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Top 5 Most Under-Rated Wrestlers in WWE History

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Armed with wrestling DVDs, a cold beer, a passion for writing, and an inability to sleep properly I'm rolling right along with the blog entries.

Since I just wrote a blog on the Most Over-Rated Wrestlers in WWE History...

Cheap plug: check out that and my other blogs

I have decided to go to the other end of the spectrum and list some of the more under-rated wrestlers in WWE history.

Like my previous blog I have certain rules: (1) personal lives not taken into account (I know certain guys weren't pushed because they had personal problems, etc.), (2) a title reign does NOT eliminate someone from contention, (3) current superstars are eligible, but can't be currently receiving a significant amount of on-air time (i.e. Zack Ryder DQed), and (4) anyone who worked for the WWE for an extended period of time are eligible, even if they're currently or became famous in TNA.

5. Perry Saturn
In ECW he formed one of the greatest tag-teams ever with Kronos as The Eliminators. In WCW he was involved with some of my personal favorite wrestling feuds with the likes of Kanyon, Raven, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. In WWE he....well he didn't do much of anything. Saturn's silent bad-ass character that was so effective in all other promotions suddenly became a liability when he was employed by a company that thrives on verbal diarrhea. In my mind Saturn was a phenomenal talent who delivered every time I saw him in the ring, whether it be as a member of Raven's Flock, Chris Benoit's tag-team partner, or as a member of the Radicalz.

4. Tazz
If you watched him in ECW, chances are that at the time you thought he was over-rated and got sick of him dominating the championship scene. If you didn't see him until his stint in the WWE then you probably never saw what the big deal was. But this is a man who put on great matches with everyone from Sabu to Kurt Angle, from RVD to HHH. He was an in-ring expert with mic skills that could be utilized in any fashion. If you doubt his ability on the mic, contrast his work as the FTW Champion in ECW to his commentary for TNA and then try to tell me that he doesn't have the skills to make any character work. I knwo that he was injured and that his career ended prematurely, but when WWE signed him, they got a star that was already over with a large portion of its audience and failed to utilize him as such.

3. The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
He had a stint as the Intercontinental Champion when he was allowed to win at SummerSlam and had a run or two as European Champion, but Davey Boy Smith's legacy is somehow tied to his team of The British Bulldogs, which represented a very small portion of a long career. DBS was the Sheamus of 15-20 years ago. He was a fan-favorite, with international appeal. He was brother-in-law to Bret and Owen Hart. He had the body, the charm, the athleticism, and yet the closest he ever came to a title run was finishing second in the 1995 Royal Rumble. For a wrestler of his calibur that's just not enough.

2. Hakushi
Who? Exactly. Hakushi's only claim to fame was a show-stealing performance with the 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) at SummerSlam 1995. I know he didn't talk, but hell, neither did Sabu, nor does Sin Cara, nor did Kane, nor Yokozuna, etc. This is a Japanese wrestling guru with the Japanese symbol tattoos running the length of his body. If I'm not mistaken he was even paired with Mr. Fuji for a short time. Why was this man not maineventing PPVs against Bret Hart for the WWE Championship on a regular basis? Yokozuna was a silent champion who was dominant because of his size. Maybe I missed something, but could we not build an intriguing storyline around a silent champion who's dominant because of his skill? I don't know how big Hakushi could have been, but I do know that he deserved more than to be booked in matches against Barry Horowitz. Who? Exactly.

1. Lance Storm
"Can I be serious for a second?" Storm is one of my favorite in-ring performers and one of the most under-rated mic men in the history of the business. Whether it be in ECW, WCW, or WWE is silent, straight man routine was pure brilliance. Wait this man doesn't have a gimmick? Okay, that's his gimmick, a man with no gimmick. The no-nonsense ring tactician who was unwilling to exchange witty banter because it was beneath his Canadian sense of professionalism was classic. Ironically, some of his best work could be found in the twilight of WCW's run, when they had all but given up trying to compete with WWE and were merely trying to survive. All I know is that any man who can have that long of a career with the lame-ass half-crab as his finisher has to have some mad skills in and out of the ring.

There's plenty of debate available for this topic and I welcome it all, but I would like to throw in a few wrestlers who are often mentioned who I have not listed:

Matt Hardy: Over-rated entirely. Quality matches are the result of being booked against far superior talent.

Diamond Dallas Page: Mis-used by WWE but his WCW run compensates for it, plus by the time he reached WWE DDP was getting pretty old.

Raven: Great runs in all other promotions, but typically needed to rely on a no-rules format and that can't cut it in the WWE at a main-event level.

I'm sure there's more, so please comment on any and all issues. Good reading everyone.

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  1. bharath's Avatar
    Nice list, bro! I was thinking I was an outcaste for thinking so high of Lance Storm - great to know someone shares my view!!

    My 2 cents - I was expecting to see Mr. Perfect on this list. He is under-rated (I say 'is' because well after his death, he still remains under-rated). His "achievements" (lets face it, he didn't walk out too often with titles around his waist) show absolutely no credence to the sheer charisma that his gimmick and in-ring work exuded.
  2. Marx's Avatar
    I don't agree with Taz. I think that, during his whole career, he has been credited enough, which he earned.

    WWE didn't need him when he was there, and he physically could'nt go enough to put a title on him. The champ has to go every time, and I believe Taz was too much of a liability, so why build a guy, put him over others, whilst you know/think he can't get to that final stage?

    About Davey Boy: I agree with you, but read and heard that the guy kinda was a dick backstage. Maybe that held him back.
  3. JoePublic's Avatar
    Mike Awesome would be on my list, when he wasn;t saddled with awful gimmicks and put with the right people he was well, awesome. Like Sid but able to work lol.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud List!! I love Perry Saturn ( infact I love each n every member of Radicals); Lance Storm was one of the few wrestlers whom I have expecte dto be a multi time world champ but never became..

    I guess Tazz shouldn't be on the list..why in my list I wud replace him with Shelton Benjamin...
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