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STATE OF THE 'E: The Good, The Bad, And The Divas

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It's been a while since I've done one of these so, I may be a little rusty. I apologize for the lack of blogging on my end but, I just had a bunch of things happen in my personal life in a relatively short span so, hence why nothing has been pumped out. The one thing I will share however is, just last week I found out I was going to be a father again. My second child is on the way!

(I'm asking nicely for no douchebag type comments on that. I just wanted to share it because I'm very proud and a happy Dad!)

Now, on to my Blogiverse... consider the FCW blogs to be put on indefinite hold. In the oncoming days I will start a XXVII part blog about my thoughts on all previous WrestleMania's all to culminate on the weekend of WrestleMania XXVIII! I will also do more blogs inbetween so, expect my blog count to be damn near 100 by the time its all said and done. I want to take the time and thank each and every one of you who read my blogs and listen to my Podcasts, it really means a lot and I'm glad to have a few actual fans. (Of course I will plug it at the bottom.)

On to this topic I have right now though. I want to take a few minutes and talk about something that's been on everyone's lips lately.

The Divas Division

Yes, I know. A lot of people have been bashing them relentlessly but, I'm going to defend the lovely ladies of THE 'E for a bit. Now, everyone talks about the past Divas and the past Women's Division. Well, the thing is, were not in the past anymore. Even during the 90's there was not a real "division" for the women.

They paraded around wearing "flashy" bright clothes and had matches that lasted roughly 4-5 minutes. There were botches all around and injured women constantly. Flashforward to the late 90's. All THE 'E had was Sunny and Sable legitimately. Sable brought the Women's Division back and Sunny didn't wrestle. Now, Ms. Jackie came in and a few others like Chyna and Marlena but, where was the real competitiom? Seriously. Where was this GRAND competition that everyone is fond of from here?

We had Ivory, Tori, Luna, Ms. Jackie (Jacqueline) and Chyna actually in matches. Sable admitted that she wasn't allowed to take bumps via her contract and Marlena was in an angle with Goldust and where was Sunny at this point? She was gone. Ms. Debra had come in to take her place and there was legitimately no real "awesome" competition here.

It wasn't until 2000 that Lita and Trish came in. And in all honesty, Trish didn't even come in as a wrestler. She came in as a valet. Lita was there doing small things but not really doing much. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was the Womens Champion holder and there was no legitimate defending here either. It was just a way for the "McMahon-Helmsley Era" to have more gold and look better on TV.

Around that time the started up the "Diva Search" mechanisim and had brought in various women to do stupid things. Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz, Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Jacqueline, Ivory and Victoria all had "Bra and Panties", "pillow fights" and the like. There was SOME competition invloved but not much at all. We got a few quality "moments" from the Divas during this period but nothing OMG! Chyna had left and there wasn't any real "domination" going on.

But, it was around this time that Trish and Lita began taking things seriously. And with that, we have our first truly competitive time within the Divas league. Matches got better, the Divas were balancing their beauty and in ring ability. Things were starting to look up. Hell, even Stacey Keibler and Torrie Wilson were getting into matches!

Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Jillian Hall, Michelle McCool, Melina, Maria Kanellis and Candice Michelle all made their debuts with the company along with Ashley Massaro and a few other nameless ones. And here is where things started to pick up and move out. A lot of past Divas had left the company and more were eventually leaving.

During this "Boom" we saw a lot happen. The "Divas Championship" was created, many women had left and there were just a select handful around. Maryse, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, Layla El (Who has been there and not been there since winning a "Diva Search" competition.), Vickie Guerrero, Eve Torres, The Bella Twins, and Rosa Mendes were all there and just kind of lingering. No one really learned anything and TNA's KNOCKOUT division was tearing up the scene.

THE 'E had gone PG and a lot of things were just thrown around and the Divas didn't really matter anymore. Championships were won and lost and women came and went. This was a very difficult period for the Divas because for the first time there's a culturally diverse group of women who really wanted to learn the ropes yet, there was nothing for them in terms of growth.

