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Maddog J.

The Man Pulling All The Strings in the WWE

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This is my first blog so here it goes....Is it at all possible that The Rock turns out to be the guy pulling all the strings behind the scenes causing this uproar about HHH being COO? Read this article from :

In the article it talks about an individual behind the scenes pulling the strings, and this individual is someone whom HHH (along with DX) feuded with heavily. Sure they gave Vince hell, but out of all of HHH's rivals who did he feud with more than The Rock. Stone Cold maybe, but he really isn't in the mix at this point, sure Mick Foley could be a candidate, but it's too far outside the box. The Rock is already knee deep into this and none of us are really looking at it clearly because we all assume The Rock is a face in all this. Plus, The Rock isn't on TV, so he is not a true suspect like John Laurinaitis is being made out to be. He is actually The Rock's stooge in all this, hence the texts he is sending, probably to The Rock wanting to know what The Great One's next move might be. The Rock is a big Hollywood star that made Vince and the WWE (including the so-called board members) a lot of money. If you had to look at it, The Rock's equivalent in today's WWE is John Cena. He is a big face, who has been in Hollywood movies, commercials, big merchandise seller, etc. The Rock could look at Cena as a threat or better yet, a cheap imitation, either way this whole "Cena as the face of the WWE" thing is what has motivated The Rock into this storyline. The Rock is short term (technically) because he will be gone after Wrestlemania and if and when he ever comes back he will still be as popular as ever. The Rock being heel won't hurt him in Hollywood or in any other future endeavors. It sure didn't hurt him in 2003. Check this video out from 2003:

Here is a possible Survivor Series scenario: HHH, Cena, Rock & Air Boom vs Miz, R-Truth, Christian, Ziggler & Swagger. Air Boom gets eliminated early, leaving HHH, Cena & Rock and maybe they are even just down to Miz & Truth....somewhere towards the end, Cena and or HHH get the tag on Rock and he turns on them both. Several other heel superstars come down and get involved in a massive beatdown of HHH and Cena. Cena is out (injured) until a triumphant return at the Royal Rumble. HHH vs Rock at Rumble will be set. Rock somehow squeaks out a victory of HHH at Rumble. Cena enters the Rumble and is down to the last few, Rock comes out and costs him the Rumble match building even more fuel to the fire that is Wrestlemania.

Of course, if this is in the works, I am sure it will change....50 different times probably. Either way, I hope in the end....the build to Wrestlemania is exciting and entertaining.

- Maddog J.

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  1. Mooresy29's Avatar
    An excellent read, and far more interesting than some of the theories i've read about this angle, I would love for this to be true, but sadily i can't see it being anyone other than Vince, and I personally think both Cena and The Rock will head into Wrestlemania as faces (unfortunately).
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 Read!! I love Rock as Both face n Heel!!!
  3. deadly56's Avatar
    I think it might be Shawn Michael behind all of this.
    Updated 10-08-2011 at 10:41 AM by deadly56

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