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Hell in a Cell Review

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Quote from Jim Ross.. Hell in a cell has only been used 22 times in the history of the WWE, my question is, How many times of the times have been because of this waste of time PPVover the last few years????

i remember back in the day when hell in a cell was thee ultimate way and the last resort to ending a fued, only when all other possibilities had been explored was hell in a cell used. and thats what made it amazing. This PPV removes all the prestiege from HIAC matches and destroys the reputation of classics like HHH vs Mankind, HHH vs HBK.

In my opinion hell in a cell ppv was doomed to being mediocre from moment 1.. Firstly there was only 2 weeks build up, and secondly the card was very weak in my opinion.

anyways down to business..

Sheamus vs christian
decent opening match had some flow to it.. full expectant outcome though.. could have predicted sheamus would pick up a win.. never the less, decent start..

Sin cara vs Sin cara
YAWN... boring botchfest part 1.. even the crowd were sing this is boring.. got up and made a cuppa... the problem with this match is there isnt a solid storyline behind it.. its kinda half heartedly made up the day before.. or thats at least how it feels.. there is no hatred between the two wrestlers and the evil finger point of doom reminds me of the evil monkey off family guy...

basically it was just syncronised gymnastics and im non the wiser what the fued has to offer...

Air Boom vs ZIG SWAG
finally a semi decent match.. was considering going to bed at this point.. but it caught my attention.. shame zigswag didnt pick up a victory it would have made a decent storyline to see if they could have made a disfunctional tag team work and done something along them lines... but no.. wwe dropped the ball.. i swear there creative have absolutly no imagination...

RKO vs Kool Aid Man (aka Mark Henry)
YAWN.. for a hell in a cell match there was absolutly no weapons used, no blood, no extreme violence, no mallace, no intent, nothing.. it would have made no difference to the ppv if this match was a normal singles match. CM Punk vs HHH's no DQ match was way more entertaining and that was just a no DQ match.. not the most destructive demonic structure in the entire world known to man... again i contemplated bed..

Cody rhodes vs John morrison
However this match gained my attention back... i am warming to cody, his gimmick is growing on me and i recognise his in ring talent. good win.. the only wwe belt which seems to have and prestiege to it.. well done cody.. but jomo... Jobbing to a person in street clothes, how low is your career going to get.. losing to hornswaggle??... TNA anybody?...

Beth vs kelly kelly
YAWN botchfest pt 2... quote natalya " are you going to cry kelly?".. at this point i was.

Cena Vs Punk Vs ADR
finally id managed to stay awake for it.. id hoped and prayed it be good... and...... not too bad. theres a lot wrong with how it played out but the actual match wasnt too bad..

1st) why did they take the title off ADR 2 weeks ago to just give it him back. why not let him keep it and give him a little credability and same goes for the wwe belt.
2)what has happened to punks charecter.. the powers that be seemed to totally assainated him. im sat expecting every time i see him for some awesome promo but no. hes gone...
3) whats with John jingivitus never getting caught. hes obviously the reason behind everything thats going on and to be honest its getting boring.
4) what happened to the Nash storyline?.

finally a little thanks to HHH for adding something to the ending to make me wanna tune in to raw tomorrow. for me HHH is one of the only convincing promo/ backstage charecters left in wwe. so well done for the streetfight scene at the end.


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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    That PPV was interesting to say the least. I liked that Cody unveiled the classic IC title instead of the current one (which still looked decent IMO). The last match was actually quite good. It was one of Del Rio's best matches, but the ending SUCKED. ADR could have at least hit another enzuguiri but no, he had to use a pipe, in a freakin' hell in a cell match to win. That doesn't exactly help his character. It also devalues the belt, since Cena only held onto it for 2 weeks, and they took it off Del Rio the first time much too early. But the segment with The Miz and Truth was entertaining.
  2. jstunna54's Avatar
    I thought over all this ppv was kinda a flop. i think wwe keeps changing ideas left and right because they think theyre gonna keep us interested with "swerves" but they need some contingency... cm punk and nash...they kinda disappeared..

    That and the WHC match SUCKED shouldnt have even been in a cell... the DIVAS title was higher up on the card than that match.

    That and im not a fan of changing up titles... i miss the womens title, old tag team belts (should have kept one of those) the UNDISPUTED WWE CHAMPIONSHIP... was looking for them to bring it back in 06 when cena lost for the first time and now the IC, i liked the current one way more than the classic one. back then the belts looked like they went with each other and now they all look out of place you got a spinner rhinestone one next to the butterfly one next to the big bronze gladiator one next to now the white belt.... i just dont like it
  3. mrbluto's Avatar
    I watched it for free and still thought it was boring. Lets have some blood
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    what do you expect from 2 weeks of build up
  5. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    vengeance is in 3 weeks' time, what is the problem in having a 5 week build-up for interesting feuds and maybe plant the Triple Threat HIAC match there? The WSM/RKO match was basically a singles match with no countouts. There was also no reaction either way to Del Rio winning the belt (probably because they expected SuperCena to break back in somehow. I know I did).
    So all in all this PPV was destined for a poor buyrate and criticism, although the brawl at the end with the whole locker room uniting was good, i liked that. They even had Truth take out the cameras which made it feel "real" (as real as it can fucking feel anyway). If only The Nexus did that...
  6. DM Tea's Avatar
    you're a fucking dipshit. you make a few good points like the hell in a cell match is totally devalued, why the ADR title flip flop, but almost everything else you said was retarded. first things first: LEARN THE FUCKING LANGUAGE. stop putting the two periods at the end of things.. it is fucking retarded.. this is not how you express intelligent thoughts.. i could fucking choke you for this......... retard. how in the hell does "jomo" jobbing still get this kind of reaction from you? he's not a fucking character. name a memorable feud that he's had as a face, i fucking dare you. and really, you're going to say "but jomo... Jobbing to a person in street clothes, how low is your career going to get.. losing to hornswaggle??... TNA anybody?..." what the fucking fuck are you talking about?! you think that because cody had street clothes on THAT'S what's fucking pathetic about morrison? cody wrestles in street clothes more than anybody else on the roster. how about the fact that "jomo" hasn't been on tv in weeks? and TNA? really? you really are stupid. what's the scenario? he goes to TNA and all of a sudden the great in-ring wrestler with no mic skills is world champion? i don't fucking think so.

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