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The 5 Most Over-Rated Wrestlers Currently in Wrestling by the IWC

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these are the 5 Most OverRated Wrestlers in Wrestling today by The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community)... These are the men the IWC whines about not getting pushed, or not getting pushed enough. How the problems in WWE/TNA/ROH is that these men are not getting pushed or the IWC will simply over-rate their work and look passed all their Flaws..... These are men that dont deserve the Credit they get by internet wrestling fans and whos worked is prasied much more than it should be.... so here it is, The 5 Most Over-Rated Wrestlers Currently in Wrestling by the IWC.

No one follows these but oh well... They have to be currently wrestling in America. If they are injured they still can be considered, but people like Jericho who is not activly wrestling Do not count.

5. CM Punk
The Current Internet darling CM Punk is number 5 on this list and for good reason.... Im a huge fan of Punk, He is a Good performer and Really good on the mic, Punk has alot going for him But alot of the Praise he gets is unwarrented. Alot of Fans are saying he is the BEST EVER, Or the BEST in Wrestling today, The end all and be all in wrestling. how Punk wants to change wrestling for the better and all fans, The Voice of the wrestling fans. Which is all a load of crap... Punks Character and real life persona is very hypocritical, He says he wants orginality right? Please look up Kenta. He is a Wrestler in Japan, You will see How Punk copied his wrestling style. Im not one to get worked up over a few moves taken from here and there, But Punk Basicly stole Kenta's entire move set, Not a few moves, nooo, He has copied everything from him. The diffrence is, CM Punk does the moves very poorly compared to Kenta, CM Punk GTS is very sloppy and fake looking.

Punk has had some good to Great matches in the WWE, but his body of work hasnt been that impressive in the 5 years he has been in WWE... I mean he had some great matches but nothing out of the ordinary. Punk is No Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit or Eddie Guerrero in the ring and thats for sure.

Punk has great Mic Skills, I love his interviews and the way he advanced his character using the mic.... But Punk lately has been relying on Work Shoot Comments and its really annoying. In the Raw face off with HHH. HHH really made CM Punk look bush league. CM Punk tried to cater to the IWC and using shoot comments when they wasnt really called for, HHH pieced it together nicely, But Punk looked so bad and came off like he was out of place.

Punk is talented to say the least, but i I think this love affair with CM Punk and the IWC stems from us being so starved for a Great all around wrestler that if someone comes along who is just good we will over estimate his abilitys.

4. Kaz
Frankie Kazarian has called him self the future for over 12 years now and he is no closer to being the future of wrestling as he was in 1999..... The IWC is always screaming about this man not getting pushed and being mishandled, How he is going to be a big star in wrestling..... Kaz is very over-rated by the IWC and I really dont know why, There is abou 50 guys on the roster that can do his high flying moves just as good or better, Most of the guys in TNA are much better wrestlers and performers than Kaz is, His mic work is poor to say the least, His all around character and presence leaves alot to be desired..... When I think of the people in the TNA company Styles, Joe, Sabin, Shelly, Roode, Danielles and the other talented men that are much better than Kaz will ever dream to be and I wonder "What the Fuck does the IWC see in him that I dont". He hasnt had a really outstanding match that I could think of, im sure he had some good ones but nothing real thats pops in my head.... I think he is decent but not anywhere near the pedastal the IWC has put him on, Hell half of the FCW roster is better than Kaz.

3. Homicide
Homicide had his moments but I dont think he deserves the Credit the IWC goves him or is deservant of the respect the IWC gives him..... To me he is hit and miss in the ring and when he is on he isnt that spectacular. His mic Skills are not anything higher than medicore, He is undersized for the gimmick and style he has, Just a average indy wrestler to me.... The IWC was in a fit of rage cause TNA didnt push this guy to the moon, But Honestly why was he deserving of a huge push over everyone else? he just didnt have the look or the presence, and his talent wasnt enough to close the gap and hide his short commings.... Homicide had some great moments and that was it, he was a good tag wrestler and a decent singles wrestler but that is where it ends.

2. Colt Cabana
Colt is a Funny guy sometimes, but most the time his humor is very childish and Juvenile. Colt also adds this Juvenile humor to his matches and it just looks silly, its not funny and it makes his matches look cartoonish..... If Colt doesnt take the match serious Then the fans wont take it serious.

I remember some people on a wrestling board for this site saying "If they can only watch one mans work for the rest of their life, That man would be Colt Cabana" and I was thinking Wow Really? WHY?.... I mean he is mildly entertaining in things and he sometmes is funny in the right situation but he is no where near what the IWC makes of him.... He has been in the business for along time and i havent seen or heard of a Great Colt Cabana match, I heard of Good ones but not great ones, People rave about his in ring work and i just dont see it.... He never make it in the big leagues, he is a small time performer and in wrestling you got to have mass appeal and This man, Even though has talent is not a Great performer by any means, Colt is Decent, but he isnt one of the best in today as some will say, Colt isnt even the best on the Indy circuit or even in the top 10.

1. Zack Ryder
Hey I agree, Zack Ryder has a funny Youtube show sometimes, He has some witty catch phrases and he is really dedicated to his character, But how does that make him deservant of a push?.... Every blog I read talks about Ryder needs to be pushed, Ryder needs a Title, Ryder needs to be in the main event. Every minute their s a Zack Ryder needs to be in the main event or pushed hard thread being created. But why? caus ehe is Funny on Youtube? so Their is alot of funny people in this world but I dont want them to be in the main event of my wrestling PPVs.

