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The 5 Biggest Shockers in Wrestlng History

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This List is dedicated to Shocking moments in wrestling. Something that stopped you in your tracks and left you with your mouth wide open, In a Good way or bad way, It dosent matter as long as it shocked you.

NO Wrestling Deaths or murders.... So please no mentions in the comments of the Benoit Murder and suicide, this is Shocking moments that happened on TV... Also no Owen Hart Deaths either, This is not a list dedicated to deaths.

5. Edge Retires with the World Title
No one Expected it, Including Edge. Live on Raw, Edge came out and told everyone he had to retire for medical reasons, Which Ended the 13 year storied and legendary career of The Rated Superstar Edge....
Edge was the First Wrestler to ever Retire with a WWE World title. actually he was the only wrestler in the big 2 promotions to retire with the Championship.

It was a emotional moment and a very shocking one to say the least, that this mans Hall Of Fame career ended so abrubtly.

4. ECW Invades Raw is War
Back When there was Real promotions that the WWE didnt own. ECW was the little promotion that could, ECW Had a huge cult following and was different from any other american promotion which caught alot of the East Coast Adult audieneces attention.... On a episode of Raw in 1997, Lawler ripped up a fans ECW sign. then said some unflatering comments about ECW, Lawler also made a challenge to ECW. To everyones suprise, ECW owner "Paul Heyman" called in to Raw and Accepted the Challenge... Then 2 weeks later ECW (The Real ECW) was on Raw, displaying their unique style to the WWF audiences.... This was a first time in the WWF. The WWF never acknowledged another company existed, Let alone gave them airtime on the Raw telecast.

This was a ratings ploy to Beat WCW in the Ratings. Vince McMahon figured he give ECW (which he didnt consider compition) air time to promote their first PPV and also give Raw a Exciting feel and create interest in Raw and hopfully beat out WCW in the ratings war.

3. The Formation of The NWO
Everyone knew Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were going to WCW. But no one knew that they (along with Hogan) would Change the wrestling world with 3 little letters N W O....This is what Really started the Monday night War and started the personal and business War between the WWF and WCW.

NWO turned WCW around, Made Wrestling cool again, and Made Monday nights the most exciting day of the week. You didnt know who was joining the NWO, what they were gonna do, Who was jumping from WWF to WCW and vice versa, What was gonna happen, Who was gonna say what. the list goes on and on, WCW and WWF would constantly throw jabs at each other and you check to see how they would retailat... Each person had their company, Wrestling fans were split, defending their Federation, The WWF fans hoping the WWF stole WCWs talent and WCW vice versa..... but Even the biggest WWF fan had to admit, the WCW/NWO angle was done Perfectly and adding Hogan, making it one of the Most shocking moment in the History of wrestling.

2. Ric Flair jumps to WWF with the WCW Championship.
What a Sureal moment on Prime time Wrestling back in 1991, When the Great Bobby Heenan brought out the Real World Champion, and it was none other than WCW World Champion "Ric Flair", Holding the WCW World title..... No one ever thought they see that moment, a Champion from another promotion jumping ship and taking the title with them. Let alone it being the WCW/NWA World title and The champion being NWA and WCW loyalist and Poster Boy Ric Flair. For the Prestidges WCW/NWA world title to be on WWF telvision and used as a Storyline was a thing of beauty and one of the most shocking moments I ever seen.

1. WWF Buys WCW
Talk about a shocking moment, Darth Vader being Lukes father has nothing on this....
Nirto opens with Vince McMahon cutting a promo and putting down his former compition on their own show (Nitro) that is now owned by him (Vince)... Incredible moment, it was shocking, Emotional, Exciting, rewarding and fulfilling as the WWF fans finally felt their Federation won the war and rubbed it in the face of Die hard WCW fans.... Just the shock of seeing Vince buying WCW and being on a Nirto telecast was a increidble sight to see.. It was one of the most shocking moments I ever witnessed and it changed wrestling forever.

Honorable mentions
Eric Bischoff is the Raw GM
XPAC on Raw
Fans in the Skydome Cheer Hogan and Boo the Rock
Raven Returns to ECW and Saves Dreamer
Radicals Show up on WWF TV

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  1. benchch's Avatar
    Nice list. agree with a few and the honorary mentions. obv theres been so many great shocking moments. here are a few for me.
    Jericho becoming first undisputed champion.
    John Cena returns for royal rumble 2008. (That was a massive surprise)
    Kurt Angle joins TNA
    Big show and lesnar destroy the ring from that superplex
  2. JoePublic's Avatar
    At last a blog written by someone who 1) has been watching longer than 10 years and 2) know something about wrestling.
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    Angle joining TNA for sure, that was a big shock to EVERYBODY they were able to keep that under wraps SO SO SO well.
  4. JoePublic's Avatar
    P.S. having said that my #1 wasn't on your list; The Montreal Screw Job.
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JoePublic
    P.S. having said that my #1 wasn't on your list; The Montreal Screw Job.
    Ohh fuck i cant beileve i forgot that....... wow that was a huge mistake, cant defend that
  6. knox's Avatar
    yea I expected the screwjob to be #1 but this still is an awesome list. But buying WCW has to be #1 because that changed wrestling forever to this day and we are still feeling the effects.

    I could've dealt with the Wars forever. As soon as Vince bought WCW, the WWE's product has been sinking since then because there was no more competition.
  7. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    I have to agree with you Crippler, The WCW buyout should be the number 1 on the list. Whenever Vince bought out WCW I knew that it was over. Not just the Monday Night Wars as much as I knew that the entertainment that came from it was over. Wrestling hasn't been the same since then due to the WWE having such a monopoly on the business.

    Things are changing some I think, and like it or not though TNA isn't much of a competition, they are at least SOME. They at least make the WWE take a look at them. Great blog as usual mate, keep it up
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