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Mystery Man who wants to end Triple H's C.O.O. Run

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Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. This is a very interesting blog I want to blog on. We all want to know who the hell is behind this whole Triple H C.O.O. thing. This is being very well booked if I might add so I wanted to chime in on possible names that have been discussed and see what you all think.

I'm going to name a few names and tell why or why not I feel they're kayfabe responsible for this. Also, it could be a combination of names but I'm only doing them one by one.

Chris Jericho:
This is someone who might have reason to conspire against Triple H. He and Triple H had a great feud in the past and I wouldn't be surprised if they book it this way. Jericho has been proven to be quite the business man inside the ring and maybe is planning his return to take over the position. All in all, I'd say he isn't the guy.

Shawn Michaels:
This would be a curve ball but certainly would drive ratings out of the roof. We all know their history and it would be awesome to see him return as a heel going against his partner Triple H. What if HBK came back and said "Triple H has used me his whole career to get to the top. He's used the bosses daughter. Its about time someone put an end to his obsession for power and I think as his best friend, I'll pull the plug for him". This is a possible decision I strongly believe in. Also Shawn Michaels has been in Titan Towers a lot lately.

Bret Hart:
We all know the real bad blood between these two that dates back to the 97' Screwjob. Their trying to promote that Screwjob DVD and Hart is a former Raw GM so who knows. Also, I remember hearing that Triple H was the one man that was not behind Hart's 2010 return.

Kevin Nash:
I think this is too obvious to be the option but it very well could be. This wouldn't fool anyone and I would honestly be let down if this was the case. I feel Nash will be involved in some fashion however.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
This could be an option but I honestly could see Stone Cold being the guy that saves Triple H. Point blank, this would be good either way. What if the WWE rekindled an old Attitude Era feud with Triple H & Stone Cold. I'm not saying bring everyone back but if Triple H & Austin feuded for about 3 months just to show the young fans a little bit about what wrestling used to be.

John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL):
Highly unlikely but hey, he returned for one night earlier to be buried by Austin. Maybe he is returning. If he returned it would definitely be in a position of power like GM. He is too business like and great on the mic to be an announcer. He would add something real good to the product.

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff:
People actually have speculated this. Not me. I thought I'd address it however. People actually think Hogan's so called retirement is legit. This will not happen. Hogan for now will not return to WWE even if he leaves TNA. He's burned that bridge already. But Vince is a business man and whatever draws attention, he'll do. The fact of the matter is Hogan as of now isn't really leaving TNA.

Mick Foley:
This is truly who I believe it is. He's been involved in the "Corporation" before. He's also been in charge of Raw before. He's been teasing a WWE return for a while and many people think this might be the time. In my opinion one of the greatest feuds ever was Triple H and Mankind. Personally I still think Mick Foley will return to challenge Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Either way he's returning to the WWE sooner than later.

Vince McMahon:
This is the clear cut consensus and its already sort of been spoiled seeing as he flipped backstage over the Del Rio name drop. We can guarantee Vince is the one booked to be behind this. But who is going to be the guy with him? Will it be Johnny Ace?

Stephanie McMahon:
This would rock everyone's world if she came back and turned on her husband for a great angle. I would love if it was the whole McMahon family including Shane. This would draw so much. People tend to forget how much Shane McMahon would draw back when he was on television. This would be insane and I would love to see it.

Shane McMahon:
Lol guys I mentioned Shane already above in the Stephanie McMahon one but yea this is a great possibility. Like I said, this guy can draw ratings no matter what he's doing. It would be cool to see the McMahon family unite to over throne Triple H

The Undertaker:
I added the Undertaker after seeing the comments below. Thanks guys for the idea, I'll add them as I see them. You guys made great points on why it could be the Undertaker. Like you all said, the last time Undertaker was on television was Wrestlemania 27 being carted out after a match with none other than Triple H. Maybe they book him to come back for revenge as the man pulling the stings. Also, they said in the WWE magazine that The Undertake was returning in October or November so great points guys.

Vickie Guerrero:
This is also someone I'm adding after reading the comments below. This could be an idea too. Her and Stephanie McMahon with the power stable of David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Jack Swagger, and Cody Rhodes.

Theodore Long:
I'm adding this as well after reading the comments. I highly doubt this but you never know. Long has sort of been hanging around as the GM of Smackdown on and off since 2005. He's a guy I enjoy watching and I think he's very funny. I'm just sick of the typical babyface GM that lets the good guys do anything but trashes the heels. Its very old and I'm sick of that booking. The man behind this needs to be a strong heel.

John Laurinaitis:
Ok I didn't add him for two reasons originally. One, because he's the obvious answer. We all know that from day 1. Plus I already mentioned him under the Vince McMahon section. Also, I don't know how to spell his name but a couple people in the comment section did lol. Yeah, Johnny Ace is the obvious one so I wanted to lay off that. I added people that haven't been discussed like JBL & Hulk Hogan.

Thanks guys for checking out my blog and please leave feedback. Its all speculation by now. I just threw some names out there to see what you all think. Please let me know guys. Thanks again.


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  1. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Honestly, there is one name that is missing. Teddy Long. How long has Teddy been a face? Uh, since he was refereeing. So, why not him. It would be a cool heel turn. And with the whole, If I can control SmackDown, why not RAW angle, it is possible. Especially since he has made some appearances to make matches on RAW.

    Just sayin'.
  2. Jags's Avatar
    Great blog, I like the way you sum up names and tell the reason why they might be it.

    I personally hope it is a real authority figure and not a semi-superstar, not wanting to see the C.O.O. have as much matches as the roster. From this list I would favor JBL, Bret Hart, Vince Mcmahon and Stephanie Mcmahon but willing to give Shawn Michaels also a shot.
  3. KSTornado's Avatar
    I'm kind of surprised Shano Mack was not an option.
  4. squarecircle's Avatar
    you threw just about every name possible on your list! lmao

    yeah, except the Shane-meister
  5. StonecoldRabbit's Avatar
    @KSTornado and Squarecircle he does mention Shano Mack, assuming you mean Shano mack being Mcmahon.

    The real obvious one is john laurinaitis, seems pretty obvious hes involved somewhere, a less obvious one is The Undertaker......hes not been seen since WM when he took on the Game, and finally i'd have to throw the Rock in there, very unlikely but if it was then it could be one hell of a ride till WM next year!
  6. KSTornado's Avatar
    @StonecoldRabbit, He updated it after I posted what I had posted.
  7. PRETENDER's Avatar
    The only person I see for it to work would be Shane McMahon. Imagine the possibilities. Shane comes back, says he was pushed to leave because of HHH and Stephanie pulling strings behind the scene and when he saw that HHH was in control he decided to come back and take his rightful place as the Heir of the WWE (and not Stephanie and HHH like everyone thought)
    He will die before someone other than a McMahon takes control of the WWE (Steph is not a McMahon anymore) He reveals that he was the mysterious GM (That should solve that issue once and for all)
    He should create a powerful heel stable with underused talents like Drew McIntyre, Ted Dibiase, Joe Hennig and have other talent join and betray the Faces (just like when the NWO had guys join them and shock the wrestling world). Have them win all the belts and mostly unify the WWE and the WHC.
    Anyways, it’s just a thought but I believe that any other person as the mysterious person behind all of this chaos will not work. Trust me... (remember the ministry angle???)
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