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Rick Starr

Triple H in a Jam, Hogan Retires?, and Hell in a Cell Thoughts

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Howdy Splashers! We had a bit of an interesting week with both TNA and the WWE. Well, enough of the small talk, let’s get to it.

A Few notes on this past TNA:
I think that TNA is definitely pushing the angle of Bobby Roode winning the TNA World Champion way too hard. It’s not that I don’t think that Roode is not worthy of stardom, or the title. I just think that they might be making things way too obvious at this point. It’s going to come to the point where they might as well just hand him the title, and Roode is worth more than that. Their trying to re-create the HBK scenario, where they show clips of him training, and spending time with his family.

As for Hogan’s “big message”, I thought it was a big letdown. For someone who was trying to retire (he didn’t actually say it), he did a horrible job at it. I think this “retirement” story is so Hogan can get out of his match with Sting at Bound 4 Glory in October. In short, if this wasn’t part of a story-line, I don’t think they would have brought Sting into it, and I would HOPE that Hogan have a much better job on his REAL retirement speech…When or IF he has one. To be honest, I would rather Hogan retire over seeing him wrestle Sting at this point in his career.

Some people just don’t know when to walk away, and some fans won’t let the wrestlers walk away screaming “ONE MORE MATCH!” Look at Ric Flair. The man is over 60 years old, and is a health risk every time he goes in the ring! Reports say this last time he faced Sting he has to go back into the hospital for another surgery. When is enough enough? When they’re dead?

My Thought’s on Hell in a Cell:
Hell in a Cell is usually considered one of the better Pay-Per-View event s for WWE, however I really was not that impressed with it overall. I thought the best match of the night was the triple-threat match WWE Title match inside Hell in a Cell. It’s was a great worked match, and I honestly wasn’t expecting that outcome, which is always a pleaser.
I wasn’t too impressed with the Orton/Henry HiaC Title Match. To be honest, I thought it would have matched a cage match on RAW. As for Henry winning, it made sense for him to retain his title, at this point.
Once again John Morrison got passed over for a title shot…let alone a victory. For someone who was once a #1 contender for the WWE title, it’s sad to see him slide down to the ranks next to JTG. As for the rest, some matches were ok, however there was nothing that made this event "PPV Quality” aside from what I previously mentioned. I’d give is a 2.5 stars out of 5.

On Triple H’s “Vote of No Confidence”:
While I expected Triple H to loose his match against CM Punk at Night of Champions, but a “Vote of No Confidence” on Triple H by the entire WWE, was a much better angle. Now the big question is who is behind all these shenanigans. The easy pick would be WWE Talent Manager: John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis, always seems to be caught on screen texting someone before something bad happens. But we have a few other suspects at the moment…

What about Mick Foley? Who has been screaming that he is returning to the WWE. Foley was once the RAW GM, and he has no problems causing chaos himself. HHH and Foley have a long history, is it possible that the Hardcore Legend, is causing chaos so he can become the new C.O.O.?(If Triple H steps down this is).

And then we have Vince McMahon. The Last time we Saw Vince McMahon was when the Board of Directors gave him a vote of “No Confidence”. Of Course this would go back to John Laurinaitis, as he was his lackey who was causing the chaos. There have been several rumors that McMahon has been working the back, but has not been happy with the way things have been going. There is even another rumor that he was returning to WWE television.
There is one last possibility. As I was writing this blog, I got a call from a good friend who went to the event live. He said that after everyone left the arena, Zack Ryder came down with his Camera, happy as a pg in shit, thinking he was moving up in the world. When all of a sudden Triple H hits him with a Pedigree from out of nowhere!

Is this whole thing is to do a heel angle with Triple H. Now that everyone is against him, it would be a great storyline to see him as a mean boss, who just doesn’t give a rat’s what everyone thinks. In any case, the next few weeks are going to be very interesting. Until next time, see you when I see you.
-Rick Starr

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  1. blink's Avatar
    I gotta say, I'm a tad bit disappointed of this blog. I didnt really feel a splash. I felt you could've gone into more detail on things. While I couldnt give a rats hat about tna, I'd liked to have heard more about hell in a cell. I don't think jomo has slipped down to a jtg level at all cuz well he wins a match every once in a while. And the whole Ryder being pedigreed was done after the cameras stopped rolling so you didn't really cover raw at all... And is Vince and foley the only 2 suspects you can name off the top of your head? No disrespect intended here. I can't write a blog that people would actually comment on to save my life. But you have a banner at the top of this with your name! Your blogs have a title! Hive us bored people at work something more to mull over... I'd still rank your blogs over "state of the e" though as I've never been a fan of those
  2. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    you can spell Laurinaitis!
  3. Rick Starr's Avatar
    To Blink: Thanks for the criticism. Looking back it was rather a crappy blog.

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