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Unpopular Opinion: Original ECW

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This is not a opinion that many people will like, cause its about the Very beloved Orginal ECW..... The Original ECW was unique and was very different from the usual that was showcased in the U.S.. But it wasnt nearly as Great as most fans Think it was.

ECW had a habit of pushing some of the more unpolished guys and made more talented men take a back seat to them... ECW had alot of guys go thru their promotion and they were not pushed properly or pushed at all. ECW missed the ball on alot of guys and chose to push wrestlers who were much less talented.... The names on this list are some of the biggest Names in Wrestling and some of the Greatest in History.
Steve Austin
Mick Foley
Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerreo
Dean Malenko
Chris Jericho
Rey Mysterio

These men were never in the main event picture and if they were they were never considered serious contenders. When these men left for WCW and WWF they became huge stars. ECW didnt capiltize on any of these men.... Austin and Foley were doing incredible work in ECW, Eddie and Dean were having the best matches on the Card, Chris Jericho showed alot of talent but they used him as a Generic baby face and Chris Benoit wasnt given a chance. Lets not forget that ECW refused to give RVD, The most talented guy in their company at one point a ECW World title...
Who did ECW push?
Shane Douglas
Justin Credible
Jerry Lynn
Steve Corino
Tommy Dreamer
Mikey Whipwreck

Now nothing against the men on this list, Some of them are very talented but look at their names compared to the names above. Who would push these men over People like Austin, Jack, RVD, Jericho, Benoit, Guerrero and Malenko?. ECW would.

ECW Also had some really untalented people in the mid card such as Hack Myers, 911, Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, New Jack and many more.

ECW also didnt make sence most of the time. In one match a wrestler could hit someone with a frying pan, Beat him outside the ring for several minutes, the entire locker room could get involved in the match but they never be a DQ. But in some matches, If someone gets involved in the match or a weapon is used they call for a DQ? that makes no sence. They were no real established rules for a match.

ECW had some Great storylines, but for every Great one they had 100 bad ones... BWO was just plain dumb... Raven Brain Washing Sandmans family and son was so stupid...The Network storyline was poorly done....FBI was very Indy like...ECW did alot of hookey and just were plain childish or dumb.

ECW had very Few Good or Great matches... I really cant think of many great ECW matches. Most matches were crowd brawls which the camera couldnt follow, Then it was just a bunch of weapons and no selling, Then 5 to 10 people would get involved and match over..... The Gimmicks in the match (Barded Wire, Ladder, Weapons) Werent there to enhance the match or to show the hate the 2 men in the match had for each other, NO, The Gimmicks were the match!. ECW booked the wrestlers and the feud (if there was one) as secondary to the actual Gimmicks in the match.... Alot of poor quality wrestling in ECW. Alot of ECWs matches are also very dated.

Paul Heyman was good at hiding The many Flaws in his wrestlers, Anywhere else the Sandman Would be a jobber or not even hired. But the problem is Heyman didnt know how to handle wrestlers with great talent, He put them in matches and situations that were beneath them, He would only allow them to reach a certain level cause he coudnt properly use them.

ECW was gritty and it added to the atmosphere , But sometimes ECW would look down right 2nd rate and like backyard wrestling, Which hurt its credibility....Some of ECWs TV shows are impossible to sit thru with the crappy matches and Most their PPVs are unwatchable (they might be 1 decent matches in ECWs PPVs)... ECW was a great alternative but it wasnt a Great promotion.

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  1. jordan1995's Avatar
    in what matches did they call for..dq and i disagree with you on most of your points such as the FBI and the BWO were really over so how can you call it a dumb idea .....
  2. AJ1981's Avatar
    I won't pretend that ECW made sense all of the time, however there were reasons for what Paul Heyman did. Firstly, regarding the rules of a match, there were meant to be no DQ's, countouts etc. Heyman decided that a match could only be won by pinfall, meaning every contest would have a decisive winner (although it didn't always work out that way). Regarding the pushing of talent, you have to remember that all yours guys in the first had healthy international careers at the time they also wrestled in ECW. Benoit, Guerrero & Malenko all did business with New Japan who urged them to go to WCW, Austin was just passing through after his firing from WCW and so was Foley and Jericho & Mysterio worked in Japan and Mexico. They were guys who Heyman knew could leave at a minutes notice and no wrestling promoter would centre their main storylines around guys who may not be there to see them through. That said though all the men you listed received healthy pushes and most held either the TV or Tag Titles that were more prestigious than the World belt. ECW was a mixture, you could have hardcore one minute, scientific the next. The entire industry has ECW's fingerprints on it, it helped force the change of wrestling in the late 1990's and overall as Chris Jericho would say "ECW word association = fun"
  3. charmingone28's Avatar
    I'm gonna go out on a limb and agree with ya. The few times I did get to watch ECW (where I live it never really came on unless you can get the one channel it did come on by praying to god and messing with your rabbit ears) it just seemed like all it was was a blood and gore fest just for the sake of it.
  4. Horowitz316's Avatar
    You are talking like ECW was on the same level monatarily as WWE or WCW. ECW could never afford the guys on your first list for an extended amount of time, so why would you push them to main event status. As far as match quality the first PPV,Barely Legal, was better than any PPV by WCW or WWE that year. BWO & FBI were never meant to be taken seriously so if you took it that way then thats on you. ECW PPVs never disapointed, every PPV was fun & exciting unlike MANY WCW & WWE PPVs. I don't recall a match ever ending in a DQ. There may have been matches that ended with a brawl involving the entire locker room. If you know of a match that ended in a DQ then post it.
  5. bastianboogerismydad's Avatar
    If i remember right wasnt Austin only there for about 4 months and had 2 shots at the ECW title...thats main event status to me! RVD was ECW TV Champion for 21 months and made the value of the title on par with the ECW Heavyweight title!

    Learn facts before writing crap blogs!
  6. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bastianboogerismydad
    If i remember right wasnt Austin only there for about 4 months and had 2 shots at the ECW title...thats main event status to me! RVD was ECW TV Champion for 21 months and made the value of the title on par with the ECW Heavyweight title!

    Learn facts before writing crap blogs!
    Yeah Austin was in the main event jobbing to Sandman and Mikey Whipwreck. but Austin really wasnt pushed properly, hell he never won a match... and the point i was making is look who was in the company and look who they chose to be champion and the guys who were never really given a shot end up becoming the best ever.

    and when in the fuck is a TV title a World title? RVD was the biggest star in the company and stood with them thru thick and thing, not to mention he was the most over and talented guy in ECW at one point and still wasnt given the belt.

    You should research your facts.
  7. SteveButabi's Avatar
    I didn't catch much ECW stuff on tv back in the day, but I remember seeing it and saying "what is this crap?" The footage I've watched later on some of the "good" shows and matches aren't much better either. Half of their roster could wrestle, and the other half only knew how to do one thing: smash shit over someone's head. The bumps and high risk stuff looked terrible. The crowd probably wasn't even really there because they were fans. They were there to see which dumbass was going to permanently injure himself that night.

    They were the south park of wrestling. It's all low budget, shock value shit. I guess you had to be there to get into it.
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