 1 heel gimmick was awesome. He puts on great matches and in 2005 was on his way to becoming WWE Champ but that ended after the whole Edge & Lita situation. I feel Hardy wasn't giving a fair shake and eventually drove himself crazy. He had all the makings of a star and then came the huge weight gain. He was in a cool position on Smackdown in 2009 but decided to cry and work the dirt sheets and destroy his own career. Went to TNA to change wrestling but ended up destroying his own career with bad choices.

7. Edge - Edge & Christian

10-Time World Champ. He was nothing but greatness and will always be my favorite of all time. He paid his damn dues no matter what anyone says. Went through the most diabolical ladder matches and suffered countless injuries throughout his career just to finally make it to that brass ring. I love Edge and he deserves everything he's gotten from this business. Its a shame injury cut his career short.

Christian had a pretty decent singles career if you ask me. Multiple time I.C. Champ, he had the "Peep Show". He was an amazing heel in 2005 and was on his way to a WWE title runin 2005 as well. He went to TNA but after 5 years he came back to become a 2-Time World Champ. We all don't like how the WWE has booked his career as of late as the whiny heel but at least he can say he's a 2-Time World Champ.

6. JBL or Ron Simmons? - The APA

Honestly we can debate who had the better career out of Bradshaw & Ron Simmons. JBL went on to become World Champ but really didn't do much in between that. But he did indeed change the face of wrestling with his gimmick. He had a "Ted Dibiase Sr. Million Dollar Man" type of a gimmick but with a huge political effect. JBL was like a President when he was champ especially with his cabin.

Ron Simmons:
He had a pretty decent career and in my opinion had more of a consistent role in wrestling. He's one of two blacks in history to be WCW World Champion, Booker T being the other. He's had decent roles on television and was the leader of one of the best stables "The Nation of Domination". I think its debatable as far as who had the best career out of JBL & Simmons. But as far as after their tag team run, JBL went on to become WWE champ so I guess I'll give it to him. But overall, Ron Simmons had a better career

Bonus: Eddie Guerrero - Los Guerrero's

Eddie Guerrero:
He always carried on a pretty good singles career even in WCW as a multiple time Cruiserweight Champion. After his run as the Los Guerrero's with his nephew Chavo, his career took a leap. He went on to take Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship at No Way Out 2004. He went on to have a great career up until his tragic death.

Chavo Guerrero:
He was definitely underutilized. He had a decent career as a singles star. He also won his share of titles but never won the big one. The WWE dropped the ball huge with him by letting Rey Mysterio win the WWE Title after Eddie's death instead of Chavo. Chavo instead was jobbing to Hornswoggle.

5. Kevin Nash - The Outsiders

Kevin Nash:
Granted he was already developed before teaming with Scott Hall. Nash was already a one time WWF Champion. The most boring run ever in my opinion. But after he and Hall broke up in WCW, Nash went on to become a multiple time WCW World Champ and even returned to the WWE later to have some pretty good feuds.

Scott Hall:
He had the ability to become one of the greatest this business has ever seen. Alot of Hall's lows are also self inflicted. He had the "Bad Guy Razor Ramon" gimmick which was absolutely amazing. To this day had two of the greatest matches ever in the history of wrestling with Shawn Michaels in ladder matches at Wrestlemania and Summerslam of 1995. He was on his way to becoming World Champ but jumped ship to WCW for more money in 1996. He came here and the demons took hold of him. He made the mistake of coming to a company just to go to the back of the line and never try and advance like Nash did.

4. Bret Hart - The Hart Foundation

Bret Hart:
His accomplishments are 2nd to none. He wasn't World Champ as much as many other greats but his abilities speak for itself. He's recognized as one of the greats.

Jim Neidhart:
He basically had no singles success. He went on to hang around but sad to say he was unaccomplished compared to guys like Owen Hart and Davey Smith.

3. Shelton Benjamin - The World's Greatest Tag Team

Shelton Benjamin:
He didn't have the best career but he will always be recognized as one of the most underrated and underused WWE stars of all time. He still became a 3-Time I.C. Champion and an 1-Time United States Champ. He's gone over in feuds in 2004 against the likes of Triple H & Randy Orton.