Recently Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) has taken charge of the division and it appears that there's more emphasis on them now. The women have been definitely stepping up their game. K2 has been created as a "viable" Champion and in all honesty, she's way more talented and pretty than Sable was so, why the heat?

Why does everyone just constantly bash the Divas division? It's not like it's been all that "great" to begin with. In all honesty, I believe that with a little more help, this could be one of the best all around times for the Divas. They're not in need to do calenders, risque DVD's, special magazines, none of it. They're legitimately beautiful and wanting to learn. Give them time. I think it's great that there's finally some real competition going on and I think it's fantastic so many people are getting behind K2 at the shows because it shows that people are honestly wanting to see the Divas out there.

And realistically, who wouldn't want to see them week in and week out? I know I'm going to get hate for this blog but in all honesty, I don't care. Everyone needs to look at the big picture here, the women are definitely getting better, better than ever. Kharma will be coming back in a few months and then the Division will REALLY kick off.

I have faith in THE 'E for bringing this into the forefront. They're trying to get more female fans involved and this will definitely be a great way to do it. As a whole, the division needs some work done to it to make it better. I will of course give my opinion on this like ususal...

1.) More Ring Time - I know people will goran and moan about this but in all honesty, how do you expect them to better themselves if they're getting 3 minutes on TV a week for Raw and 2 minutes a week so Smackdown!... A lot of people will be like "Good! They suck anyway!"... and those are the ones that are missing the point.

2.) Give Them A Place - Maybe they need a show? Nothing huge, just 30 minutes on WWE.COM or maybe an hour on The WWE Network next year? I believe the division is big enough to sustain a full show and have it be interesting week in and week out. Do backstage stuff and give profiles. There's a lot they can do here.

3.) Show Them More - If they're not wrestling in a match on their show or on the show in general, have them become managers. We don't have any really right now and we could benefit from seeing them come in and create shenanigans if they're heels and to cheer their guy on if they're faces. What's so hard about that?

4.) Merchandise Them - There's a slew of girls into wrestling because of he Divas. But yet, when you go into the women's/junior's part of the store... there's nothing there for them. You see iCarly, VICToriOUS and Hello Kitty everywhere. I'm sure with the Divas and he way their Championship looks, something can be done with the style.

That's all I really have on how you can improve them at this time. It's really an exciting time to be watching them on the screen week in and week out. They're getting better and better. The backstage crap makes it even moe interesting to me as well haha. Either way, just give the beauties some time. They'll find their g-spot soon enough.

Please follow me along on my wrestling critic journey. Every week you can listen to Tom and myself on STATE OF THE 'E and you can find all of the other links there as well. Thanks for the time, remember to comment, hate, love and shower me with your awesomeness. Thanks everyone. See Ya' Space Cowboy!

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  1. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Dude your are so right, if they started a divas show about the running time of Superstars I would genuinely watch that, you've made some excellent points as usual man.
  2. Slickman69's Avatar
    Good article. If they follow this plan i'm sure it will get better, can't get much worse can it ? But jokes aside, why bother ? Nobody is going to buy tickets or PPV's to see women wrestle. Everytime they come on the show either on RAW or IMPACT I just switch the channel. Have them do other things on TV. Have them be ring announcers, or do interviews backstage. Wrestling just isn't their strong suit.
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    First off, congrats on the second kid Rob!
    I'm wondering why people bitch more about Kelly being Divas champion than Alicia Fox, Eve and The Bellas. Truth be told, Kelly has more moves in her moveset, and botches slightly less than the above Divas. But I think what really gets to some fans is that Kelly is the first Diva to publically acknowledge that shes a model turned Divas champion. Its happened before, but no Diva has said that they got the title because of their looks until now.
  4. hollowsandman13's Avatar
    Congrats on having another kid! With that said I'm just going to go ahead and point out that I've never really been a fan of the divas division new or old, but i think one thing that helped in the past was that the divas would have their own feuds but would also still be doubling as valets like Lita with the Hardy's and Trish with T and A. This gave them more exposure and more options creatively. Now we just see most of the divas in their own division but they have to compete with the men's on air time rather than getting time for themselves AND time in more main storylines.

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