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Rick Starr

WWE Management: In and Out of The Ring.

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Wassup Splashers! With the Hell in Cell right around the corner, everybody seems to be talking about it. Also since my Night of Champions Picks was a dead flop, I decided to give this one a pass and talk about other things.

On WWE Managment:

For most of you WWE fans, the answer seems rather simple. However as the weeks go by, even I am loosing track of all of all the chaos. At first we had Vinnie Mac, the mysterious RAW GM, and finally we had Smackdown’s G.M.: Tedi Long.

Then earlier this summer things Vince was “fired” by the board of directors, and Triple H took his place as C.O.O. Along comes this John Laurinitis, who is the manager of WWE talent. So what’s this guy’s story? I don’t dive a rat’s ass about his title, he’s boring as hell and sounds like he’s got a 80 year old man’s cold! I just want to know what this guy’s purpose is, if he has any.
And what about our mysterious RAW G.M.? Since Triple HHH has taken control the RAW GM has not even been announced. The GM Announce stand, has been seen here and there, but merely as a tease. Many have thought that Triple H was RAW’s G.M., others have thought that Michael Cole was the anonyms G.M. Over the spring there were several names that were thrown into the pot…except one, or at least one that was not mentioned as often…Theodore Long.

Now that RAW and Smackdown are pretty much one brand again, for all indented purposes. It would make sense for the same GM to run both shows. My guess is that Theodore Long was the anonyms GM all along, because he already was running Smackdown. To back up my theory, Theodore Long himself has been throwing a lot of weight around RAW, and making several high profile matches. That sounds like a RAW GM to me.

Lastly there has been lots of reports (most of them from this very site), that Vince McMahon has had several screaming fits in the back, has not been happy with the way RAW has been going. Also there has even been a report that he is still in Michael Cole’s ear, giving him commentating tips. According to one report Triple H’s “firing” of Vincent McMahon this past summer was supposed to relived him of stress, and give him a much needed break from work. I do not pretend to know what is going on behind the curtain, but from what I read, Triple H was supposed to pick up the reigns for awhile, and take care of business. That may be happening in the ring, but, it’s clear that’s not happening out back. Could the reason that Vince is afraid to let go of the company is that he sees a small threat ahead with TNA, and might be afraid that Triple H and Stephanie in a different way?

On the New WWE Group:
The new group with Otunga, Dolf Ziggler and others has got the wrestling world on it's ear, and they haven't event done anything yet! Some think that Otunga could be the leader of this new crew, and the way the WWE has portrayed him in the opening, it very well could turn out that way.

Cody Rhodes(Who is the current (WWE IC Champion) is also in the group, and is on a huge push as of late. To take a second or even third seat to the likes of Otunga at this stage of his career could be a total buzz killer for Rhodes.

At the end of the day, I truly think it would all come together, if Vickie Guererro was the leader of the group. That way the higher ranks such as the Cody Rodes, and dare I say Dolf Ziggers, can save face by taking the second chair, and the lower ranks such as the Otungas and others have the opportunity to move up in the WWE.

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  1. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Nice blog. (It is usually spelled Teddy Long though.) I like the fact that the WWE is trying the "Christopher Nowiski" angle again. However, I don't think Otunga is the one that is believable for it. Don't get me wrong Otunga has his strong points, but I don't believe his character. That despite him being a Harvard Grad. Need to find a more believable role for him.
  2. goldie's Avatar
    Interesting blog. I think if WWE wanted to do the lawsuit angle, they should have used a stronger character as the ring leader. I would have tried to bring back JBL to fill that roll.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    Otunga is not really a leader, he is really acting like a legal council. It doesn't matter if Otunga is a good actor or not, in reality, people hate lawyers. So it is a good role for him. Cody is not taking a back seat, it is a group that is fitting for their rights.

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