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Top 5 TNA Wrestlers who should go to WWE

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OK this is just my list of TNA Wreslters that I would like to see go to the WWE.

5. Somoa Joe: Somoa Joe is one of TNA's best stars who they really aren't doing much with these days. I think going to WWE is a good option for him. Provided that they give him a solid push he could obtain a good WWE fan following. If they burry him he can always go back to TNA. (It's not like they have anyone better to sign) If they do another retro RAW and bring Rikishi in for one match it could be solid. Please leave the stink face out.

4. The Pope: So yea he was in WWE before as part of the ECW brand as Elijah Burke but, the guy has great talent. He is one of TNA's top guys and since coming to TNA he has actually built up a decent fan base. The Pope gimmick is working for him. If he could take the pope gimmick to WWE and run with it he could be a solid attraction. He has great wrestling skills and he is solid on the mic. I would love to see him in a one on one fued with Kofi. Pope's mic skills blow Kofi's out of the water.

3. Eric Young: He is the comedy guy of TNA but, he actually has alot of talent and potential. The guy is great on the mic as well as the ring and he is super entertaining. Alot of the funny guys don't acheive mainstream success but do you honestly see him becoming the world champ in TNA? Yea me neither. Of course he wouldn't win the world title in WWE either but he would be a midcard addition and very entertaining. Eric Young vs. Santino could be a hilarious fued.

2. A.J. Styles: One of TNA's greatest stars. If built up and promoted correctly in WWE he could become a Main Event level guy in no time. Though his mic skills may be off at times. They aren't terrible. He has enough to get bye. His in ring skills are just like his moniker Phenomenal. Even though AJ has been offered a developmental deal with WWE and declined due to not wanting to be away from his family, I am sure if TNA ever went under the likelyhood of seeing AJ on WWE would be almost certain. AJ vs Cena probably woulnt be an exciting match but, it would draw people in just to see TNA's star player go one on one with WWE's.

1. Sting: Sure I'm probably a broken record here but, almost everyone I know wants to see Sting in the WWE. Sting has been close to signing on a few occasions but seems to think that WWE will burry him as they have done with so many other WCW guys. I think that is a valid reason to not sign but, I think that the WWE is smart enough not to burry someone that is so well respected by the fans and held in such high regard. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part. They may very well burry him if they sign him. If they did that, the fallout from the fans of the digital age would likely be a fallout of negative feedback unlike any that the WWE has seen before. I think they would be smart enough to work angles so that Sting would get a proper hype and build up and get put over but also put over some of the WWE guys as well without hurting either party. There is money to made if both sides could work out an agreement. A no brainer match people want to see is Sting vs The Undertaker at Mania. Personally I want to see Sting vs. Triple H.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    AJ would get treated like Bourne or DB. I have heard Vince doesn't like Joe, not sure if it is true but he would get treated like the Uso's or Rikishi if he jumped. Burke might come on a little bit, but they don't treat ex tna guys well. R Truth and Christian were the only successful guys to jump from TNA to the WWE.
    Updated 10-03-2011 at 01:38 PM by wrestlingfan66513
  2. SteveButabi's Avatar
    Eric Young?.........Eric Young?.................BAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow.
  3. rafalafaa's Avatar
    Ive heard that wwe doesnt care for Samoa Joe, either. but hes a guy that can go to wwe and have an immediate impact on the main event scene. a "new" monster heel that just annihilates the main event babyfaces. kind of like mark henry's current run, only better lol
  4. DarknessFalls's Avatar
    I would say...

    1. AJ Styles
    2. Bobby Roode
    3. Samoa Joe
    4. Matt Morgan
    5. Christopher Daniels

    Too bad the WWE puts size and muscles over talent
  5. Sony's Avatar
    Joe already tried to go to the WWE when he was a free agent, however WWE showed no interest in him. Hence Joe signed back with TNA!!!
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Joe/Styles will be wasted in WWE... Sting r u serious??

    he's at the verge of retirement n u want him to see in WWE??

    EY never impressed me..

    n only Pope is the guy who can go he's talented n cannot be promoted morethan upper any promotion...he can afford to be in WWE!!!
  7. tnafanwwehater's Avatar
    hell no. all this guys would get burried in wwe. how about u make a threat of 5 wwe wrestlers who should go to tna because wwe has missused them badly.

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