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The 5 Worst Vignettes and Videos in Wrestling History

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Wrestling had some great vignettes that made you anticipate a return or a debut of a Wrestler, Such as the Mr Perfect vignettes or the Mankind vignettes come to mind. Wrestling also had some great Videos done outside the ring like the NWO videos and the Exciting, spine chilling Video of Austin trying to break in to Brian Pillmans house.... Well these Videos and vignettes are nothing like those ones, these are the unintenionally funny, Head scratching videos that make you embarrassed to be a wrestling fan and make you wonder why you even watch wrestling.

So heres the 5 worst of the worst.

5. Heidenreich Rapes Michael Cole.
Words can not describe this Video, It must be seen....I remember seeing this live on smackdown and thinking "I hope that camera doesnt go any lower cause I dont wanna see whats going on down there". It was just plane terrible and now has become one of the things Michael Cole is most known for. A scarlette letter of sorts for Cole..... But honestly there is nothing really to say about it.... I'm Just glad we didnt see Heidenreich's Little Johnny.

4. Cactus Jack Lost in Cleveland.
Back in the Early to mid 90's in WCW, WCW had the brilliant idea on making these terrible, expensive mini movies to advance their storylines and what would become of that is some of the most embarrassing moments in wrestling history. The videos were unrealistic, badly made and childish to say the least, It would turn a hot feud like Vader and Cactus Jack in to a joke. Which is what you see here in this terrible and painful to watch video.

Mick Foley could take the stupidest gimmick (Dude Love) and turned it in to gold, Foley had the charm and talent to make anything work. But even Foley couldnt help this pile of shit......After a Brutal string of matches with Big Van Vader, Cactus Jack was building a name for himself in WCW, In one of those matches Vader Power bombed Foley on the concrete floor outside the ring, Foleys Skull bounced of the floor in one of the sickening bumps I ever seen. It looked like Foley was dead. So instead of doing a injury angle and have Cactus come back and get revenge on Vader, WCW decided it was better to spend around $500k and make a terrible mini movie of Cactus Jack in a crazy house and escaping and wandering the streets with out a memory. Add in a Fake News Reporter, Terrible actors playing hobos and crazy people and you have this huge mistake.... This is so bad it isnt even funny. It was a waste of money and Time, It destroyed the unlimited potenial of a Foley and Vader feud and It made anyone watching WCW Embarrassed to be a wrestling fan.
(Please look up the other parts, it gets much worse the further you go)

3. Beaver Cleavage
What do you get when you add a Untalented unappealing wrestler, Dress him up as a little boy in a 50s tv sitcom, Add a manly looking younger woman to play his mother, Have the young boy be sexually attracted to his mother, Throw in a bunch of slang for sex and body parts and put the son of a bitch in black and white? One of the stupidest things to ever grace a tv screen!.

How anyone tought this was gonna work is beyond me, Did The WWF picture Wrestlmania main events when they seen these vignettes?. It was a horrible idea, one of the worst ever!. Everything in the vignettes was a unfunny innuendo for penis, Vagina, Sex, cum or breast. WWF was hoping all their audiece consisted of perverted 12 year old boy that giggled Every time someone said Wood or Beaver.
(This is just one of the Video packages, they are several more, look them up if you dare)

2. Hulk Hogan Visits The Dungeon of Doom
Now we are getting to the Good Stuff..... Hulk Hogan, Around the time he first came to WCW was involved in a feud with the Dungeon of Doom. This is the Video that kick started this Legendary feud (Sarcasm)... Hulk Hogan gives a preformance here that should of won a Emmy, Hell even a oscar, Who cares if its not a Movie.....
This is one of the campiest and cheesiest things you will ever see, It makes the old Batman TV series look sophisticated. Even a 5 year old would laugh at this crap. Who in WCW thought this video would make them money is beyond me......
This Video is a must see, It is one of the most unintenionally funny and laugh out loud bad things you will ever see, Not just in Wrestling, not just on TV, Not just in Entertainment but Anywhere. WCW couldnt make anything this bad even if they tried, Wait opps they did and its Number 1.

1. Sting and Davey Boy Smith Stuck on a Island with Orphans.
God Bless Sting, Harley Race, Vader and Davey Boy smith for going along with this terrible Video that will haunt the wrestling world for ever....Heres the Run Down.

Vader and Sid throw a press conference to annoucne their alliance as a Tag team and named their self "The Masters of the power bomb" (One of the worse names ever). This Press conference should be on the list too, it is so bad and over the top.

So the Tag match is set between Vader and Sid vs Sting and Bulldog. Now this is where it gets werid to say the least..... Sting and Bulldog decide to take a Vacation to a Island where there is no civilization before the tag match, and Bring a bunch of orphans with them (Michale Jackson had nothing on Sting and Bulldog).. So after days of Sting and Bulldog watching Orphans Play Volley ball in bikinis. Vader, Sid, Harley Race, Col Robert Parker a Evil leprechaun (Yes i said leprechaun), Decide to sneak to the island, Have Vader and Sid Distract the Bulldog and Sting while their evil leprechaun plants a bomb on Sting, bulldog and the Orphans boat.... So Vader and Sid leave. Then a Orphan informs them that he hears ticking on the Boat, Sting and Bulldog look at each other and scream at the same time "Ticking" (like a Terrible B level Action movie), Sting and Bulldog Save the Orphans and jump out of the boat just in time before it explodes, saving the orphans.....
Next problem is that Sting and Bulldog cant get to Beach Blast to face the orphan murdering Vader and Sid, Cause they no longer have a boat, so they are stranded with the orphans. So WCW urges us to order the PPV to see if Sting and Bulldog will make it in time...... the thing that would of put this over the top is if Bulldog and Sting made it just in time for the tag match, comming out wet and covered in seaweed cause they had to swim all the way back haha.

Yes this was bad, Actually the worst I seen.... It depresses me to know that they are people that dumb in the world to think that this was good idea. Not to mention these people having High end jobs at a multi million dollar corporation.

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    I agree with all but the the Dungeon of Doom, that was so corny it was funny. Take that one out and replace it with the Shockmaster.
  2. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Dude. KATIE VICK.... How could you miss that.
  3. Anyrysm's Avatar
    Awesome blog, that certainly is a day-brightener
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mrbluto
    I agree with all but the the Dungeon of Doom, that was so corny it was funny. Take that one out and replace it with the Shockmaster.
    I know its one of the funniest videos i ever seen. but it wasnt suposse to be, its one of the worst and funniest videos ever.
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Amerinaine
    Dude. KATIE VICK.... How could you miss that.
    Yeah I didnt Miss it, but the thing that seperated Katie Vick was, it was suppose to be funny, it honestly wasnt and if this was a top 10 i would of def put HHHs Katie Vick video... But it does deserve a honorable mention for sure.
  6. AJ1981's Avatar
    Marianna Komlos who played Mrs Cleavage sadly died of breast cancer in 2004
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AJ1981
    Marianna Komlos who played Mrs Cleavage sadly died of breast cancer in 2004
    Wow what a shame she was so young
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