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Intercontinental Championship Prestige?

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Cody Rhodes revealed the old Intercontinental Championship and talked about the Intercontinental Championship Prestige throughout the years and the many classic matches that involved the Intercontinental Championship. Does this mean WWE's going to bring back the Intercontinental Championship back to its former glory, I'd like to think so, but does that mean it's going to happen?

There's no denying that Cody Rhodes has been doing rather well with the Intercontinental Championship and has become a credible champion or at least that's my opinion. Cody has definitely succeeded in getting people to talk about the Intercontinental Championship. So, I thought I'd run down a small list of wrestlers who I believe can help bring back the prestige to the Intercontinental Championship.

Justin Gabriel: Here is a superstar who I believe would make a great Intercontinental Champion, but it's a matter of whether or not he gets a chance to showcase his abilities. He seems to be more a little more versatile and could compete against almost anybody on the roster.

Ted DiBiase: Here's a second generation superstar that has been lost in shuffle, but I feel like he hasn't been given an opportunity to showcase abilities. Everybody thought he'd be the more successful singles wrestler when Legacy disband, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. However, I think he could have a lot of great feuds and I think he would be a great Intercontinental Championship.

Heath Slater: I'm still debating whether or not I should include Heath Slater on this list, but I thought I'd include him because I think he has potential to make a good Intercontinental Champion in a few years. As it stands now. He's not credible enough to become champion, but I'd like to see WWE give him a chance to showcase his abilities.

Daniel Bryan: He's a little small compared to a lot of other wrestlers, but I think he would be a great Intercontinental Champion. He has paid his dues on throughout the indy promotions and has a tremendous amount of technical wrestling ability. He's already had a successful reign as United States Champion, so why not see a Intercontinental Championship reign?

Wade Barrett: Granted he's a big man and still a little green around the edges, but he's already held the Intercontinental Championship once and in my honest opinion his Intercontinental Championship reign was a flop. However, I think in a couple years from now Wade Barrett could make a believable champion. He hasn't had much credibly to him, but he's basically been lost in the shuffle and a few really good feuds would certainly help cement him into becoming a believable Intercontinental Champion.

Randy Orton: Here is a superstar that has held the Intercontinental Championship before and had a successful reign as champion. It would be a great start to have a credible wrestler put over somebody who lacks credibility. It would be a similar to Triple H and Shelton Benjamin back when Shelton first got drafted to Monday Night Raw.

Conclusion: There are a lot of wrestlers that have the ability to become a great Intercontinental Champion, but it's all matter of whether or not WWE wants to showcase their talent properly. Longer title reigns would definitely help Intercontinental Championship credibility, while keeping the title away from guys like Jinder Mahal, Ezekiel Jackson and Sheamus.

Anyways those are just my thoughts and I hope that I'll get some discussion about this whether or not you agree or disagree, comment below and give me your thoughts and opinions. This was my first blog and I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Parallax's Avatar
    While I agree with most of the list you wrote about guys that could help the IC belt mean something again, I think the best thing they could do to make it matter as much as it used to is to make the IC champ the #1 contender again. Use it as a springboard to the top again, instead of just another throw-away title.

    Savage, Warrior, Hart, HBK, Austin, Rock , HHH and more held that belt before getting pushed to the top. The title mattered because it meant a guy was climbing the ladder. Nowadays, holding that title is equal to running on a treadmill. Run as fast as you want, you still aren't going anywhere.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Nice first blog. They wouldn't let Orton hold the IC title in this age, because hes always got to be in the main event, like Cena, since hes one of their biggest draws. IMO what makes the title prestigious is not just the wrestler who holds it, but one who holds onto it for a long time, and actually defends it in good matches. We have seen that from Daniel Bryan (with the US title), Dolph Ziggler (US title) and recently Cody Rhodes. I would like for him to have a feud with Justin Gabriel or Wade Barrett, since they can both put on great matches and look like champions.
  3. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Nice blog. I was excited to see the White Strap IC Title. Kinda hope they kill the face mask thing soon though. But have to say, I have been impressed by Rhodes. So much better than his other family members.
  4. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    Daiel Bryan, with a better gimmick and a tad better mic skills would make an EXCELLENT WORLD CHAMP, not just IC. He has the charisma and ability.

    Ted DiBiase and Cody had a fued, I don't know what happened but they need to pick it back up. Maybe make a tournament for the number 1 contender after that, with Randy Orton in it, he wins and resumes his fued with Cody, where Cody beats him at 2 PPV, and he wins at the third. Only to be attacked by Barett and Rhodes on smackdown setting up a triple threat.
  5. Chaston80's Avatar
    I love the Intercontinental title and have since Macho Man held the title...I find it a disapointment that the I.C. title has become less important and sometimes forgotten. If the I.C. title is to become important again a few things need to happen...
    1. The WWE title and World Title need to be unified that way there is only one world title and those who want it have to prove themselves with the I.C. or ,U.S. titles.
    2. Better story lines than just one guy has the title and another tries to win it...when Macho Man lost his title to Steamboat there was history and a story line to go with it that made the title match worth watching.
    3. Fewer title changes. Bret Hart, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and others all held the title for lengthy periods because of how good they are and there are talented men on the roster today who could pull off a lengthy believable title run. Cody Rhodes is among them with guys like R-Truth and Jack Swagger.
    Those are a few of my thoughts behind the I.C. title becoming legit again...I hope it happens and we get back to some great I.C. title matches and moments.

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