Zack ryder has been dedicated to getting his character over which is great, But he has forgot to improve where it counts also, In the Ring and on the mic.... on Superstars people like Curt Hawkins, Tyson Kidd and Trent baerreta were working their ass off putting on good matches while Zack did his comedy thing.... Zack hasnt shown any great talent in the ring lately, His move set is basicly just a comedy act, The rough Ryder is a ridcules finisher, All ryder does is do the moves to set up his catch phrases. His dedication to his comedy character causing his in ring performance to suffer, Ryder is a comedy act and a medicore one at that. His mic skills need work, He looks very out of place on the mic and it seems like his lines are set up. He is relying on his catch phrases and doesnt adapt to the crowd reaction or the person he is doing a promo against, he seems dead set on doing what he practices and it all seems very forced.

Ryder has potenial, but he is no where near the Man event level or even mid card, he has alot of work to do and if Ryder puts as much effort in to all the other things that go with being a main event guy in the WWE as he did in his comedy character, then he will be succesful, but right now his far from that place.

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  1. WhiteTrashCircus's Avatar
    Woh, not many people are gonna like your blog.
    5. Disagree
    If given the chance (I'm not really liking where he is story-wise right now), I think he'll make for good TV. What boggles me is that creative saw what Punk can do if given some leway and freedom yet they hold him back anyways. I'd like to see him pull some strings like Triple H did a few years back as a current wrestler.
    4. Agree
    I don't see the appeal either. I've seen him in potential storylines and he just doesn't have it in my opinion.
    3. Agree
    Enough said.
    It's a shame because he seems like such a nice guy, but he certainly doesn't have the 'It' factor nor an entertaining presence that keeps him from needing to talk too much(Jeff Hardy earlier in his career)
    1. Neutral
    Again, the finger can be pointed at creative. He could have a case of Cena-itis (you can actually work, creative tells you to be simple so you water yourself down). Hell, we saw the heatless Dolph Ziggler give one of his best promos on his last Youtube video. With some freedom, Ryder could be something.
  2. hollowsandman13's Avatar
    nice blog and I have to say I pretty much agree with all of them. CM Punk I like, but it seems like he's back to being held back and in a boring predictable feud. As for Colt Cabana, the first time I saw one of his matches I was dumbfounded. Is that what passes for wrestling? Kaz and Homicide I don't really have opinions on because quite frankly I don't care. Zack Ryder I think could evolve into something better but for now it's looking like he has Santino Marella's comedy spot. I'd also like to add my personal pick: John Morrison. He may have flashy moves but I have never cared about a wrestler as little as I care about him.
  3. AnitaGofradump's Avatar
    Better list.
    Sin Cara.
  4. Horowitz316's Avatar
    I agree with you for the most part. I don't understand the appeal of Colt Cabana, I have never been entertained by a match of his. His attempts at comedy take me out of the matches. Kazarian is not good on the mic, and there are alot of others guys on the TNA roster that are far superior in the ring. Homicide is pretty good in the ring but never does anything to make him stand out. As far as Zack Ryder, he looks like he might be able to develope into somrthing but it won't happen until he comes out and cuts a promo against the IWC. I like the CM Punk character, but his in ring skills leave alot to be desired. He will never be on the same level as HBK,Brett Hart,Guerrero, or Benoit. He is as popular as he is because he came out and said what alot of fans were feeling. I'll admit that when he did it I marked out big time, but to say he his going to be on the same level as Austin and lead the next WWE Generation is asinine. He doesn't have the in ring ability to back up his mic skills.
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AnitaGofradump
    Better list.

    Sin Cara
    Yesss cause the IWC really over-rates these men.... You dont understand this list do you?
  6. km394's Avatar
    I rarely comments on blogs but I had to on this one... I agree with everything stated. Punk has gone down in my estimations big time after finding out about him practically copying another wrestlers move set. The fact that you have included Tna wrestlers aswell shows you are not a wwe mark like most of the bloggers on the site.

    The only thing I could question is the order of your list.On another note, I am of the belief that Zack rhyder should not be on the list at all. Although he is receving a push he will at best be a midcarder and I think that is the spot he can/should make his own.

    All in all, great blog. Looking forward to reading more
  7. Bagg's Avatar
    Interesting blog, agree whole-heartedly on Kaz and Ryder, Kaz will still be "the Future" when hes 52 and driving a snowplow. Id love to know what goof said theyd watch Colt Cabana matches for the rest of his life. Dont get me wrong, Colt is good at what he does, he's smooth and funny when he does it. But chaining together take downs and pinning combinations while going "hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, whoa, hey, whoa, hey" aint something i can watch the rest of my life exclusively.

    Homicide is a shell of what he used to be, which was just a stiff worker. Theres a place for him in wrestling for sure, just not near the top.

    The one ur gonna take heat for is Punk. Above you're comparing PUnk to KENTA......TO KENTA!!! Kenta's quite possibly the best wrestler to ever exist. I understand punk may have taken some influence from KENTA and japanese style but Punk is by no means just a GOOD worker. Punk can do Japan, KENTA couldnt do WWE. KENTA would obviously look good working with the talent he has over the years, meanwhile look at what Punk has had to work with! Punk CANT do that style as well as KENTA, because hed be fired! I just disagree with the Punk is a good-ok worker part. The man is a hell of a wrestler. As for the whole work-shoot-IWC character, i mean, it gets less-cool every week and will continue to dwindle, me thinks within a month or two or three, very very few ppl will be talking about Punk on boards, etc, any longer. While someone at WWE wants "us" to believe he is not in fact suckling at the WWE's teet, most of us know better. Its getting lamer by the week.
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