He had a great gimmick as the Gold Standard and was solid as a heel. The WWE could have took that gimmick to great heights. The Gold Standard just screamed World Heavyweight Champion to me but it never happened. All in all, he had a pretty solid career for a midcarder and might even be a future Hall of Famer.

Charlie Haas:
Haas on the other hand had a terrible WWE singles career. He won no single's belts in the WWE. He's enjoyed a great career however wrestling around the world in the indies circuit. As far as the WWE, they made a joke out of a great wrestler. He was busy impersonating people on Raw instead of being booked as the real wrestler he deserved to be booked as.

2. The Miz - John Morrison & The Miz

The Miz:
He shocked the world. After him & Jomo split up, we were all sure that The Miz would be the Marty Janetty of this tag team. Instead Miz went on to have a great feud with Cena. Then became WWE Champion and evented mainevented Wrestlemania against Cena and went over. Now, he's the spotlight of Raw with R-Truth and their huge angle. He's the man as far as I'm concerned. After all, he was expected to be another said reality star that tried to succeed in something other than that and actually prevailed.

John Morrison:
Believe it or not. He was better before he & The Miz even teamed. Before he teamed with the Miz he was ECW Champ and I.C. Champ. In my opinion he was a great heel and promo skill was alot better than it is today. Today he's let twitter and his girlfriend get in the way of him being the star he should be . He was the skill in the ring. We'll see what he accomplishes down the road, I can only hope the best.

1. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels:
Simply known in many eyes as the Greatest of All Time. He's the Michael Jordan & Johnny Unitas of this business. Went on to do wonders after the Rockers. He's had a prestigious career and really words can't explain the success he's seen. His name is synonyms with the word "Wrestling". Shawn Michaels is wrestling.

Marty Janetty:
Well you all know the rest.


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  1. rafalafaa's Avatar
    This list is all over the place. You got number one right, but Edge should be number 2 on this list and could very well be number 1. Bret should be 3. Booker T isn't on the list, and he should probably be number 4.
  2. NaterD4's Avatar
    Nash never won the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship in 2003.

    I don't think Chavo is that great in the ring. I also think by letting Chavo win the big one would have been incredibly predictable and would most likely be his only one. Then people would be saying that the only reason he got the big one was because of Eddie's death and that wouldn't be fair to Chavo in all honesty.

    In regards to the rest of your list, I agree with it. Good blog.
  3. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    You forgot Christian had 2 world title reigns and held it over 200 days in TNA.
  4. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice read Knox but I think you mixed up yourself, Edge and Jeff should be much higher.
    1. Shawn 2. Edge 3. Bret 4. Jeff 5. Eddie and so on. I think you also forgot that Ziggler is a former world champion and if I'm not mistaken Edge is an 11-time world champ. I also think that WWE did the correct thing in putting over Rey instead of Chavo. Chavo isn't world champion material he's mid card at best. Until next time mate
  5. knox's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the comments I appreciate it but some of you are confused by the ranks.

    I made Shawn Michaels #1 because of the fact that in comparison Marty Janetty accomplished basically nothing after the Rockers.

    I didn't make Edge #3 because of the fact that Christian actually had a decent career in comparison. Even though Edge is a 10-Time World Champ, Christian is a 2-Time WWE World Champ, a TNA World Champ and an ECW World Champ, he's held the tag titles with people other than Edge, and has also been a multiple time I.C. Champ. He still had a pretty good career compared to Edge so I put him higher on the list.

    The list isn't ranked based on the success of the careers of the tag stars. If that was the case than Shelton Benjamin would be #10 because of course Edge, Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero had better careers. This is a list comparing the difference of the star to their partner. Shelton in #3 because he's one plenty of single's titles but Charlie Haas has won none.
  6. knox's Avatar
    And I agree that Booker T should be on the list. I forgot that one. He had an awesome career. Went on to become a 6 time World Champ after Harlem Heat and Stevie Ray pretty much vanished. So yea Booker T would be a great #2 because in comparison his counter part Stevie Ray accomplished nothing.
  7. Poot-Hair's Avatar didn't put Doink the Clown and Dink....i'm now a sad panda lol
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