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The Biggest Comedian in WWE: Santino Marella

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Hey guys, BlackFalcon here, and I just watched on Raw the return of the funniest guy ever to grace the WWE, one Santino Marella.

In my opinion, Santino is the unsung hero of the 'E. If you think about it, with all the serious and over the top main event storylines in the last few years, who's the one guy who has always kept the comedy in the company. Who's the guy who will unselfishly job in order to push superstars in mid-card obscurity, who's always on hand to make you feel better if you're down. That's right, It's everyone favourite Italian-Canadian, Santino.

Granted he's been a joke ever since he started, but it's the simple fact that he does it in such good humour that makes me love him. I could never imagine him sulking and asking to be pushed like some people in his position might. He really has the 'entertainment' part of this thing down. So to honour the great man, I here submit what I feel is the top 5 Santino moments or sections.

No.5: Santino Owns Sheamus

Now the best thing about this is the simple fact that the most stereotypical guy on the roster is making fun of Irish stereotypes (Leprechauns, pale skin, etc.) While the British Tea Party with big Vlad was also good, I prefer this one just for the fact that as well as plugging his own accomplishments, he still knows how to sell a good punch.

No.4: The Honk-A-Meter/Champion of Planet Earth

Now one thing I always remember fondly is Santino's quest to become the greatest IC Champion 'of all times'. The Honk-A-Meter was always a hilarious gimmick, even though it only ran for 13 or so weeks. This time he appeared on Smackdown sticks out, not just for the random decimal, but for the fact that he exaggerates his title so much, but actually brings up a decent point about it. It also reminds of a time when Beth Phoenix didn't need 3 matches to win a championship and was as dominant as she deserves to be now.

No.3: Santino Sings Rehab

Santino has always been an amazing heel, and this just proves it. Not only is he using a great tune that was big on the charts back then, but he uses to slam the hardest SOB in the biz. Now granted Austin isn't that great of an actor (I watched the Expendables and actually preferred Dolph Lungdren WTH!?!) but Santino just took what we were thinking and put it in hilarious verse. RIP Amy, at least your songs brought great joy to the WWE Universe as well as the rest of the world.

No.2: Santino Rapping?

If one thing's funnier than Santino singing, it's Santino rapping. From the way he says 'Akorn', to the jaunty cap and finishing with "We're not even in a restaraunt... but you got served!" Santino just showcases the best he has to offer, and that is his hilarity.

No.1: Santino Impersonates Chris Jericho

Granted it's a shameless plug for WWE Merch and mainly focuses on DXSwoggle (And I admit the "HE'S GOT A BEARD!" is a funny line) Santion just makes this moment a complete classic. You don't even realize it's him until he turns round, and then you know it's going to be funny. I honestly couldn't breathe when he said "Hyprocrates" and the screams when Hornswoggle attacks are hilarious. This is without a doubt, Santino's funniest moment in WWE history.

Honourable Mentions Include...
- Santino's Casa (Need to bring that back it was a classic)
- Santina (Disturbing yet Hilarious)
- Copying Melina's entrance (Painful yet Hilarious)
-Impersonating Batista ("I shoot the lasers outta my arms, like I'm 8 years old!")
-Royal Rumble '08 and '09 (He beat the Warlord's record man, he should be proud)
- This video is hilarious

All in All, Santino is officially the funniest man to ever appear in a WWE ring, and I would consider it a great travesty if he wasn't eventually put in the Hall of Fame for his services to Wrestling comedy.

Got your own fave Santino moment? disagree with my Top 5? post a comment and let me know. BlackFalcon out.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    Yes he is the best comedian in the WWE and we actually like him unlike that joke Hornswoggle. Santino & Eric Young are super funny. What do you think about Eric Young?
  2. BIGZrudypoo812's Avatar
    its a tie Hollywood Rock and Santino
  3. luduca444's Avatar
    what about Goldust?
  4. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Goldust is no where near on the level of Santino. Goldust has his moments but sometimes it comes off as creepy. Santino is always (or most of the time0 hilarious.
  5. Chazztastic's Avatar
    I love Santino because he looks like he really enjoys just being the "joke" and he does it so well. It kind of reminds me of Mankind (funny Mankind, and not psychotic Mankind). Only if Santino had wrecklessly-crazy-but-still-amazing wrestling skills like Mankind, he could be a main eventer.
  6. Samuel L. Jackson's Avatar
    Yup he is funny... I agree with the other poster, that Rock is up there without question.
    On a side note, there is one moment between Cena and Orton from 2008, where they share a funny moment backstage... Just funny considering those 2 are in involved!
  7. Beast's Avatar
    [QUOTE=knox;bt47291]Yes he is the best comedian in the WWE and we actually like him unlike that joke Hornswoggle. Santino & Eric Young are super funny. What do you think about Eric Young?[/QUOTE]

    Wow Hornswoggle is the man, you fail! I like Santino but do not think he is funnier than Hornswaggle plus his finisher is better! Hey Knox you look like Chyna before the surgeries!
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